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Sirenis Cocotel

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City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Above average
The flight from Gatwick was okay as my boyfriend & I had two seats at the back of the plane so more leg room. Transfer to resort was in airconditioned coach over very bumby terrain.First impressions were breathtaking. Approach along driveway with peacocks strutting around beautiful gardens. Check in was a bit slow, would advise taking own cases to room as one porter has to cater for all arrivals. Room was lovely, I had emailed in advance requesting a room on the beach and that is what we got. Ground floor with uninterrupted view of beach and sea. Air conditioning only works with doors shut and is operated by the key card for your room. Overcame this problem by inserting library card in slot, therefore room was always cool when we came in. Swimming pool is out of this world, it is very large and is connected by little bridges. There is a pool bar which was a novelty for me and sipping a cocktail whilst partially submerged in cool water was a dream. Beach was beautiful, not the white sands I expected but very clean and quiet. Plenty of sunloungers and you can collect clean towels twice a day. The entertainment staff were very friendly, but I could have done without the constant request to join in beach games etc when all I wanted to do was chill. Snack bar gets very busy and word of warning you must cover up before going in. For the first week it was very quiet, but it was a bank holiday the second week and the Dominicans decended on us en mass. Whilst they were there the attitude of the staff changed and we were treated very much like second class citizens. Also there was an tragic incident where a young dominican boy drowned in the pool - there are no lifeguards at this resort, although I feel that in view of the amount of guests that were there at that time the hotel should have thought to provide some. After the incident they did !!! The main restaurant offers a wide selection and they have different themed nights. We preferred to eat in the Spanish, Mexican and Italian restaurants, they are part of the all inclusive and you just book a table at reception on the morning of the day you want to eat there. They were alot quieter and the food was excellent. At the bar the drinks included in the all inclusive deal are shown with a mermaid next to them, and yes the measures are plentiful, also the beer is also very strong !! Try the Dominican champagne, I've had worse. The bars close dead on 12 midnight and they are very strict about this so if you want to drink later order plenty around 11.45pm. We found one trick was to order a fresh bottle of wine just before we finished dinner, we then took that back to our room and had a drink on the terrace once the bars had shut. The maid service is quite good, however although we tipped at intervals (2 dollars every couple of days) I did notice that by the end of the holiday my make up bag was somewhat depleted !! We actually had to move rooms in the second week as our toilet kept becoming blocked and on two occassions it actually overflowed into the bedroom - pete and his plunger did turn up quite quickly but although we stressed to the management that the problem was more deep routed they did not investigate further so we asked to be moved. After jumping up and down a bit we also got a complimentary ticket for the a la carte restaurant (normally costs 15 dollars per person). As the resort is very isolated I would recommend going on the outback safari - guide was hilarious and very knowledgable and some of the scenery around is breathtaking, you go through a tropical forest where there are trees growing fruit all around you and you go for a swim in a pool formed by a natural spring. Also went on the Kontiki boat trip which was nothing more than a glorifed drinks party and although we enjoy a drink I was hoping for more (also no food provided so make sure you have a good lunch ) Managed to get in some snorkelling though and because the guys go down to the reef with food shouls of amazing fish appear its an experience to be had. Were warned about the mozzies, but to be honest they didn't bother us much and we went in August which is meant to be a bad time for them. The main feature of the resort is water with pools leading right up to the restaurants so just make sure you are sensible and wear protection at night. I would love to go back to DR again but not to this particular resort as it would have been nice to be nearer more amenities, however if all you want is to chill out for a couple of weeks and drink and eat yourself silly then this is the place for you. There is entertainment in the evening, Grease was quite good, but as with alot of resorts the guys and girls mimed to all the songs and sometimes the timing was a little bit out. Also the chairs in the amptitheatre are plastic which can be a bit uncomfatable in a hot and humid climate. As this hotel is still only a couple of years old it is still relatively unknown and therefore apart from that one weekend was only half full therefore now is a great time to visit as you virtually have the place to yourselfs. Enjoy
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 04/11/2003



my daughter got married at the sirenis 20 people in all, had a fantastic time staff friendly,rooms clean,clean bed linen every day same with towels,in fact they couldnt do enough for you. the beach was lovely the pool clean and very warm.And yes i have been to the dom rep before in fact 4 times and i am returning to the sirenis this july 2008.
Author: a brown Posted at 14:13 03/26/2008
I am going somewhere else after spending my past week there. They call this a 4 1/2 - 5 star hotel. I would expect that in a 5 star hotel staff could explain, in english, why you are not allowed to do certain things. Things such as take your coffee cup out to the breezy area of the hotel lobby in the morning. The food at the buffet was tasteless to say the best. We did enjoy the fantastic pool and the beach was also very nice and not too busy. Although not the "white sands" I was expecting. We did do three excertions, the horse back riding on the beach was excellent and the snorkling with by the coral reefs and with the sharks was amazing. We were very dissapointed with our Soana Island getaway. We spend 3 hrs travelling as the tour company over booked the bus and we were required to sit for over 1 hour while they sorted this out. By the time we arrived we have spent over 3 hours on the bus and we still had over an hour and a half on the sail boat to get to the island. We were "hearded" through the lunch line and told where to sit to keep us together. There was not enough seating at the picnic tables so some of us stood to eat. At this point I was frusterated and it got worst. Our guide then told us we the time for the rondevous. Turns out we only got one hour on the "white sanded beach". When we booked the trip we were shown pictures of kids holding star fish...we wanted to see those. There were none at this beach...too many people...too many boats. We were they put back on the boat and sped away. They then took us to the 4 km of sand dunes where the star fish are and given an oportunity to see and touch them. This was the only highlight of the trip, but we were only given 15 minutes to see them and take our pictures. I was at this point past the frustration level and was outraged. We did make it back to the hotel safely. I spend $88/per aldult and $44/per child for this trip. When I talked to our tour guide the next day, I was only offered a cheap bottle of rum. I had no oportunity to take this further as we were leaving and it had already taken him 8 hours to come to that solution. Overall this hotel has some very nice scenery and is pleasant, but I do look very much to going somewhere else in the tropical sun. Did not like coming back with more negative thoughts than posative about my trip.
Author: Len VanderHeiden Posted at 6:19 02/11/2006
I have just returned from this hotel and agree totally with the report. The staff are rude and even worse at weekends when the hotel fills up with
Domican's. The food is lousy and often under cooked to the point that if you ate it you would get food poisoning. I too inted to complain severly to the holiday company I booked through as it was advertised as a hotel of approx 390 rooms with a nearby sister hotel, not 2 hotels of 389 rooms each sharing all the same facilities, in fact we did not get to use any of the facilities to the hotel we were booked into as they were closed the whole 2 weeks we were there and the beach bar didn't open at all. A hotel I wouldn't recommend to anyone not even my worst enemy!!
Author: T Brown Posted at 17:23 07/29/2005
I was there and it was a horrible expierience The food was of poor quality, the service was bad even to the point of having unit manager yell at my mother , I walked every morning and returned to only be allowed to sit in the lobby with a coffee in doubled up plastic beer cups , classy , Yet they allowed in the evening cups in the lobby, so if you go take your own mug. Yes you are isolated as the advertised a little mall , 3 small stores gift,jewlery,cigar stores . As for the entertainment it started at 10:00 at night in the amphtheater,and peformances were fair. We complained and wrote out 3 comment cards before leaving and they only gave us half an hour in the comlimentary room since we had to be out of our rooms in the morning foer women. When in this room One person took a shower and the second was all saoped up and the water went off for 25 minutes so the 2 of us declined a shower . When we complained when we arrived home to our agent ,we did get a letter from the assistant manager that we were looking for a free holiday!!!!!! I spoke to few other people that had went to the resort week prior and they were very upset at this resort and are fighting for some money back. Today was in the travel agent office to pick up my tickets .and there was a gentleman who just arrive home in the early morning from the same resort with a very poor rating and will not go back . He would like some refund . So as to the " that was a isolated incident " I do not think so .I have been to 3 star resort in the DP that puts that place to shame !!!!
Author: K habecker Posted at 16:52 01/26/2005
What a wally! If you pay for a room with AC thats what you should get! Idiot
Author: P.Ren Smells Posted at 10:11 05/20/2004
"overcoming the situation with the AC" is exactly what you weren't supposed to do. This is done to save energy. There is absolutely no reason to be wasting electricity while you are not in the room! This country has severe problems with the lack of energy. My recommendation is that you research a place before you book a room. Punta Cana is a quiet laid back place, very remote and away from major cities. Any travel agent worth a flip should have told you this.
Author: P.Ren smith Posted at 15:44 05/8/2003

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