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SuperClubs Breezes

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Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 08/23/2003



Stayed at Breezes May 06, Dominican is a beautiful island & with fantastic weather & picture book beaches. As for Breezes the hotel caters very well for its clintel. The hotel is very large with a massive changeover of guests on a daily basis, the entertainment staff do their best to work against the apathy of the sun worshipers & try to keep all ages entertained all day long, but it can get a bit Butlins like at times. The restauraunt food is well presented but a bit samey after the first 5 days, the al acarte restauraunts are not what they seem. No matter what time you are booked to eat or you plans for the evening you are tied to the restaurant for 2 hours no matter what & nothing you can do will shorten your time. The so called disco is aimed at the locals with the music played spanish and American orientatation little emphasis on european music (painfully too much base & treble as well). The hotel boasts a 4 + star rating, this may be by Dominican standards but more like a basic 3 star in reality. All this said the hotel is adequate, the island is resort is beautiful & a wonderful time can be had as long as you keep control of what you want & do not be fobbed off by staff or other guests (do not take no for an answer when you want something, & don't be afraid to complain), but be constructive.
Author: L Thurlow Posted at 4:58 06/5/2006

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