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Barcelo Naiboa

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Juan Dolio Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Horrible Decor: Horrible Service: Horrible
Would just like to say that I would not recommend this place to anyone not even my worst enemy.
This place has definitely seen better days. The rooms and I mean all the rooms have leaky bathrooms. I even had a flood in my room a pipe from the toilet broke. They change me to another room that had faulty air conditioning It was not at all good. The telephones in the rooms have bad reception because the cords are all stripped you lose your connection. If you should receive a call you can forget about getting a message. the clerks at the front desk take the messages but you never get them and the person calling can't leave a message on the phone because they don't work. I mean what is the point of having this place open. I have been to the DR a million times and like to try different places and enjoy repeat performances, but I must say they should just put a pad lock on the gate and call it a day. They advertise cable television, not so, you can bearly see the channels they do have. All in all the place is a nightmare.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 09/19/2003



I stayed at this hotel for 5 nights and the first night was a nightmare. We got there at 9pm and the only room they claimed to have available (and we made reservations way ahead of time) was on the first floor with no view out the balcont except some bushes. The rooms air cinditioner didnt work properly and the entire room, even the bed sheets, were MOIST and DAMP. The TV had about 8 channels and half the time was fuzzy. The bathroom had a leak. The next morning we had to fight with the reception desk to get a better room. They also claimed we only paid for 4 nights when in fact we paid for five. I had a family member from NY fax our reservation confirmation to prove we paid for 5 nights. The front desk claimed they never received the fax, even though the family member did so 7 different times! The food and drink are all inclusive, but the food was horrible! I was afraid to eat most of it. There were flys lingering on the desert table on top of the cakes. Also, keep in mind, this resort is in the middle of NOWHERE. All around you is highway, trees, and more trees. So if you want to go into town and experience some culture and natives, get ready to pay 30.00 dolloars for a taxi. The only good points of the hotel was the ocean, which was beautiful, but the waves are strong on that prat of the island and there is no lifeguard on the beach, so be careful! Also, if you are American, realize you will be the odd man out at this resort. Most visitors were German and Spainards. Being it was my first time in DR, I didnt know better and chose this resort off of b/c they have a good rating for it. But don't be fooled. This hotel is NOT a 4, 3 or even 2 star resort. Looks good on the outside, BAD NEWS on the inside! Beware :(
Author: Donna Posted at 6:45 02/28/2004
I've had better service in a brothel!! I feel the owner should at least had the courtesy to give me a reach around. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!
Author: matt hall Posted at 10:42 01/5/2004
Last august wen stay at Barcelo Naiboa this hotel is all inclusive, but the rooms are verry bat and the food was the same and not good. for a four star hotel.

when you arive you can see outside 4 star hotel but they have to remove all teh four star. it is so bad the aicondation don't work, we coud;t take a normaly bad, the water pressur was to low.
we pay to much for staying at this hotel. the manager director adn barcelo company have to close this hotel imediately and renovated. to a normaly and good service four star hotel.

Author: J. Franca Posted at 8:56 10/19/2003

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