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SuperClubs Breezes

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
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City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Above average
Food: Above average Decor: Above average Service: Average
Rooms were sub-par but with enough complaining we were upgraded for free into one of the Junior Suites. The standard rooms were small and looking fairly old. Our toilet leaked, there were small ants, the mirrors were cracked and the view was not that great. The upgraded rooms however were very nice. They had two bathrooms, one with a jaccuzi, the main bedroom, and a sitting room with a sofa that converts to a bed and nice wicker furniture. The view from these rooms were excellent - ocean view.

The service was not that great. However they were very friendly. Be nice to the guy who fills up your fridge in the rooms - he will give you beer.

The food was very good. We stayed two weeks and I was not sick of it. Very large selections and good portions. The restaurants were excellent.

There was a KENO type game in the casino - they give you free chips to start. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. They sucker you in. I lost $600 canadian and many others complained about it. One couple ended up cashing in RRSP and lost over $10,000 canadian. This experience almost ruined my view of the resort.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 05/21/2003



Typical ungrateful tourist. Why the hell do you even travel if you are gonna bitch and moan about everything. AND why in gods name would you go to a spanish speaking country if you dont speak SPANISH? Thats just plain stupid and thats your own damn fault. How would you treat someone in your country if they didnt speak the language? DO you expect CAB DRIVERS to be MULTILINGUAL? DO us all a favor and stay HOME.
Author: Matt Posted at 12:49 01/27/2005
Well, my husband and I got back from 10 nights at Breezes Punta Cana about two weeks ago. I have been to SuperClubs in Jamaica 5 times...Breezes (twice), Grand Lido Braco (twice) and Grand Lido Sans Souci (once) and this resort falls FAR BELOW what I expected from SuperClubs.

In past experiences transportation / transfers were included in the price of the trip...Not here. Although SuperClubs did arrange it for us, it was a contracted company that picked us up. Now I will say that they were there with a sign that had our last name on it, so that wasn't the issue, but the issue was that the driver took us to the wrong resort, 45 minutes the wrong way. Our driver didn't speak English and we don't speak Spanish. It was a hassle.

CHECK-IN - Not a big deal. Checked in with James at about 4 o' clock. Nice guy. We weren't given any maps of this MASSIVE 700+ rooms. We were given our key (as in one), safety box key, remote control and we were sent on our way to room. We walked in and the room is a mess...beds not made...etc. We piled our bags in the corner, put on some shorts and went to wander around the property until our room was clean.

RESTAURANTS- We ate at the Italian restaurant and weren't impressed. The Japanese restraurant was ok...but the BBQ seafood restraurant was the best. We skipped our reservations at the Mexican and the French restaurant.

Now when it comes to the buffet, YUCK! The food is funky ! If you have kids, they will hate it ! Now I realize that a resort like this has to accomodate a lot of cultures, but ewwwww ! Seriously, the salad bar was always warm and you could smell a strong pungent rotting smell coming from underneath was really that gross !

The beach bar BBQ is where we ate the most. They do have hamburgers and we practically survived on them for 10 days.

SERVICE - SUCKS !!! With a capital 'S'...its absolutely horrible! This resort is HUGE and it can not handle a full house. When we went the resort was sold out (more on that in a bit). The staff was literally snatching your plates, silverware, glasses etc. before you were finished because they did not have enough to serve everyone. Also, BE PREPARED TO TIP ! I know your 'not allowed to tip', BUT if you don't tip, you will wait FOREVER to get served at the bar, get coffee in your room or drinks brought to your table. Its rediculous!

ROOM - When I booked the trip, I requested a quiet room with a king bed. We're a married couple in our 30's with no kids. We received a call approx. 1 month before our trip and they told us that the resort DOES NOT have king beds, only 2 queens in each room. We have a queen bed at home, so I thought no big deal. Well it is a big deal...these beds are not queens, in fact, I bet they are not even fulls. My husband and I had to sleep in seperate nice is that? So, besides the bed being very small, the underside of my bedspread was completely moldy. When I asked for a new one, I got one that was ripped on the top side. Now I had requested a quiet room, and got one that was right outside the stage. The shows run til 1100 least...and they are SO LOUD that its rediculous. The noise made our windows rattle and 'when'our tv worked, it didn't even begin to drown out the noise. Well, I was on my way down to request another room the next day, when I heard people literally screaming in the lobby. The had just arrived, and there were NO ROOMS. The hotel had overbooked and these people were S.O.L. Now I know they hotel put them some place else, but good grief...The hotel ended up sliding notes under our doors looking for volunteers to go to another resort for a few nights...Now back to the king bed issue, as you walk around the resort, the rooms on the ends ALL have king beds...but they told us there were NO kings beds...Ugh!

POOL / BEACH - The pool is HUGE...BUT if you don't have kids, you will HATE IT ! There is one pool...and there are kids everywhere. The beach is beautiful, but that is the only nice thing to say about it. This resort is tooooo big. It can not accomodate the guests. People literally get up at 4-5 in the morning to go out and reserve chairs....otherwise you will not get one, at least not one at the pool. You will have a tough time using any of the amenities. When we were there, we couldn't use the pool tables, hot tubs, boogie boards, snorkling equipment,,,,the kids are on them all day, every day. It was so frustrating.

One little outrageous tidbit...the bar bathroom by the pool...on several occassions the female employees were washing their underwear and swimsuits in the sink...GROSS !

SUNSHINE GUARANTEE VOUCHERS - Those of you that travel with SuperClubs know about these. If the sun does not shine for 2 hours, you are issued a voucher for that day that can be used at any SuperClubs within a year...this IS THE REASON we travel with this company...WELL, be warned...they dont do vouchers at this fact, the have never heard of it. I was livid. It poured, flooded rooms...and was absolutely miserable weather for 2 of our ten days...I asked about the vouchers when we went to leave...NADA !

OVERALL IMPRESSION - DO NOT GO HERE ! I was SO incredibly the second day we wanted to come home. It really is that bad.
Feel free to contact me if you need me to talk you out of [email protected]

Author: Jessica Morgan Posted at 23:10 07/14/2003
I went to Breezes on a class trip. definietly the nicest resorts Ive ever been to. ive been to casa marina beach in sosua, and this one is nicer. The only thing is the service is a little bad. One time a went to get an extra key and they ignored me for like 3 minutes and there was noone else around. Other than that and a few other times, the hotels a blast. go there youll have fun. well. maybe you wont, but you can.
Author: Paul Martinez Posted at 2:10 06/12/2003
Casinos are built to make and take $$$. Can't blame the casinos for you and others who open your wallets and RRSP's and spend all of your money. That's just a little common sense needed to avoid that problem.
Author: Darcy Lucas Posted at 19:12 05/27/2003

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