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Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort (Caribe)

Rating: Average Phone: 1 809 6865797 Website:
Location: East Coast Fax: 1 809 6865859 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: punta cana Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Excellent
We spent a week at this resort. The resort is 5 combined properties (Caribe, Beach, Golf, Casino and Palace). The resort is rated as a 4* on many websites.. but is probably a 3.5), the Palace is the 5* property. When staying other than the Palace you have access to food and shows at 4 resorts. If you are at the Palace you can use all 5 properties.

The beach is phenomenal, this was our first trip... and I was amazed. There were 3 moms and 4 teenage girls - we had a great time. We booked parasailing (35), bananna boat (10), snorkling (15) for 1.5 hour tour. There were lots of activities by the pool and on the beach... did I mention the beach was awesome. There were always chairs - in the late afternoon you had to look around for some and pull them to where your group was sitting... but we always found 4 or 5.

The Caribe is an older property and yes the rooms are tired.. apparently it is scheduled for renovations next year. The maids, security, bartenders, front desk.. staff were all wonderful - take lots of 1.00 bills and give them out to the staff.. they work long days and they are always smiling.

The food was ok.. we were never hungry. Variety of a la cartes and no reservations were required. We waited 30 minutes for the steak house and it was worth it - fantastic food - the best on the resort. The Mexican was good but we did not like the Italian at all. The breakfast buffet was excellent... fresh squeezed orange, watermelon and pinepple juice.. great omlets, pastries and crossants.... service was great... Buffet at the beach resort was the best for supper..... again.. you will never go hungry... great pizza and hot dogs...

The beach bar located at the end of the beach by caribe section has a bartender (juan) - he is great... made the best pina coladas and bananna mamas with "banannas.... he was my favorite.. the shrimp is great at the beach grill ---- Now up at the Palace they had lobster at the beach grill. There was table service on the beach by the caribe grill -- remember give out those 1.00 bills...

We left money in our mini bar and a note and money on our bed, and a note.... include your room number on the note so there is never any question that the money or small gifts are intended for the maids... Each room has a maid and someone who does the mini bar.... We translated the notes before we left.. we had two rooms.

The toilet in our room broke and they fixed it within a half an hour... our shower leaked, so we threw a towel on the floor... we just needed to adjust the shower head so it did not hit the big deal. There was no screen on our patio door - but oh well.... we had satellite tv.. with a few english stations... we got friends/seinfeld - but we were not there for tv... wireless internet was 25.00 for 24 hours and you had 6 days to use the 24 hours... this was great we had a laptop and 4 teenage girls with us... they had to keep in touch with home.

The shows were ok.. the teenage girls like them. The entertainers would get them up dancing.. and made a big deal over them....the show at the casino resort is a dance show... drinks have to be purchased (2.00 for a beer/presidente).

Our mini bar was stocked really well with extra on the floor - 3.00 and a little note:) It was Presidente, a really good beer if you like beer. Similar to Coors/Labatts...

Market is up the beach by the Palace... be prepared to haggle with the sellers.. they will call you "my family, my friend".. you should pay 1/2 or a little less of what they first tell you...

My daugher had her hair braided (30), very nice women... but they were so tight she had to take them out after a day.... so be mindful of that and explain not too tight...

There was a bit of a language barrier.. but smiles... hola/gracious get you a long way... the people are very friendly.

I might try a different resort when I go again.. just because the rooms were a bit old and I think food might be better somewhere else... that said... maybe I would just go to the Palace property because for the price we paid (1300 cdn) it was well worth it.

I found some of the other tourists to be very rude.. not sure what country they were from... and I can't stress enough a vacation is what you make it and the beach is beautiful and the staff are wonderful.

Oh yah, the pool bar at the Caribe was very active while we were there, late into the evenings with mostly young people and a few older... we sat out there each night and enjoyed the sights....and the beverages... Our girls were free to go play bball and sightsee (on resort) during the day but at night they stayed with us... not because of staff but because of the younger (spring breakers).

Just thinking about the service and the beach makes me smile.... I would love to be back there now!!!

Bring bug spray, snacks, sunscreen (45), after sun, after bite and toilettries - very expensive on resort....

This was our first trip to DR so I really do not have much to compare to other than reviews I have read about this property adn others. So it probably is average to those who have been to others in Punta Cana... but the staff were just wonderful.... I am from Canada and the other tourists who were from Canada seemed to be the most friendly..... Oh yah... remember your tim mug or another insulated travel mug.. to keep those drinks cold... Enjoy your trip...
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 03/27/2009



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