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SuperClubs Breezes Punta Cana

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My boyfriend and I, along with another couple (ages 23,22,23 and 26) have just returned from a 2 week vacation at Superclubs Breezes Beach Resort and Casino in Punta Cana, Jan 24 - Feb 7. This was the second trip to the Dominican Republic for my boyfriend and I, we previously stayed at the 5* Coral Hamaca Resort in Boca Chica.

6:30 am flight on AirTransat from Mirabel Airport in Montreal was uneventful. Arrival at the Punta Cana international airport went quite smoothly, getting the suitcases was the longest part. The baggage porters try to take your suitcases but we just simply said no thank you and they let you go by.

Check in was fast, remember to ask for your TV remote and safe key. As for the check out, we had paid our phone bill(connection fee of 20 pesos to place a call through Canada direct, or 18pesos/minute for a direct call) the day before (because we wanted spend the rest
of our pesos) , so check out consisted only of giving back the TV remote, towel cards and safe key and getting our check out ticket for the bus driver.

We had room number 6409 and our friends in 4301, previous reviews complained that these blocks were noisy, but the music only starts around 9am, you should be out enjoying the sun by then. We might have heard a few late night (early morning) partyers a couple of times. The rooms are pretty plain, 2 double beds (a little hard, but ok - saw a bunch of boxes of new pillows and linen the day we were leaving), a dresser with 3 drawers, a table with 2 chairs, a mini bar, a closet with less than 10 hangers and a balcony about 4'X 6'. But how much time do you actually spend in your room, so who cares if it's not the greatest?! We got a brand new coffee maker a couple of days after our arrival. The mini bar is stocked pretty much every day, if you're there when they come by you can ask them for what you want, you can even get beer and rum. At first it was someone different coming to fill the mini bar, but now I think it's the cleaning lady/guys that fill them.

SUCKS! We had to call 4 times, go down to the front desk and threaten to speak to the General Manager before someone came to fix our leaking toilet. Also, called 3 times for them to come spray for the ants in the bathroom, I don't know if anyone ever came to spray and I guess I will never know, but I blocked the hole where I thought the ants we coming in from with kleenex and there was none after that.

The grounds were very well kept, you often see workers sweeping, trimming trees, picking up the plastic cups,etc...The pool is amazing, huge! The pool bar opened a couple of days after our arrival. The chairs by the pool are gone by 8am, most people go out and put their towels to reserve their chairs by 8am and then come back out at 9:30-10:00. The beach was well maintained as well, beautiful blue water and white sand, a few topless women and we
always found chairs. There are 3 jacuzzis by the beach, which each fit 4 people max, you can control the water temperature and the jets.

The weather in Punta Cana seems to change from one minute to the next, being sunny to cloudy to raining in a matter of minutes, but when it rains it pours for a couple of minutes and then it's finished and it's sunny again. Out of the 2 weeks, we lost 2 days to rain, and it seemed to rain a lot over night. During the day I'd say the weather ranged from 28-36 degrees. We used SPF 15 and no one burned.

The food was very good in all the restaurants, the buffet had a lot of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Italian restaurant was pretty good, starting with an antipasto/salad bar, then soup or small pasta entree and then your meal and dessert. The lasagna, the chicken cacciatore and the beef marsala were our favorites. The guys found the portions small. The Mexican restaurant (the juice bar turns into the Mexican restaurant at night) was ok, nothing too spicy, and everything seemed to taste the same. I liked that you could get Coronas, but only there. The brand new Japanese (opened the 2nd week we were there) was awesome, everyone sits around in a square and the chef cooks right in front of you. The main dish consists of chicken, beef, shrimp and fish, I don't normally eat fish and I found the fish was almost the best part! We were iffy about eating here but in the end I would highly recommend that you get reservations to this restaurant. The Paris restaurant was very good, the first time we went the service, along with the filet mignon, sucked. The second time was amazing, I recommend the Pork loin in green pepper sauce and the Chicken with camembert sauce and DON'T recommend the filet mignon, it was very tough. The Marlin Grill restaurant was pretty good too, it was buffet style so the guys could really fill themselves up. On Thursdays all a la carte restaurants are closed. The first Thursday we were there was "Lobster Night" serving a the biggest all you could eat lobster and shrimps I have ever seen! but the second week it was announced as "Special Dinner Night", with no lobsters to be found. The line-ups for dinner reservations could get quite long, but the restaurants are well worth the wait.

We went on the 4 wheeler excursion offered by an independent operator near the WaterSports Centre , the cost was $80US for 2 and lasted about 3 hours. We rode through the jungle, along the beach beside the ocean, went up into the mountains through fields, into a little village, visited a school, we all got covered in mud had a blast! We wanted to go on the Saona Island Catamaran tour, but we met a couple who went and said that out of your 8 hours - 4 were spent on a bus so we decided against it. We also went para sailing which was scary and amazing at the same time, 1 person $45 or 2 people together for $80. The guys brought their own clubs and played golf at
the Cocotal Golf Resort and the Punta Cana Golf Resort, preferring Punta Cana over Cocotal. It was expensive, but worth the $110US, considering it wasn't something they would get to do every year, nor does everyone get the chance to play golf in the Carribean. Transportation was included in the price, they were picked up right on time, arrived at the golf resort and were sent on their way right away and told to pay when they were finished, they were not paired with anyone else and rarely had anyone in front or behind them.
If you walk about 15 minutes to the right of the hotel down the beach you come to a little market were you can get souvenirs. For the women/girls you can get your hair braided, at the hotel we were told $50US on the beach and $60US in the spa/salon to get it done, finally at the market we got it done for $30US.

We played a lot and won quite a bit playing black jack, but lost at the slot machines. In the end I
think we all came out even. We found it most advantageous to play in pesos than american dollars,
minimum bet at blackjack was 50 pesos (approx. $5CAN) or $5US.

Was ok, closes at 2, after that you can go to the beach bar if you still want to party. Find the
bartenders FERMIN and SANDY and ask them to take you to the MANGU for a really good time, the bar is part of the Flamenco Hotel and is open until 6am.

The shows were pretty good, I prefer the ones that have audience interaction, over the dancing ones. Don't miss the Karaoke show, there are some guests that can really sing! The Miss Breezes and Mister Breezes shows are pretty good too.

The bar staff are awesome, especially Fermin and Sandy, everyone is very friendly and most also speak english, if not french, german and italian too. You are discouraged from tipping, but we did anyways and boy did we get service, along with whatever we wanted. Presidente is what is on tap, but also try Bohemia, it's pretty good!
Bring Pepto Bismol, band aids, a hat(with braids your scalp gets sun burned), a waterproof camera - they actually take good pictures and it's fun in the water. For Canadians - bring american dollars, $1US = 23.5 pesos whereas $1CAN = 10.3 pesos, we found it most advantageous to convert to US here then to pesos there, don't pay in US.

I would recommend this resort, however I preferred Boca Chica over Punta Cana, maybe only because of the weather. Comparing Breezes(4*) and Coral Hamaca(5*) is pretty hard because they are pretty even, the rooms are nicer at the Hamaca and the pool is nicer at Breezes, the beaches are equally beautiful and the food equally good.

For any additional information feel free to contact me
at [email protected]

Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/9/2003



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