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barcelo bavaro beach resort

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: boston Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Below average
after 3 days you're sick of the food, our friends had ants in their room so bad, that they went home with bites all over them. My safe malfunctioned and one of the staff members stole $800 from it. Hotel didn't care about that, i haven't heard back from them, since i left. Half the slot machines in the casino were shut down. the entertainment was all in spanish and the all inclusive drinks were ridiculously watered down. I will never leave the USA again!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/11/2003



we've been to DR 6 times at all inclusives, and the Iberostar Bavaro was the best by a long shot.
Author: rick Posted at 15:04 02/18/2007
Been there 3 times and enjoyed it every time. I'm not a picky person and spent my days in the ocean, evenings in casino or just strolling. I don't speak Spanish either but still got by.
Author: Phil Adams Posted at 23:09 11/12/2004
sorry you had a bad time but I'ven there two time and I can wait to go back. You have to realize that not everybody in the world speak english but if you are one of those person who think they should may be is better for you to stay home.
P.S. If I remember the safe deposit has a sign that read not responsible for any loss property. Also I have left expensive sunglasses, money etc and nothing happen.
Author: kico Posted at 14:08 03/4/2004
thanks for the warning, Frank. please ignore those who play the "blame the victim" game, the person who posted on 4/4 is an example of someone who enables and encourages needlessly bad service. of course of it was HER $800 stolen......
Author: rob Posted at 14:43 05/31/2003
With an attitude like that, the dominicans probably hope you don't leave the U.S. again either.
Author: Darcy Posted at 15:37 04/4/2003
pay more money pal go to 5 *****
Author: pedro Posted at 8:32 02/14/2003

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