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Casa Blanca Hotel

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Cabarete Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Above average Decor: Horrible Service: Horrible
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/1/2009



Looks like the discussion moved over here.
Author: bill Posted at 20:28 09/5/2010
this is highly entertaining. someone please post something else.
Author: mark Posted at 7:55 08/13/2010
I am curious...knowing what I know of William Oosterman, is it possible that his hotel is the same as the one cited in a recent news story about a group of Baptists who kidnapped a bunch of orphaned Haitian children and attempted to take them across the border to a hotel in the Dominican Republic?
Author: J_Brisby Posted at 13:54 02/1/2010
This has all been very interesting reading to say the least! Strangely, my experience has been quite the opposite:

This is my second year here at the Casa Blanca. In 2008, I came for the jazz festival, and "telecommuted" to my job using the hotel's WiFi service. Barring the usual hiccups due to brief power outages, I personally had no issues. They were so concerned about providing their guests with internet access, that they allowed me to fix a couple of minor glitches in their network to improve service to their guests. As far as accommodations were concerned, I couldn't have been more pleased with their personal attention to my comfort and needs.

This year I am back for three months, and I have brought a significant amount of technology with me. Like Mr. Green, my livelihood is dependant on the internet. I was given an outstanding long-term rate on a comfortable room. I paid upfront, which was perfectly fine with me, and when the WiFi signal turned out to be a bit too weak for my needs, Mr. Oosterman added another access point just like that.

I can't comment on the statements made by Mr. Green because I was not here then; but, his experience with Mr. Oosterman is 100% the opposite of mine, and I am quite sure we are talking about the same person.

Interesting how two people can have opposite experiences in the same scenario. Unless Mr. Oosterman is a psychopath (and I pretty sure he's not), then I can only speculate that Mr. Green's own karma precipitated such an ugly mess.

To the person who believes that all the Travel Advisor reviews are fake: I can assure you that the one from "scoobadiver" is not. I didn't have to write a review at all, and I certainly didn't have to stay here again.

An interesting observation: Mr. Oosterman's livelihood is dependant on the internet as well; for bookings and for managing his websites. He could no more tolerate being "disconnected" anymore than Mr. Green could. Personally, I run two networked laptops locally, an a/v editing studio, two remote-controlled US-based servers, and have 3 digital telephone lines, all running off his connection. How much speed could Mr. Green possibly need out here in paradise?

Could it be that "one reaps what they sow"?

Author: scoobadiver Posted at 20:28 10/28/2009
William Oosterman was a Pastor at Westboro Baptist Church in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and he was fired, a man of ill-repute. These criticisms are all of a piece with his reputation or lack of it as a delinquint Pastor.
Author: Dave Posted at 23:40 08/21/2009
I guess my new place isn't that bad after all.

William just dropped off 2 of his hotel guests (I guess he overbooked). This is how he described it a few weeks ago (see previous post):

"He is not the type of guest we usually attract and he has moved to a lower class area where he belongs."

I wonder if he is going refund his clients the difference in what he charges for his 5 star hotel and what he must be paying for these lower class accomidations.
Author: Tomas2 Posted at 11:08 02/24/2009
Author: William Oosterman Posted at 20:34 01/13/2009
Author: William Oosterman Posted at 20:18 01/13/2009
Author: Tomas2 Posted at 14:06 01/13/2009
Life is full of choices. I choose to believe the client's story more than the hotel owner because he is the same man who claims to be a pastor on the forums and no pastor would speak like that. No pastor will call people names like he does. If he is not a true pastor and he claims to be then he is a liar and if he is a liar then I don't believe the defense he has posted here and the Trip Advisor reviews are all faked by him and that shows another level of dishonesty on his part. If the hotel owner is such a wonderful man like it is stated in all the Trip Advisor reports then why did he just get fired from his real estate job in Cabarete? I don't believe a word from his lips or fingers.
Author: B.Batista Posted at 13:52 01/13/2009
Author: William Oosterman Posted at 13:00 01/12/2009
Author: Tomas2 Posted at 23:04 01/4/2009

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