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Bahia Principe San Juan

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My Husband, young son and I stayed at this resort. During our stay we had an unfortunate incident that happened. Half way through our stay one of the bar/pizza places burned to the ground. If it was not for my husband and a few others from Canada, some of the Dominican employees could have been badly injured. My husband took control and assisted with deligating duties to the others who were helping control the fire so that no one was injured and to control the fire. He was able to ensure no injures and very little surrounding areas from damage. During this process a person working with the resort took his name and said someone would contact him. Until this date no one has even thanked my husband for putting his life on the line. I find this disturbing as no one at the resort who were employed there knew what to do. It also took 4 hours for the fire department to arrive. When they did arrive they were not able to even hook up the hoses to fight the fire. My husband was able to assist them so they could put the fire out.
I would like for this matter to come to an appropriate end. I feel my husband deserves to be recognized for his heroism in fighting a fire he did not have to help with. THere are many lives that were saved that night due to his fast thinking and his knowledge on dealing with fires. I hope to hear something from the management of this resort.
Valerie Campbell
10 Clarendon Street
New Lowell, Ontario
L0M 1N0 Canada

Note: During our stay my husband also had booked a deep sea fishing charter. Due to mechanical problems with the boat the trip was cancelled. For cancelling the trip the hotel sent him a beautiful fruit basket and 2 small bottles of dominican rum. This was appreciated and a surprise. We appreciated this gesture.
For cancellation he recieved something but for fighting a fire he received nothing? Not even a thankyou.

Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 08/11/2003



i am looking for a tune for my friend who went there, he says it has no lyrics and was played all the time in the resort he asked the name and was told mosquito, but we have done that search and not got the right tune, can anyone help with the name of it? thanks
Author: liz Posted at 9:35 04/21/2010
Author: PAULA Posted at 22:14 06/19/2009
By the way if anybody is looking for the ( bahia principe song ) , i have it . i think tyhe dance to it is awesome. dominican republic was great !
Author: Lauren Posted at 12:00 07/29/2008
I am also looking for the song that the staff played at pool side. Goes something like I need you, I want you, I got to be with you. etc. Love that song. Cant find it anywhere. I had an awesome trip to Bahia San Juan. One of the best weeks of my life. Reccomend it to anyone. Thanks
Author: leer Posted at 13:54 01/12/2008
Just returned from Bahia P in San Juan. We flew in right after the damage done by hurricane noah. The resort had just opened. did not know this when we booked,supposedly closed by a virus.heard lots of rumours, the facts are more important,will chk this out myself later The resort is beautiful. very large, lots of walking available, rooms a little small but clean. Lots of food selection all above average,only item outstanding,one evening grilled shrimp, salad selection not huge,overall a great vacation, staff very friendly,disappointed about the water, very cloudy and not carribean green,this was due also to the hurricane.I would recommend this resort without a doubt. Olay olay bahia principe!! CD can be bought in the stores with theme song on it.
Author: joanne Posted at 13:43 11/12/2007
Author: ron Posted at 17:46 12/16/2006
hey, i went to the bahia principe earlier this year and had a fantastic time, i would recomend it to everyone. although i really need you guys to help me..... whilst relaxing on the beach th bahia staff played a record everyday and i really want to find out the artists name and the song! the lyrics where something like this..."i need you i want you iv got to talk to you, i want to be with you..etc" it would mean alot if someone could tell me what that song is as it gives great memories of our time there! thank you x x
Author: xlaurax Posted at 13:41 09/24/2006
Can anyone help with a tune that was constantly being played while I was at Bahia Prinicipe R.S.J

I went a bit like " shack around shack around" and then followed by what I can only decribe a mumbling - everyone in the resort would sing it when it can on with a really catchy beat.

Let me know as it is driving me insane.
Author: Lynne Posted at 6:21 06/21/2006
hi there
i am going to the bahia at the end of oct and i carnt wait
im sick to death of plp moanin about little silly things about this hotel
at the end of the day its what you make of your holiday that counts
and im very happy that i will be spending 2 weeks in this lovely complex
we are going to be in thier country living it up so we must show respect to those who will look after us 4 two weeks
if plp just like to moan all the time then STAY AT HOME lol
Author: mandy Posted at 17:26 06/18/2006
Hi im going on sep8th 4 2wk with my partner n i can not wait, im counting the wks!! Iv been reading loads of reports goog n bad, roll on sep! Was wondering what the weather will be like, if any1 would like 2 email me its ([email protected]) Been told its rainy time sep???? xx
Author: Claire Posted at 12:52 05/28/2006
Well, mixed comments on bahia principe i certainly cant wait to go i have to say! I'm only praying i have a great time and love it as i have booked the hotel and the place for our honeymoon in july and we fly just a few days later were married. Its a place ive never been to before it looks so beautiful and tropical, a place were we can just relax and chill after all the stress of organising a wedding! i would really appriciate it if people coul post their comments to me about what i can actually do outside the complex. I love alot of local life are their any small towns near by or within a bus ride were we can see rural life? Is it safe for us to go outside our complex? please all the information will be greatly appriciated.xx
Author: Cant wait to go Posted at 15:05 02/21/2006
i once wrestled a bear.
Did i get any thanks for it ?
this country !!
Author: rooney Posted at 6:50 09/12/2005
Which wilson are you talking about? The one who DJs at the disco or the one w/ curly black hair, who is often in the towel place? Plz clarify
Author: T Posted at 13:29 07/24/2005
In response to the woman who expects rewards for her husband performing the heroic act in the restaurant fire, i agree he has probably saved many lives or at least avoided serious injury however your comments are so snotty. Having been to the dominican several times it is not the sort of place you can expect rewards and publicity from. Are people these days only willing to help for some sort of financial reward. your husband should surely be rewarded enough knowing he may have saved lives. I agree not everyone would have done it but i think its ludicrous you can try to give the place a bad name because your not in pocket after the incident!
Author: anon Posted at 15:58 03/15/2005
We were at this resort resort from Feb. 26 to March 5/05.. We stayed at the Club Hacienda end of the resort which is a little quieter and not quite as many people. The food was excellent with lots of choice in fact it's hard not to overeat. If you can't book an a la carte rest. for the evening I wouldn't worry too much because the buffets have such a selection it doesn't really matter - especially La Brise . There's lot's to do there, games, sports, excercise classes, watercraft, horesback riding and excursions outside the resort. If you opt to do the excursion thing I would highly recommend you see Felix (Compo Tours) at the very south end of the beach - you'll save yourself quite a bit of money and see everything the resort excursion shows you. The staff were excellent and tried hard to see you had a good stay - if you needed anything for your room you just called the front desk and it was delivered promptly. The only thing we weren't too impressed with was with the airline Air Transat. They kept us on the island @ 5 extra hours on the trip home and hereded us around like cattle - however we survived and eventually got home. I highly recommend this resort for a great vacation.
Author: John Posted at 19:25 03/10/2005
My friend and I have been to Bahia 4 times. We love everything about it, especially Ivan and Roberto! They have taken us out into town, shown us around Rio San Juan, brought us to beaches and introduced us to their families and then drove us to the airport when we left. Has this happened to anyone else?
Author: Sankie Posted at 21:54 02/6/2005
That was the best trip ive ever been on if i had to rate it it would be better that a 5 star. The employees are nice food is good pools are a little cold though but good in the hot weather. Go you'll have the time of your live.
Author: patrick Posted at 19:11 01/27/2005
I am going to Bahia Principe San Juan Feb 12,m 2005 & the first & most current comment the couple said the place was infested in bugs, unfriendly staff, horrible beach etc, read it.....& than you see great comments????
What am I expecting.
Author: Jeff G Posted at 12:13 01/13/2005
all of you obviously have never risked your life before. It takes tremendous courage and strength. Not nearly enough people have that in them. She wasnn't asking for anything other than a common thank-you or acknowledgement that it was appreciated. Don't judge people until you yourself has been in that same situation
Author: justin Posted at 21:53 11/27/2004
We are going to Bahia in December. Have been to many resorts in DR and have usually used the local bus lines to travel to town. Have any of you had an experence of accessing the bus system from Bahia to travel to Sosua or other area towns?
Author: David Posted at 12:34 11/18/2004
I went back in to Bahia in October 2004 and this year was even better I meet Nelson who's in the animation Team and he's really great and I can't wait to see him again in January. Miss U, and hope to see the rest of the principe gang soon.
Author: Kim Posted at 7:38 11/15/2004
Spent a wonderful 2 weeks at the dominican republic at Bahia principe....wish i cud go bak right now....met soo many great people like Wilson (who wrks in the mini club) he was the sweetest guy ive ever met and the HOTTEST!...i spent every minute of my vacation with him....i am returning in december...hope 2 c ya hun....MISS U!!!
Author: Lina Posted at 19:24 10/10/2004
I went to the Bahia Principe in San Juan in August this year and i was a bit apprehensive as to what it would be like. I have been to the Dominican three times before to The Riu Bachata and this was a 5 star so when we were going to a 4 star i didn't really know what to expect. I had a really good time at the Riu but my stay at the Bahia Principe was even better.
I went with my mum and my friend and we had the most amazing time. Because it is all inclusive you do not have to carry your money round with you all the time which is a really good advantage. The atmosphere at the hotel is so laid back and relaxed you feel at home straight away.
The staff at the resort really make the holiday what it is, they're always smiling and give 100% in what they do. My friend and I made friends with all of the animacion team and the watersports workers, thats how friendly they are. Roberto is one hell of dancer may I add and he is lovely. Also Wilson was so friendly aswell as Robinson, Frank, Luciano, Danny & Ivan. And all the rest of them, too many to mention.
The discotheq is really good fun. The music is especially good, especially the song Gasolina that was constantly played while we were there. Until that opens you can dance down the street to the sounds of the merengue, and with a different show every night it never gets boring or monotonous.
My friend and I are going back in March next year and hopefully the next. I love the Dominican and their way of life that's why I just keep on going back, I would definately recommend the resort to anyone considering going. Book it now!
Author: Lorna Posted at 5:04 10/6/2004
I went to the Bahia Principe for two weeks at the end of August beginning of September and had the best time of my life. It was my 1st time to the Carribean i went with my friend and her mum, the hotel was brilliant, the beach stunning and the staff just fantastic, especially the animation team. Wilson who runs the kids club is brilliant at his job and is gorgeous too i was with him every night and day and loved every minute spent with him he's a grat man so anyone that goes give him the respect that he deserves (but dont get to close to my man) also roberto, robinson and Frank are lovely. Everything about the hotel was brilliant the food, weather, the people etc. im going back next year and hope its still the same. anyone that goes , enjoy
Author: Leanne Posted at 15:03 10/5/2004
OMG!! this resort was the best eva...ive neva been ne where as beautiful as this....the staff made my holiday along with my friends the best ever!! HUGE thanks 2 CocaCola and Wilson....((we miss u!!))
Author: allie Posted at 21:39 09/8/2004
I agree... we do things to help our fellow man, not to expect something in return. Just think, if we all did something good, be it an emergency situation, offering to take someone's picture with their family members, it just looks so good on you and, maybe, just maybe, this blessed world would not be so screwed up! So remember when holidaying, have fun and be kind to your fellow tourist. :)
Author: Hilda Posted at 14:18 08/18/2004
that woman has some nerve posting that here. so her husband helped in a situation most people would and they expect what? a medal?? some rum or a discount?

you make me sick lady! i hope one day you dont find yourself in a bad situation because people like you only learn when life bends your knees.
Author: Miranda Posted at 21:34 06/23/2004
I'm sorry you feel you need to be repaid for something that was done to save lives. My husband and I stopped at a horrific car accident once while on vacation, and were only too happy to help. Our names were not mentioned in the many newspaper stories the next day, and we were relieved they weren't. I hope your husband doesn't lose the needs to help people when they're in trouble, even though he wasn't recognized last time.
Author: Lori Posted at 21:25 05/25/2004
my comment is simply that you shouldnt be thinking what you can get for helping someone out. would you expect this in your own country?

its a poverty striken country what did you want a medal, personally if it was me i would just be proud to say that i helped. i wouldnt want anything for it.

i feel the same way as the other people. i had the time of my life there the first time i went in 03 and when i retured in 04 i had an even better time and plan to go back again this year if not early next year.

i think you are a stuck up bitch, did you want t be treated like a queen for the rest of your visit.

sort your head out.
Author: Natacha Posted at 19:12 04/12/2004
Teesha i have to agree with you completely! the place is fantastic but the people do make the stay what it is! i was there for 2 weeks which was still not long enough! i want to say thanx to roberto, lenny and danni but youre all so cool! i cant see how anyone could not rave about this place! i will be going again for another two weeks in August and cannot wait!
Author: Zan Posted at 7:14 03/18/2004
you must go to this hotel it is very nice staff is freindly highly recomended by members of the group Aventura.
Author: love this hotel Posted at 12:14 02/18/2004
to the perosn who is expecting a fruit baskett or whatever, seriously ur arrogant. how can you post something soooo rude. be proud of yourself not expect others to come groveling to your feet because you helped. i think your really rude for not only posting that btu actually taking the time to think about what you should get, YOUR GREADY. obviously ur help was appreciated how do u go and write your address and everything hoping for a thankyou letter or somthing. if i was the managment of bahia principe i would laugh in your arrogant face!
Author: laura Posted at 0:44 02/14/2004
Bahia Principe *ROCKS*...Wow I have the best time ever when I stayed at this resort. I was only there for one week and that was definately NOT enough time at all.. I had tears in my eyes the day I left becuase I had so much fun that I didnt want to leave. The place is gorgeous with so many things to do that you will never be bored. The beach is beautiful and the water is always warm. The food was ~Awesome~ and there was always so much variety. The staff was the best part of the trip I would have to say.. They Make the trip what it is. They work so hard to make your trip wonderful and they really do.They are all so friendly and SO Funny, and they are willing to do anything to make your stay enjoyalbe. They have activities for everyone to do everyday! You can take dance lessons (Which are *Wicked*). The shows are nite are so fun to watch..(Good Dancers) and the dance n show in the street after is *Awesome*. Later you can go to the Disco Tech!! Which is *Wicked*. I love to dance and I just had a blast in there. I would like to say a HUGE thanxs to *Spaghetti* n *Jose*..U GUYS ROCK!!!! n all the other staff that made my trip so ~Amazing~. I miss you all and I can't wait to come back in January next year! I've been couting the dayz. U ROCK BAHAI PRINCIPE!!... Love Teesha~...Dominican Boyz Rule!!:P
Author: Letitia Posted at 19:28 01/21/2004
I think it is great what your husband didat this resort however, I feel that you should all feel happy with coming out of that situation alive and well. I don't think one should do something so heroic and EXPECT something in return. You should be happy with the outcome and feel good about yourselves for what you did!
Author: Shirley Posted at 21:14 08/11/2003

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