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Decameron Beach Resort

Rating: Above average Phone: 809-526-2009 Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: San Pedro de Macoris - Juan Dolio Contact: Eduardo - Reservations Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Average Service: Excellent
GENERAL INFO: The hotel used to be part of the Barcelo chain but it's now independently owned and operated. There are still some traces of the previous owner, as in the towels, silverware, tiles on the pools, signs that have been painted over, etc.
ROOMS:The rooms are in need of TLC, redecoration and/or maintenance. I prefer bright rooms and these are a bit too dark for me. There is a problem with the humidity in them and the first one we got hat some stains on the walls and ceiling (problem for asthmatics and or allergic people). We went 'VERY NICELY' (see keyword here) to the front desk and they immediately changed it to a much better room, I guess it was a suite.
ENVIRONMENT: Watch out for those torpedos, I mean, mosquitoes after 6PM! It's very hot now!
ENTERTAINMENT: Starting at 10AM, they have music around the pool, Aqua Gym (very rewarding after all that food), activities both in the pool and beach area. I didn't like the beach. Boca Chica beaches are nicer, crystal clear, safer and only half an hour away. At night they give out certificates to all the people who either helped or played with them throughout the day. They have different activities and shows at night. It's no Cirque du Soleil, but let me tell you that their heart goes into every presentation. The crew is very nice and you get to know the real dominican culture and people through them.
FOOD: All inclusive. Remember that this is not a 5-Star hotel. DO NOT expect lobster and other great "fruits de mer" unless you make reservations for the italian restaurant (on site) and pay extra for the seafood or catch of the day. Meals are nice, but if you have a delicate stomach, a bottle of Pepto and some Alka-Seltzer should accompany you on the trip. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER, IT WILL MAKE YOU SICK! They have different themed-menus almost every night.
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: They speak Spanish, English, German, Dutch (if there are any guests), Italian and French.
OVERALL SATISFATCION: I am staying there again next month. The price you are getting for this All-nclusive can not be matched, mostly because they are under construction. But the service, the staff and the comfort of having everything included for one price is more than you can bargain for.
ADVICE: Please let me tell you that whenever you want to have a room change, a service done quicker, or a special request, use your manners and treat them as human beings. They resent this a lot and are amazed and enocuraged by the few that follow this tip. They will go the extra mile for you if you win their hearts. Another important tip: the Time-Share is booming all throughout Dominican Republic. Although they call them "Vacation Clubs", and they insist is not a Time-Share, it is. They usually wait for you around the front desk area, or in the public street that you need to cross (it's very safe and there are guards) in order to get to the beach. Almost every resort has an agent outside waiting, and if you do go with them to their resort, you will loose an entire morning or afternoon with their whole tour and marketing offers.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 06/5/2003



i was there mar 21 to 25 . for the money that we paid it was great.i had a great time if you want the hilton than pay hilton prices. but if you want a good vacation for little money this is the place.i plan to go back soon.
Author: yankees Posted at 21:08 04/28/2005
iWAS at decameran last feb. with my 3 grandchildren.11,10 & 4. they had a blast. the loved the buffet and know went hungry. You have to be open to new things relax and enjoy. Kids club was wonderful and the mini disco much anticipated by all of us. I'm going back in 3weeks to enjoy the sun and the people. Relax your on holiday and so what if they don't move as fast as you would like its dominican time relax have a drink,there is no snow to shovel and you might have agreat time.
Author: helen Posted at 4:28 02/1/2005
I went last feb with my 3 grand children,11,10, & 4 they had a blast and loved the food . Kids club was fantastic. Its not a 5 star but it was clean and warmer than OTTAWA and the people were great.
Author: helen Posted at 4:18 02/1/2005
i dont know what everybodys problem is, especially the gut who is taking legal action against the resort. i visisted in april 04 and it was the most amazing time of my life, sure its not perfect but who care you are in athird world country, who cares if the food is different live alittle and try to experince a differnt culture, who care if the line to front desk is long look around and enjoy the beautiful place and talk to visitors and workers while u are waiting why be so negitive when u are in such a beautiful place where everybody is helpful and friendly. icant enough good things about this resort but i think everybody should go it an amazing place and the price is right. so when u get there say hello to suzie carlo and miguel from tonya. if anybody has any questions about the resort i would love to talk to you so email me.
Author: tonya Posted at 21:58 09/25/2004
I've been there on August 2003 and now I'm having a legal action against the tour operator because of the bad services and structure I've found there. I don't have any picture of the resort: could you help me mailing me some picture ? i.e. the picture of the street that separates the resort and the beach...thank you
Author: Michela Posted at 4:41 09/22/2004
OLA I came back from the Decameron on Saturday 3rd July .The food there only really is made for the dominican diet . I survived on rolls and pasta for a fortnight causing me to lose a stone.most of all the people from Scotland all had severe stomach cramps for about 10 days out of 14 . The rooms are very basic,the beds are quite comfy and good for people with bad backs.The entertainment staff are brilliant i really love Miguel.Santos and Alfreddo are really funny . Aerobic time is brilliant and so is the comedy shows at night.There is too many nights where it's only dancers which is BORING! Ronny one of the barmen is really funny and he always loves singing and dancing.The beach is very clean but not what you would expect .I would definately recommend going on the Saona trip it's magnificent.Our rep Gareth from go Travel Direct was amazing
P.S. if anyone has pictures or anything with MIGUEL in it please e-mail me it as I love him(e-mail address is [email protected] thanks GRACIAS
Author: stephanie Posted at 15:11 07/6/2004
just returned from the decameron. travelled from ottawa with go travel direct, jan 22nd to feb 5th. if you want a great place for a great deal this is it. the rooms are basic with large balconies. very clean. the food is fantastic. lots of choices at the buffet and the a la carte restaurants.the staff are very accomodating. one of the couples travelling with us weren't happy with their main floor room and they were moved immediately. they were told at the desk that they wanted everyone to be happy. we found our mattress rather firm for our taste and they changed our mattress for us. there is plenty of room on the beach , it is much wider than other resorts in the area. the water changed from week to week. the first week we were there it was quite calm and clear with very few weeds. the second week it was windier and the water was churned up more so it was weedier and murky at times. still lovely and warm and there was always someone raking the beach.the pools were nice but we spent most of our time at the beach.took the saona island tour which was well worth the money.check out the prices of things in the gift shops before buying on the beach,sometimes cheaper than what you can bargain for.say hi to francine the beach vendor. she gives a great massage for $15 US for a half hour. Henry in the buffet is a hoot.Liam the go travel rep is awesome.bring yourself a floatie, an insulated mug(great for larger drinks,less trips to the bar and also to barter with at the end of your trip) lots of sunscreen and the drugs you may need, like tylenol , motrin, gravol, tums,immodium,benadryl. if you are coming with a previous 4 or 5 star experience ,then remember you are getting a great deal for a 3 and a half star resort. if you have any whining to do keep it to yourself or get on the next plane and go home. the rest of us are having a great time and don't want to listen to you. bonnie ottawa ,ontario
ps apparently none of the rooms in the tower are renovated . make sure you don't take one of those
Author: bonnie Posted at 20:51 02/6/2004
I just came back from the resort last night. We had the most horrible experience! It took them about 45 minutes just to check us into the hotel. The shower was not working. It didn't even have the knobs. The front desk was extremely unhelpful. They promised to send assistance, which arrived about 3 hours later, after my calling them every 20 minutes. He did not speak English, and did not do a great job. So we were showerless for the week.
The food was the worst I have ever eaten. The meat was unchewable and there was a small selection. Many times one can find bugs in their meals. The conditions for preparing food were unsanitary.
One must leave the resort grounds to cross a street to go the the other side with the beach. That was unsafe due to a hound of natives that are constantly harrassing women. The scariest time was when the security guard tried to follow me to my room.
We stayed in the tall building, on the 8th floor, and the ancient elevators only worked half of the time.
The only positive thing was the entertainment staff. They kept us happy.
I recomment this resort to those who wish to lose weight, because if you eat the food you will not leave the bathroom, and those who just want a cheap vacation with low expectations.
Author: vika Posted at 17:20 01/21/2004

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