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Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort

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Location: East Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Above average Service: Excellent
This was our first trip outside of Canada, and my husband has always wanted to go to the warm, sunny south.... Our 20th anniversary is in July of this year, so we decided - what the hay... the Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort was absolutely gorgeous, clean and the staff were very welcoming, O L A!!!!! The beaches are phenomenal, we spent hours swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and of course, walking the beautiful sands.

The views -- water, grounds, trees, everything is breathtaking. We took tons of pictures to try to remember it all. The food was very good and bottled water was available everywhere. The nightly entertainment was very funny,and entertaining, a nice finish to the day. The pools looked beautiful and very clean ( I did not put one toe in ) I travelled very far to have the sand run through my toes, so that is what happened each and every moment that I had.

Excursions -- Outback Safari - Rated a 10 out of 10. Would definitely repeat, Alex was an excellent guide, very informative and well spoken, 'Yeah Baby', this trip gave a real prespective of the real DR, not just resort life. Kontiki Boat trip - 3 out of 10. We were led to believe that this would have been more of a snorkelling trip, but ended up being a drinking boat party. Lots of others really had a great time.

Overall, excellent trip and would definitely return.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/25/2003



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