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Duque de Wellington

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: Santo Domingo Fax: E-Mail:
City: Santo Domingo Contact: Miguelina - Hotel Manager Value for money: Above average
Food: Above average Decor: Average Service: Excellent
This is truly a gay hotel that is great for the single gay male. The lobby and front of the hotel is always full of hung, young Dominican male hustlers/escorts at a reasonable rate of $25USD (at the time 50 Dominican Pesos in December 2002). Go to the beach for the morning in Boca Chica one hour way and work on your tan. Come back and bring a friend for a shower and some hot latino afternoon delight. The rooms are about $80 USD a night with a/c, cable television, balconies, table with chairs on the blacony, friendly reception lobby with chairs and sofas where the guests and Dominican escorts sit and chat. Italian restaurant next to the lobby and a small service bar in the lobby where they can serve you drinks, cocktails, beer, wine, etc...
They were beginning on a outdoor swimming pool when I left in December 2002. There are about 25-30 rooms and the $80 price is for the largest suite with balcony. The staff is incredibly accepting and make you feel at home always. I am returning in Jan 2004 for 10 days...cannot wait to get back. The dominican men were more than handsome!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 10/21/2003



Does anyone happen to have any video's with Duque Wellington that your able to burn for me. I can not find any videos on him and the one's I wanted will not deliver to my address. Please help.
Author: dancertx Posted at 1:35 05/18/2011
O. G. Johnson is best in "Nightlflight", especially the final scene. His dick is something to behold; easily 9 inches long!
Author: Fred Posted at 11:54 04/21/2008
I get all hot and bothered thinking about Dominican men. Damn HOT and beautifully HUNG.
Author: Fred Posted at 11:51 04/21/2008
I have to agree about Dominican men; they are the hottest in the world. I have jacked off over Pornstar O.G. Johnson many times. But even better was Octavio Fermin, a Dominican man I had incredible sex with over the course of two days. His cock was 9 beautiful uncut thick inches. I sucked it until he shot his hot load down my throat. I swallowed every drop. Then he fucked me until I saw stars. My God he was the hottest man on earth. Handsome as hell and beautifully hung. He yelled in Spanish when he climaxed. He had a thick accent, too. Unbelievably hot man. Truly "BIGGER, LONGER, UNCUT".
Author: Fred Posted at 3:05 10/16/2005
Ricky porque das una promocion que no vas a cumplir. Compre la pelicula Anaconda hacen mas 2 meses y todavia no me llega. como tu das una promocion falsa yo dare la promocion correcta. Att: Ariel
Author: Ariel Posted at 19:23 10/6/2005
Thank you for your commnet on my country and just to prove fact to your posting(s) I am living proof of your saying for I am The Porn Star Ricky Martinez (Mr anaconda, Mr 12x9) winner of the 2005 grabby and avn awards do a yahoo or google search for porn star ricky martinez and you will see that we dominican men are really a great and always a fun treat if ever in sin city (Las Vegas Nevada) look me Much Love Always Ricky........
Author: Ricky Martinez Posted at 5:28 06/2/2005

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