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Fun Royale/Tropicale

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Above average Service: Excellent
Having returned from the FUN"S 3 days ago...I couldn't wait to write and brag this place up.The best 3.5 star resort I have ever been on. The rooms were clean..(and spotless) after treating the housekeeper to little treats every morning.The grounds were impeccable...and the food and service, well beyond my expectations. Never a dull moment. Impressed by the calibre of talent in the nightly shows...keep up the good work! Bartenders fast and friendly,restaraunt staff-exceptionally friendly and professional. Organization excellent...and I commend these people on their patience....they brought many a smile to many frowning faces...and yes,, we Canadians are *funny* (tee hee!) Highly recommend this place for value for your money indeed...Hope to see you next year and plan on bringing a large party... till then take care Fun Royale/Fun Tropicale...and feed my kitties while I'm gone ok :) SUE & DEBBIE
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 03/20/2003



The problem with every one reading these reviews about Fun R/T is that there all going to want to go and experience this gem.
For those of us who have been there and returned many times our little hotel is starting to grow up.Lets hope its not bought by a chain and hope it stays small ,friendly, unbeatable value, and ours!
Author: PAUL Posted at 6:39 02/4/2007
Hi! Im going to the fun royal/fun tropicale in Novemeber 2006!! If anyone has been in november before will you please give me some info on what the weather will be like!! Ive never been to the Carribean before!! Cheers xxx
Author: Laura Posted at 8:54 02/14/2006
Hi all going with family feb 7-21/06 cant wait.
Author: L Schultz Posted at 17:59 10/25/2005
i am away at the resort at the moment but it is a known fact to all the staff at the resort that the cats are mine as it was i whom found them trapped a few years back and if you do go there you will find out that we are the people whom are treated with the most respect then anyone else in the resort.
Author: denham101 Posted at 3:39 02/25/2005
I would have to say , this was our best resort so far, we been to 4 others and they were 4 plus, thisone was the funnest and friendliest, the more you go higher with rating the better off youare not treated well. i dont know why tis is but seems this way. also, i would go back, the only down fall is i like blue water and the atlantic is not so blue and clear. the rest is just great for historical reasons,.
Author: lisam Posted at 9:35 02/21/2005
im taking my younger sister to dr on the 10/4/4 and im really quite nervous as i had heard bad things but since been on the website im really pleased. ive been to cuba and stayed in a 5* AI so im looking forward to getting here and seeing what it looks like compared to the comments above.
Author: sunlover Posted at 6:23 03/13/2004
hey heading to fun royal in a couple of weeks. its nice to read good things about this resort. thanks so much
Author: mary Posted at 16:18 01/5/2004
i saw pool bar? how did you miss it? lol i loved this resort but i still want to try others as this was firts vacation for me out of my country
Author: Lisa Posted at 21:39 11/16/2003
great resort but missed one huge thing. a pool bar!!!!!!!!!
Author: Isrel Tavarez Posted at 12:41 05/28/2003

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