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Victoria Resort

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I am writing this review of the Victoria Resort in Puerta Plata Dominican Republic so others can go and see first hand what a wonderful place it really is. I had read the reviews on the resort prior to our trip, which was January 29 to February 5/2003 and was overly pleased with what I read, so I thought I would just let you know that we were very happy with the outcome. The rooms were lovely and clean, the grounds were well kept and the hotel staff, kitchen staff and bartenders were excellent. Now not taking away from any of the staff at the resort, you all must go and meet and spend time with the entertainment staff..the 5 boys kept us entertained, in shape, and laughing from 10 in the morning until midnight all 7 days we were there. They are the best and quickly become your friends for life. We have had email from them already and we can hardly wait to return to see them again soon. As it is a small resort..only 190 rooms, it was a pleasure to meet and spend the days with all the other guests from Canada and around the world. Too many laughs were enjoyed and we make a point of looking at our pictures just to smile abit.
We took a day to go on a jungle tour which was most enjoyable and please don't forget to bring pencils and crayons with you for the children of the back country..Just to see their faces light up was worth it. Also take pins from your country to give to people..we took t-shirt, pins and pens and it was so much fun giving them away. The beach is about 4 blocks from the resort but they have carts to get you there and back. The golf course is very nice and it is worth playing just because you have to have a caddy..and ours was wonderful. The 4 restaurants have a great selection of food to choose from so nobody ever went away hungry.
I can only say we had a wonderful time and would highly recommend the Victoria Resort to everyone.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/19/2003



Went last year and were a little dissapointed with the rooms, air conditioning vent hanging off, another room we went to the cupborad doors were hanging off!! And my little boy slipped over countless times on the floor on the top floor appartmentens as all the rain kept seeping through and making the floor tiles wet! So they moved us to the self catering rooms, ground floor near the adult pool...and if you guys can get these they are fab. I went with my family and also my parents and WERE GOING AGAIN THIS YEAR AND CANT WAIT!! The staff are unbeleivalbe, they cant do more for you, they even stop to give you lifts in the buggies as they are riding around the complex. They adore the children too. the food is fantastic, all the resturants were great, the entertainment was good too, a little repetative when it got to the end of the two weeks, but I still say its an amazing place. The senery there is amazing too, a beautiful lake and golf course all around, and because its not one of the bigger hotles near the sea front all the staff get to know you personally and is home from home. Thanks to all the staff there and cant wait to go back this year too...they promised us a room upgrade and use of the Grand Ventana if we went again too!!!
Author: Emma Posted at 19:16 01/1/2005
oh my god! it's great! the rooms are really nice and the bar stuff and waiters are nice but the entertainers, they are the best! they are really friendly and i made really good friends with them! i can't wait to go back and hopefully i will next year!!! c yaz soon boys! ;)
Author: ashley Posted at 15:47 10/6/2004
We have just returned from the Victoria resort and all i can say is 'heaven on earth'. I'd read a few reviews before i went and i'll be honest in saying i wasnt looking forward to going, but how wrong i was !! The hotel and rooms were gorgeous,the food was lovely(I put about 100lbs on) the staff were so friendly.....and YES the entertainment boys are still there thank god.
My only gripe(and this is not restricted to the victoria, but every hotel) is that we went over the easter period and this is when the DR business people stay at the hotels and they are very much 'in your face'. Compaired with the actual hotel staff they are down right rude, but if you can ignore this fact you'll have a great time. Two weeks just aren't long enough so i'm in the middle of booking to go back to the Victoria for three weeks.....I can't wait to go back and see all the friends we made.
Author: Lorraine Posted at 8:18 05/6/2004

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