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Sosua Bay Hotel

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Sosua Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Average Service: Excellent
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 03/11/2003



hi,been to dominican many times +++i read these comments but dont take much notice of them we love the dominicans they are so for matter what your hotel is like sosua in it self is great enjoy yourself your on hols they are better to us than them europeans
Author: mitch Posted at 21:27 09/26/2007
Author: Rafael Posted at 13:17 10/14/2004
Brenda, I would recommend filing an official complaint with your timeshare exchange company. Almost every timeshare resort I've visited has been exceptional, and if it isn't, the exchange company will generally provide you with a certificate valid for accommodations at another resort. BTW, the mandatory all-inclusive is something I have seen more and more. Best to find out before you leave!
Author: Ross P Posted at 12:45 06/2/2003
March 2003

My daughter (age 13) and I just returned from a 9 day vacation at this hotel. My perspective may be a bit different than the previous writers because I did a time-share exchange, and not an all-inclusive package. If you do an exchange be prepared to not receive what you are accustomed to.

First of all, I should point out that we thoroughly enjoyed the country, people, beaches etc. All the positive comments about Dominican Republic from the previous writers are well warranted. I have travelled to many islands and would highly recommend a visit to DR.

Now having said that I will explain the aspects of the hotel that I was not impressed with, and would not return because of:

-Though I both emailed and phoned the hotel to confirm our pick up at the airport we were not met by anyone.

-Check-in took just under 2 hours and was not done in the lobby but in another area of the hotel. Many weary travellers were waiting in the big stuffy room. The staff was very unorganized and confused. Rooms were wrong, confirmations were wrong, etc. Not enough staff were on duty, and the ones that were working were not in a hurry.

-When I booked the vacation we were confirmed for a 1-bedroom with kitchen, Jacuzzi. We were only given a small room instead of a suite. Many other time-share exchange vacationers were complaining about the same thing. There were parties and families that were split up into 2 rooms. Everyone had been confirmed for suites and were only given small rooms without kitchens. After questioning the staff I discovered there were actually only 8 "suites with kitchens" in the whole hotel, so felt mislead.

-The indoor suite photos we saw advertising the hotel were all of the attached Victorian House Hotel where the suites are. The rooms most people are placed in are in the Sosua Bay Hotel, which are not the same quality.

-Then I was asked repeatedly to pay extra to be all-inclusive for meals, which worked out to an extra $540 Canadian dollars. When I resisted, other staff were sent to ask me the same question. They all wanted to know why I wouldn't pay to do that. I felt hounded. My daughter was very upset by the experience.

-The rooms are basic. No clocks or coffee makers. You can rent a key for the safe. The safe is a good idea as it's very difficult to lock the sliding doors. Even when locked ours was not very secure as it didn't seem to fit properly. We had 3 burnt-out light bulbs that were never replaced. The glass doors needed cleaning.

-The water is never hot and sometimes not even warm. Best time (or only time) to take a shower is very early in the morning.

-We had sewer gas coming out of the floor drain in the bathroom. After a few days I covered it with plastic wrap and ashtrays, which was a good temporary fix.

-At checkout they asked me to pay for the extra two days I had pre-paid when we checked-in. After discussions and phone calls the girl finally got that straightened out.

The pools are great, the food is fantastic, the food servers and maids are very friendly and helpful.

If you are doing a time-share exchange be wary. Perhaps if you go during their slow season they might give you a suite?
I'm not convinced they should be part of the exchange program.

I hope this will be helpful to you. Any questions, feel fre3e to email me.
[email protected]

Author: Brenda Posted at 20:49 04/4/2003

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