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Holiday Village Golden Beach

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Our party of 22 have just returned home after 14 nights at the Holiday village golden beach resort in puerto plata. I have never been so pleased to be home after a holiday than i was after this vacation. We were there for a wedding but this didnt take place till the following week.
To be fair my first impressions were ok partly because when you arrive you are greeted with a glass of fruit punch it's a nice touch,then off to your room. we stayed in 33-3 which was a room with two double beds side by side it's clean n tidy but basic.
you have to be careful with the food we found flies beside the salad,I had read some reviews on here before so was prepared and i have to say that some of the negative points were spot on.
The food in the main restaurant looks good and there is a good choice we all took care in what we ate but in the two weeks we were there ALL of us got sick and there was also other couples we spoke too who had fallen foul, Now it's quite possible that there was a bug on the plane and it went round the camp, but i must say that this seems to happen all too often it's not like it happens once in a blue moon? anyway my wife is going to write to First Choice to let them know how she feels. Another thing that annoyed me was this All Inclusive Nonesense it's hardly that if you have to pay extra for branded whiskey,ice lollies for the kids and tins of red bull ($4) your also charged to play football. 80% of the overworked staff are great although there are a few who i felt had an attitude problem.
The shops in the resort are a rip off with the locals harrassing you for business wherever you go although if you tell them your not interested they do leave you in peace i resent having to do this 40 times a day.
Even on the beautiful beach the women are waiting to hassle you into getting your hair braided.
the guy's from the flea market walk down to the beach front and try to persuade you to buy from them.
anyway i'm off to calm down a bit. This review may sound like sour grapes and that i'm just hard to please but it's not. I'm quite easily pleased but it's hard to relax on holiday when for 10 out of 14 days you have a dodgy tum.
I would not recommend the Dominican republic to anyone.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 07/23/2008



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