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Hotel Plaza Europa

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City: Sosua Contact: Value for money: Horrible
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Hotel Plaza Europa in Sosua is a horrible hotel.I give it negative 0 stars on a scale of 1 to 5.The room was a nightmare.Hardly any lights worked,my ceiling fan light flew off when I turned it on,the batroom shower head shot water everywhere except on me...the shower head was broken.The room was dirty and run down.The airconditioner was louder than a mack truck and didnt even work well.The owner is so cheap he puts up sighns to turn off the air conditioner and lights if you go out.So when you come back to your hot room it not only looks like hell but feels like it too. The clientel were mostly germans that were coming and going with different hookers all day and night.What I found out is it is basicaly a hooker hotel.I have to say the people that worked there were very nice though but the owner walked around like a nazi stormtrooper,very arrogant and rude. He was constantly berating the staff and throwing his weight around.He even charged me for a room that I did not use.When I tried to get him to refund me the money for the unused room he told me" Maybe you do that in the United States but we dont do that here." Well I have been traveling the world for many years and as we all know you don't pay for rooms that you dont use.I love the Dominican Republic and the people but this hotel was the worst hotel I ever stayed at.I would not stay there again if he paid me and gave me free room and board for life.Absolutely the worst and in a very run down part of Sosua,nothing but hookers outside in front by the hotel,it reminded me of Times Square in the 1970's.There are so many nicer hotels in Sosua,you live and you learn.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 04/30/2003



My boyfriend cheated on me with hookers who LIVE in the other half of this hotel.
Author: H Posted at 14:23 01/15/2010
europa is not a great hotel but for$40 dollars a night its the best deal there diego is not a nazi hes actually a very nice guy hes just not a pushover and the hotel rooms are cleaned everydayt the air conditioning is always ice cold and the hotel is only few blocks to all the bars and clubs and if your not going to sosua for hookers then why would you go thjere in the firat place it is what it is and thats that
Author: xplicitguy Posted at 15:08 12/23/2009
Hello to all. To each his own, I have travelled all over the world and have stayed in some of the best hotels $1,000 per night. When I feel like tha that is what I do. I have stayed in Europa atleast 25 times and yes from time to time issues arise, but they typically solve it very quickly. It is abudget hotel and as far as I am concerned an excellent value for the money. I obviously enjoy staying there and will again and again. Yes sometimes I stay elsewhere, but most times when I come to Sosua that is where and what I enjoy.
I will recommend it to people who wish to simply enjoy themselves and do not care for too much hassles.
Author: Sidney Posted at 1:51 10/7/2009
I stayed at the Plaza Europa for 4 nights the week following Easter earlier this year. I can now honestly say without equivocation that when it comes to value for money, the Plaza Europa is second to none! The staff were very friendly, helpful and very organized, my room was very clean, the bed was comfortable plus I had hot showers. The Plaza Europa is so close to the action its unreal. Everything you need is within close proximity. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there so much so, I'll be going back for years and years to come. You must go and see for yourself! Do not follow the reviews! It's all bullshit!
Author: Ron Posted at 17:35 08/7/2009
I recently returned from a 4 day 3 night stay at the Hotel Europa (July 30 to August 2nd). This was one of the best hotel's I've ever stayed at. I enjoyed my stay to no end. The staff was always helpful. I enjoyed the amenities, ie the pool and jaccuzi. My room was cleaned daily lick clock work. I had an excellent mix between the ceiling fan and air conditioner. On a scale of 1 to 5 I give the Europa a 5.I look forward to going back as often as I can.
Author: Alim Posted at 17:08 08/7/2009
i stayed at the europa plaza ,i loved it the rooms are always clean the air conditioner works great alot of channels on t v close to everything i think diego is great the thing i love about it the most is there is no problem bringing female guests iam single and the only reason i go to sosoua is cause of the eurpa plaza and the beautiful young dominican females labor day weekend will be my fourth time i ll be going to sosoua and staying at europa i strongly recommend to all single males
Author: abie Posted at 16:34 06/25/2009
Is there any updates to this Hotel?
Author: Fire Posted at 1:49 11/5/2008
I have stayed at hotel plaza europe once before and am coming back in two weeks time. I had a great time and found the staff very helpful and friendly. The rooms were clean and spacious, so of the people who have complained of dirt maybe they were thinking of another hotel.
On arrival i messed up safety deposit box (all my own fault) and was told it would be fixed the next morning (it was midnight!) .True to there word this was done.
Yes there are prostitutes but so what. People go there for this reason. If you dont like it travel somehere else then i wouldnt have to read your boring whinging comments. Grow up and enjoy yourself.
Author: mark Posted at 6:23 05/13/2007
This place is the worst!!!! Anybody who gives this place a high rating is just not used to traveling and staying in a nice hotel...only the bottom of the barrel will ever stay here.How they could ever say the rooms are clean here amaze's me....I guess if you live in a rat infested,roach trap at home then you will be right at home here! Herman from Switzerland
Author: Herman Posted at 15:19 10/6/2006

I just returned from 7 days in sosua and this hotel. The reviews are certainly nothing like my experience. I stayed in a suite room 318 and 319 and found no problems. Its not a 5 star hotel but the staff is helpful annd yes Diego is the owner and he is german and he is no nonsense. It was my first time in the area and I would stay there again. I am from NY and will be going back,
Author: Joe cool Posted at 18:17 02/7/2006
I went 2 this hotel august 25 through 30.This hotel is not a five star hotel but it was very room had the works.The restaurant down stairs was very good. the area is nice. This hotel is what you make of it. I traveled to other resorts and honestly i had a better time in this hotel. This hotel is good for guy groups and single men. the bar across the street is good. two club's are in walking distance club classico and x-bar. If your looking for other things to do sosua beach is the,check out new york shark bar in sousa beach #66. This area is what you make it. I had fun and i plan to go back again with the boys..
Author: chulo Posted at 17:28 10/4/2005
Hey Charles from LatinoPleasures.Why dont you take your customers to a good hotel! This place is the worst.And by the way...why would anyone pay "You" to go to sosua when they can get all the hookers they want on thier own? They can also go out and get drunk without paying you! Anybody who uses your low class service will be sorry.Obviously you give your customers the worst hotel in sosua (plaza europa)...that says a lot about what your "Tour" will be like...jijijijijiji! I guess there is a sucker born every minute!
Author: jose Posted at 15:18 07/10/2005
Wow! Did one guy here compare this place to a 5 star hotel? You must be joking!!! Maybe a negative 5 star hotel.Sure we all know sosua is not disneyland but all we are trying to say is there are "BETTER" hotels in sosua than this one,and right near the beach.Who wants to walk a mile to the beach when you are on vacation?.I guess some people just dont care where they stay.But don't lie and say this place is great when it really is the worst hotel in sosua!!!! Period!!!
Author: jose Posted at 14:47 07/10/2005
I went to DR to have fun; and I did at the Europa. The year before, I had stayed at Havens, in Puerto Plata, (oh Please...just a name). First, it was All-Inclusive, but I could not bring a girl back to my room. Second, I had to pay an additional $100 a day, just to let her in for a minute.

At the Europa, not only were the rooms as clean as those at the Havens resort, they were bigger with Kitchenettes - Almost like a Marriot Residence Inn. The price was way much reasonable that most hotels in that area of Sosua.

I recommend the joint for the Single traveller who is wild and wants to get some real action going. It is a Singles' friendly hotel.

Author: Joe New York Posted at 13:11 03/20/2005
I have to say that I have been to the Europa and I really like the place. The management has been very friendly and also very helpful. They give you a very personal service making sure that everything is the way that you want it to be. I have stayed there for prolonged periods of time. they have a very nice pool there. And also a resturant on site.
The rooms are always clean and they were even willing to adjust things to make me comfortable. I have to say that I wish we had more (personal i.e. excellent) cutomer service in the states.
The only thing is that teh hotel is in teh certer of the town and I like things to be isolated sometimes.
But if you are a ful loving person you will like europa.
Author: D life Posted at 15:44 11/1/2004
I love the place. Let's face it. You must love it too. You went to the Europa because your cheap Ass could not afford the Paradise Hotel. Why complain? You came for the girls, not some bible studies. Grow up men, and keep it real.
Author: Carlito Posted at 22:52 10/26/2004
I have been travelling to the Dominican Republic for the past three years, and I make trips 6 to 9 times per year. Each trip I go there I stay at the Hotel Europa, and I must dissagree with the author. The rooms are always clean, the manager is always nice to me, he has even given me discounted rooms because I am there so often. The front desk clerks are always nice to me.

I must agree that there are hookers that do hang around the vacinity of the hotel, but come on man they hang around the bar accross the street where many tourist go to hang out and have a good time. I'm pretty sure you yourself have probably gone there on one or two occassions. I will be in the Dominican Republic in lest than a week, and you can rest assured that I will be staying at Europa.
Author: Squeeze Posted at 16:29 09/29/2004
I do not know what that guy's problem was. Diego, the owner has been giving my group and myself, wonderful services for over 4 years, now. Just this March 2004, He was kind enough to lend us his Disco room at no charge to host a private party for my group. My group all loved the Hotel. Check us out, on-line at, to see the wonderful times we have been having at the Europa. Believe me, I have been around the DR, and the quality of the rooms at the Plaza Europa, fully measure up to the rooms in such 5 star Hotels (in Puerto Plata) like the Paradise Hotel, etc. That is why we come back, again and again.

It is visible that the client was angry about not getting a refund. I however, did not hear him say that he left because the hotel was "horrible." From all indications, he stayed throughout his visit.

My advice to you, next time stay at the $110 a night hotel at the resorts. They are designed for your type. For the majority of us, who love a great deal when we see one, we are going back to the Europa. Feel free to e-mail me with your response at [email protected] That's how sure I am about my review.

Please be more objective in your criticism.
Charles (Carlos)
New York, USA
Author: Charles M. Posted at 13:15 09/2/2004
This place sucks!!!! go somewhere else unless you like staying in a dump.
Author: artie Posted at 23:11 03/26/2004
This place sucks!!!! go somewhere else unless you like staying in a dump.
Author: artie Posted at 23:11 03/26/2004
Great Hotel always clean never had a problem Great service Good restauraunt.
Author: KC Posted at 18:00 03/23/2004
This hotel is very very bad.Probably the worst place I have ever been.I am from Canada and I would not recomend to anyone to stay at this hotel.Very dirty and far from the beach too.Just not a pleasent experience staying at Hotel Plaza Europa.I would never stay there again when there is so many other nicer hotels in Sosua.Thanks.Greg from Canada
Author: greg Posted at 14:18 11/30/2003
I did not like this hotel...not very nice place...bad area of sosua...too far from the beach.Thank You.Franz from Germany
Author: Franz Posted at 21:04 09/16/2003
stayed there loved it will return. never a problem with the shower, A/C or T.V room service was great. If I needed more towels there was no problem. front desk was great.
Author: johny be good Posted at 13:39 09/11/2003
Worst hotel I have ever been in.Sono Italiano y no me piache Hotel plaza Europa.
Author: Giancarlo Posted at 7:01 08/9/2003
What the owner of this hotel fails to mention is yes he never asks his guests to turn off the air conditioner...this is true...but it is posted for all to see as you leave the room.Yes this is not a 5 star hotel that is for sure! But as far as being a family place to take your family...forget about it...unless you like dirty rooms with lights and showers that do not work....and a 20 minute walk to the beach.As far as not knowing that his hotel is used for hookers..well just look outside your front window to the street mister hotel owner..not only do you know your hotel is used for hookers I think you encourage it with your low priced rooms and seedy part of town.As far as me being discriminitory against germans or dominicans I can tell you I have german blood and a dominican girlfriend so I have to disagree with your theory there.Also I reserved a room for friends of mine who are dominican but they could not use the room because they returned to santiago and when I asked you to refund me my money you refused even after you checked the room and saw it never was occupied.All I can tell you my friend is that I have travelled all over the world including your country and have never stayed in such a bad hotel like yours and to be treated so rudely by you the owner.Every other hotel in the world would never charge someone for a room if they did not use it.All I can say my friend is your hotel "is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in...period!"
Author: Frankie Posted at 11:44 07/26/2003
Author: Hotel Plaza Europa, Sosua Posted at 8:16 07/17/2003

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