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LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana

Rating: Above average Phone: 809-221-6640 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Above average Service: Above average
LTI Beach Resort is a beautiful resort. The grounds are kept up beatifully and the tropical foliage is breathtaking. There are many amenities located at this fine hotel and the staff is there to please you and make your stay happy and comfortable. The four restaurants (2 of which allow for a la carte ordering) all have very good food. The menu is changed every day to make it interesting. The desserts were great! Sometimes during very busy times, the service is slow, but eventually you get what you ask for. Not all of the staff speak English but they try to communicate. The pool is pleasing to the eye and very clean. There is a large shallow area for kids. The beach rivals the best Hawaii beaches I have seen with white soft sand and blue water. However, there is always a breeze, sometimes quite windy. It varies day to day. There area lot of beach cabanas, but they get taken quite quickly by people in the early morning. So you have to get out there early. Overall, this was a very pleasant experience and we would go back to LTI any day. I highly recommend this place.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/26/2003



LTI was a beautiful resort with a beautiful beach&pool. However, the food was absolutely horrible and we had to eat pasta every day. Buffet food NEVER changed and even breakfast was bad. The front desk workers were very rude and we had to call 5 times before requesting a manager to come take care of the hundreds of ants in our room, under our bed, and in our sink!! Oh, and if you are a couple, enjoy the two twin beds made of rock that are pushed together with a huge crack in the middle. We went for a romantic vacation and had to sleep in seperate beds! But....I must say the "animacion" staff were great and the shows were entertaining. We would never ever stay here again, even if it was FREE!
Author: Derek and Lauren Posted at 21:30 03/21/2006
Well I am supposed to go here in Feb and I hope it is as good as everyone says that it is! See you in February!!
Author: Krista Posted at 17:00 10/25/2004
The place was terrible. Food was the worst I have ever had. The Cayenna Club portion which is supposed to be the VIP suites are a joke. The A/C didn't work all week. This was the worst vacation I have ever taken
Author: Stan Posted at 16:08 10/21/2004
Can somebody please give me some honest reveiws on this resort and pointers on what to look for and do? I will be going in mid November. My plans are still flexible and if there are better places then please let me know.
Author: Carlos Posted at 11:30 10/17/2004
ps. papo is the sweetest nicest hottest guy at LTI (keep away) ahahahah :( lol
Author: vanessa Posted at 13:34 07/22/2004
LTI is a great hotel i agree with some of the negative comments some people have stated, like the food (isn't very good) and the front desk workers (rude and not helpfull) but overall this hotel is beautiful most people there are great so funny and if i might add a couple of hotties :) i met lots of fantastic people and still keep in touch with a few...i would reccomend this hotel but then again its the only one ive been to ....thx vanessa
Author: vanessa Posted at 13:32 07/22/2004
Author: ingrid Posted at 7:17 04/30/2004
hola! we love your hotel! its perfect! but what we liked the most was SUPER FELIX! hes so nice and hot! we had the best time on our vacation. and we cant believe all of the negative comments people were leaving for this hotel..because its such a NICE hotel! and we also like the lizards!! they're so cute!!! and the shows, and just EVERYTHING there!! we hope to come back next year, this time for 2 weeks, and maybe get to see super felix again! good luck!
Author: kim & kalena Posted at 17:31 04/11/2004

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