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Iberostar Costa Dorada

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All I have to say, is pictures of this place do no justice. This resort is an absolute paradise if there ever is one. As soon as you get there, the staff greet you, and they are all smiles. The entire hotel including the lobby, courtyards, theatre is all open as there are no windows anywhere. This contibutes to the beautiful open, spacious surroundings. The architecture is amazing. The marble tiles, pillars, statues all add to the gorgeous atmoshphere, as well and ponds with flamingoes and turtles are perfect for pictures. The gardnening is immaculate. Martha Stewart's garden looks bad compared to this. The workers do everything by hand, so you appreciate how good a job they do, when they are trimming the gardens with machetes (sp?). The pool is spectacular and perfect for lounging and socializing while sipping on an 'Iberostar Special' topped with a slice of pineapple. The drinks are to die for. Since the rum is cheaper than pop, don't expect to get weak drinks. The entire staff at the resort are so entertaining. I found that the staff made our trip. They are so talkative, not at all pushy, and hilarious as ever. They are the most talented bunch of people. Whoever found them, deserves a raise. The energy that they all have is contagious and makes you feel so happy. The resort is extrememly clean as well. The rooms, restaurants, gardens, everthing is top notch. As well the food rocks. The selection is amazing and never ending. The three a la carte restaurants the Tropical, Brazilian and Mexican are a nice change from the buffets as well. Have to make reservations for them, and should get dressed up as well. When we arrived in Puerto Plata we thought the other hotels were awesome as the airshuttle was dropping off other tourists. But as soon as the airhuttle guy said that " Iberostar, save the best for last", man was he ever right. I can honestly say that this is money well spent at this resort.. no regrets on nothing. Book now, so you can tell your friends what a wicked time you had.

All I want to do is find out when I can go back. As I mentioned above, the architecture,scenery,food and cleanliness made the hotel an awesome place to stay, but really the staff made our holdiday. This is not to defer anyone who wants a quit time as well. One week is not enough. THere is so much to do... excursions.. safaris, snorkling... cost extra. But on the resort, you can play ping pong, pool, tennis, archery, volley ball, merengue lesssons ( must do this) water polo, mini golf, bingo... goes on and on. The best thing there by far are the shows at night. They start at 9:45 sharp. Too bad there is not a scout in the audience, because the talent up there on stage is amazing. Man can the Dominicans dance. You have to see it to believe it. The costumes are remarkable. Some of the shows consist of Cuban and Dominican dancing, Las Vegas, Boys against girls, Black Theatre, Lion King.... They are all excellent. If you miss a show, you are missing out. I found the beer to be really good.. to each their own. If you don't like rum before you go on the trip, you will after. They don't believe in shot glasses there, since they freely pour rum into your pina colada. You must visit the disco there as well. Lots of fun. Iberostar is close the other (not as nice) hotels in Playa Dorada. You can take a taxi there at night to go to another bar called Crazy Moon, where a lot of locals and tourists go as well. I hope as people are reading this they are booking their flight to go. This resort is like no other.. Life's too short to procrastinate... Go now.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/12/2000



i have to say that i am going to costa dorada in the next few months and reading these comments has really reasured me about the place
Author: emma Posted at 12:23 05/31/2004
I must say I agree with everything that is written above. I just got back from the Dominican and the Iberostar saved and made our trip. We had originally booked our week long vacation at Superclubs Breezes in Puerto Plata only to show up to an almost deserted resort - they failed to mention that it was not up and runnning as it should have been and the place was empty. After a great deal of struggle, we were sent to the Iberostar. Words cannot express how happy we all were to have been sent there - the place, staff, food, everything was nothing short of amazing! We laughed, relaxed and even joined in on the activities. The shows were great and we were more than happy to settle with the buffet everyday - yum yum! I would highly reccomend it and go again in a second...and again...... and again......
Author: Trish Posted at 16:10 01/7/2003

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