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Royal suites turquesa by Palladium

Rating: Excellent Phone: +18 092 210719 Website:
Location: East Coast Fax: +18 092 210819 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Above average
Arrival: January 23 - 30
Air transat, 1.5 hours late leaving YYZ but we made up 40 minutes in the air. Very comfortable flight on an A310-300. Private transfer was prearranged by Bronly from IBK Servicios and we were at the resort within 30 minutes and an hour ahead of the bus.

Room 5148, third floor facing the ocean, very clean and comfortable Junior Suite. Room had lots of towels and condiments at all times. Service from the maid was excellent, we did try the Butler service and got new pillows promptly but we were a couple of days getting a complimentary bottle of rum, not a big deal. We did make reservations for any a la cartes we used, with these we got right in ahead of lineups of other guests.

Restaurants and Bars:
All restaurants we attended were very good, Royal Gourmet was a bit slower service but food was quite good. Mare Nostrum as usual was very good. We tried the new Brazilian, good food but way too much meat. Buffets were also quite good, always an excellent selection of foods.

Beach,pools and grounds were all in excellent very clean condition. Royal Suites pool was scheduled for a new paint job in June 2009 but this posed no problems for our group.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Steve's bar for the meet and greet was very successful with over 70 tourists showing up and lots of donations for the schools and orphanage.

Other Comments:
A great resort, our 5th visit and definitely will be returning. We had a young couple with us who are getting marrried in November 2009, we arranged trips for them to the Majestic, Iberostars, Occidental and the Riu complexes. After their meetings with the different wedding co-ordinators they have decided to be married at the Palladium.


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Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/1/2009



You say you are not "complainers" but this all sounds to me like a lot of fussing over minor things. The weather, as you said, could not be helped and much of your troubles seemed to be due to that. I was supprised to read at the end that you were not wealthy people because the way you complained about such small things made you sound like finiky persnickety people. It also suprised me because if you know anything about being in and growing up in economically tight situations you could only imagine that strain multiplied by 5. The Dominican Republic is not a wealthy country. Period. But it is very rich in charm, culture, and hospitality. If you would have stepped outside of your negative bubble you might have been able to realize that contracting jobs don't always get completed on time. Unfortunate but hey, you were at one of the most beautiful beached in the world. Who cares about a pool? Sometimes wait staff have to juggle 20 things in their mind at once and may occasionally get a plate wrong. What's your rush? You're on vacation!
As for the flooding, trust me, it was just as bad for the hotel as it was for you. It's not like they would purposely want their rooms to flood, nor could they have done much about it except for what they did; offer you towels. I agree that they could have been more gracious and offered you umbrellas. Bottom line, you were in a foreign country, this was probably happening with all the resorts, and you could have done a much better job rolling with the punches.
Author: Meli Posted at 19:59 07/16/2009
Author: kd403 Posted at 23:04 05/29/2009

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