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Casa Marina Reef

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City: Sosua Contact: Value for money: Excellent
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Myself, my husband, two children (12 & 14 yrs) our friends, husband & wife and child (10yrs) all stayed at the Casa Marina Reef at the beginning of August 2003 and had a wonderful time. The entertainment staff were absolutely brilliant, where they got their energy from I will never know. The restaurant staff by and large were polite and friendly, several stood out as being excellent embassadors for the Hotel. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to coming again. Only one thing upset us at the time and that was seeing an American family, the husband of which was carrying a gun in his shorts, this I felt was totally unnecessary and unnerved us quite considerably, but I am pleased to say that he appeared to be the only one. I could not see any reason that this would need to be used at any time, after all, he was on holiday and no one would have caused such a threat to necessitate carrying such a weapon. This however will not put us off in the future, we were just saddened that people feel the need to carry such things. As you may gather we are from England and this is not our way, though guns are carried by a minority of people here too.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 09/17/2003



Check it Check it rewind. The Dominican Republic is tuff blud!! I blasped out a shark with a left jab to the nose!!! How hench am I?
I went with my homies from the bad streets of Brookyln. Rapper/Gangsters.
Peace Out....There ganja is tight bruv!!!!
Author: MC HEC Posted at 7:59 06/9/2005
I have just returned and i must say naked scuba diving with meat attached to you is the best also the naked ymca show was simply faboulos. Must say everyone has to go and try it. You will never forget a great night.
Author: James Smithson Posted at 7:45 06/9/2005
I got back from Peurto Plata, Dominican Republic last month! I had the most amazing time ever. The food was awsome, I was very experimental there! I tried things I never thought I would! The entertainment is great....even when you leave the resort, the clubs are so much fun! Thats all we did, went to the town and went clubbin! I'll never forget the times I got to spend with Paddy! He was so good to me, he took me for drives, showed me around town, took me to clubs! I had alot of fun with him. I'll never forget him, and to this day I talk to him via email! I already planned another trip to go back there in June 2005.
I would recommend this place to anyone that enjoys hot weather, good clubs, fun activities and alot of "GOOD NITES"!!!
Author: DeeDee Posted at 13:07 09/1/2004
I stayed at the Casa Marina Reef during 7-14 Feb 2004 and had an absolutely FANTASTIC time... The staff was friendly and accomodating, the food was plentiful and great and the entertainment was a real treat. I didn't realize that they had free shows for guests, so that made it very nice.

Sosua was an interesting place with alot of shops to browse through. My friend and I went to several places on the island. We stopped into Cabarete where, if you are a young person, or old person, the nightlife is awesome!!! the bars back right out onto the beach!

We used Mel's Tours just across from the hotel for our tour to Santo Domingo. What a trip that was! It didn't cost a whole lot, and I am not sure if we were dealing with Mel or not, but the fellow (all draped in gold like Mr T) was definately a pleasure to do business with. i have to be honest, I thought that perhaps he may have been shifty, but that is just not the case. We had booked a trip to Haiti but thank god the trip was cancelled due to a lack of interest (didn't realize the fighting had just broken out) and there was no problem in getting our money back.

I have been all over the place and I cannot stop talking about the DR. The people, although poor, are very proud and pleasant people. Unlike Mexico, I felt quite safe in the DR. Being a Canadian I am bilingual and if you are a French speaker, this is the place for you!...I hardly spoke English the entire time down there, unless of course I was talking with one of the many wonderful Europeans or Americans I met down there.

One last thing... I mentioned to friends that I thought it was strange that I hadn't seen a cockroach... Never think of it, because as soon as I thought it, one was crawling up my chest on my dress as I was standing in between the buffet and the Italian restaurant. Nothing out of the ordinary given the heat and humidity, but it is something I can laugh about now. The hotel is clean and well maintained (I am quite picky about that).
Author: Katherine Krenn Posted at 15:59 08/13/2004
my boyfriend and i returned from casa marina beach last wednesday and to be perfectly honest we couldn't wait to get home! dont get me wrong, the hotel accommodation, food and entertainment was great but what let the hotel down was the absolute incompetence of the bar staff and hotel management. We ended up submitting an eight page customer report form to our holiday rep, who at best was incompetent on many aspects of her job herself. and are currently awaiting a reply and hopefully some sort of compensation from the holiday company.

Another problem with this hotel are the so called "street vendors" that come into the hotel grounds every other night to sell their goods. What an absolute pain they were!!!!!! We found that we were constantly hassled by them and on one occasion what i can only call an "assault" took place on my person when they thrust an unwanted bracelet upon my wrist and cajoled me into buying it. This i did not do and we made our hasty escape. Night after night we had to "run the gauntlet" just to be able to get to the bar to get a drink.

Then when we eventually made it to the bar we had to wait an age to finally get served. The bar staff (especially at the Sunset Bar - but with the exception of the bar tender at the bar near the whirlpools) were hopeless. If you didn't speak Spanish you just didn't seem to matter. Weekends were a nightmare. The hotel management lets the local people into the hotel and therefore what chance do us non-Spanish speaking have then! We found that the general attitude of the staff in the main buffet restaurant at Beach at weekends declined and they seemed more interested in talking with locals, drinking from glasses left on tables and slopping food onto the floor(only for staff and hotel guests to walk through!). They made us feel very unwelcome and as a consequence we felt like 2nd class citizens.

I know this sounds like we had an awful time but to be honest we didn't. During the daytime the hotel staff and grounds were marvellous (with the exception of those damn Club Vacation people!!!!) it was when the sun went down or when the weekend came upon us that standards slipped. The entertainment staff during the day and night were fantastic and in the heat of the Caribbean it is amazing how they find the energy to keep going all day. We went on a couple of good trips during our stay..... Monster Truck Safari and Encounter with Dolphins. Both were fantastic and well worth the money. The dolphins were amazing and i really wanted to bring one home.

I have been to the Dominican Republic twice before, once to the North and another to the South. I must say that the hotels in the South of the island are much more superior and grand than the hotels in the North, and for only a fraction more money. My advice to anyone wanting to go to the Dom.Rep. is save up and splash out on at least a 4* plus hotel because you really will get value for money. However, if you do fancy the Casa Marina Beach/Reef please just be prepared for some of the oddities I have mentioned above and i am sure you will have a wonderful time.
Author: annonymous Posted at 9:46 09/26/2003

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