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Coral Hamaca Beach Resort

Rating: Excellent Phone: 809-253-4611 Website:
Location: Santo Domingo Fax: E-Mail:
City: Boca Chica Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Excellent
It's like a dream! I just came back last Sunday and will be returning in 2 months. When you arrive it seems like everything is so far away, but once you've settled in, you won't ever want to leave!. I was so excited about the place that I literally fell on my knees (what I call a little souvenir). The service is great, Check-In/Out was fast. Buffets are great, all you can eat and drink. When you go there, ask for Mario at the buffet restaurant, he is the most wonderful waiter ever! Lots of activities around the beach area. Pool is great but I discovered that it was more fun on the beach. SOOO much to do, so little time. You can go to the Disco at night and see all cultures clash and have fun. Meet new people, be safe, get drunk or just have plain fun. Yes, Boca Chica is a city to "Live la Vida Loca", but it's also fun for families with children. All meals are included, they have nannies and kiddie pools. You'll fall in love with the place!
Author: Annonymous Review date: 03/26/2003



Por favor pongan el numero real del hotel pk todo el que llama dice que ese numero esta equivocado.
Quisiera reservar para ese hotel y no he podido por eso u.u
Author: Marycris Posted at 0:13 01/1/2010
I have stayed here 4 times between 2003 and 2005. I like the place very much and I am writing this review in june and am most likely going in a month or so. I would recomend staying here if your a famly, couple, or single.
I am from toronto and I travel alone and I meet people from all over the world there. Boca chica is great but I do not go there to late at night. The pool in the garden section has a swim up bar thats cool. The beach was private in 05 the last time I was there so you do not get botherd by vendors. They are a problem at most resorts in the D.R.
I have bot been there in a year and a half so I do not know if the new owners have changed the staff or anything but there all great. Ok see you there.
Author: Mike Frisk Posted at 19:19 06/27/2007
I was there on business but really enjoyed the resort at the end of the day. Unfortunately I didn't have time to try the beach or the shows. The landscaping and buildings are truely like a paradise. Staff was very friendly. Food at the buffet was great at breakfast and dinner. Only negative was the Mexican restaurant - limited selection on the menu and not very good. Also tried the El Pelicano Restaurant that is right next to the reception area. The local guy I was with said it was one of the highest rated restaurants in Santo Domingo and he was right. Seafood was teriffic but this was not in the "All Inclusive" and the meal for three of us ran about $130.00.
Author: Charlie Posted at 17:35 10/19/2004
I bought a package through, and decided to extend my stay, they charge 159 USD for a place that is not worth the price. I've stayed at Hacienda Dominicus which is a 5 star rated hotel and it should be rated 10 stars! The beach at hamaca is great and so are the shows at the theater but that was why I decided to stay longer, talking to other guests at the hotel, they were paying between 35 usd per night up to 65. So they can steal you blind! When I had to do the second check in and pay, i felt as if they were doing me a favor... the rooms look neglected, the food is like that served in public schools, so if you go with an open mentality it should be fun, I repeat I stayed because of the beach and the shows at night. Next trip I plan to go to Punta Cana or Bayahibe where they can charge you big $ but you get what you pay to the full extent in return.
Author: Not So Corally beautiful Posted at 9:43 08/26/2004
I enjoyed my one night stay at the resort so much! I went to the DR back in 2001 with about 75 other people on a missions trip to Los Alcarizzos and stayed in a Christian Camp...most of our stay was doing hard work...and at the end of our 9 day stay...we got to relax at the resort. By the time we arrived...we were soooo ready to relax and eat 24/ was awesome to be able to get virgin pina coladas the time you reached the bottom of the cup..another was out. VERY friendly staff...very elegant rooms and common areas...WARM showers and the ability to flush the toilet paper was a change from the poor town we were in! Made us appreciate everything so much it is almost 3 years later and I'm ready to go back...still have this place in mind! Happy Traveling...and come back with the best, long lasting tan ever!
Author: Dawn Posted at 18:48 02/10/2004
I just came back from the Hamaca Beach Resort and I can say it was the best experience I have ever had. The staff are really nice, the food is excellent, the beach is so clear I could see my reflection, the nightclub was great, the theatre was very entertaining. On a scale from 1-10 I give it a 12. It was wonderful it wont be the last time they will see me there!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Brenda Marinez Posted at 14:29 01/29/2004
i have gone to hamaca beach resort over 5 times. i love it. as a little kid i used to love the games there and as an adult i like to just chill. and its soo close to the city where i can see christopher columbus and ruins of his. GO there the best place to be.
Author: ramon reynoso Posted at 3:24 12/5/2003
This resort is heavenly! The beaches beautiful and so many different kinds of people, not only Americans! My fiance and I enjoyed it so much we vowed to honey moon there! We also visited a resort in Puerto Plata that does not even compare. The club was definately the highlight of the stay. The food was delicious too!!
Author: cheryl Posted at 21:46 10/4/2003
i went to boca chica and I cannt way to go back it was like a dream, like a paradise, I love the beach and the nice water and the coral reef all around it it was great and best of all very affortable,
Author: pedro p Posted at 20:51 09/15/2003
Hamaca is amazing! It was my first Carribbean holiday and it certainly won't be the last. Such good value for money. It's worth paying out for an all-inclusive Carribbean holiday because you don't have to spend when you get there unless you want to go on trips. The sea is a beautiful turquoise, calm and warm because its protected by a coral reef. Look for the fishes swimming around the pontoon. Chilling out at the beach is the best thing to do during the day. The aerobics is fun. The bar staff are fab and friendly - one gave us two bottles of rum to take home. The piano bar is good at night. Don't bother taking a hairdryer because it won't work - get one from reception. The Pina Coladas are gorgeous but be careful - I think they must contain some sort of laxative! The food was okay (what I expected from an all-inclusive) but I lost my appetite during the holiday anyway. I wouldn't bother venturing outside the resort because you'll only find tacky souvenier shops but if you do there's a Burger King just up the road. Don't bother sending postcards home because ours still haven't arrived yet! Try Neptunos restaurant if you fancy a change. It's next door to the resort and does a lovely steak. While eating you are surrounded by real sharks - you'll have to go there to see what I mean. Saona Island is a good trip to go on. I heard that the white water rafting is excellent. The garden rooms are lovely. And, best of all, I returned home with the most amazing tan ever!
Author: Lucy Andrews Posted at 11:08 04/9/2003

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