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Jack Tar Village

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City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Average Service: Excellent
I returned from a wonderful vacation at Jack Tar Village on October 18, 2003. There were two couples in our group. We travelled with SunWing Vacations (Red Seal) from Toronto.

The flight and transfer to the hotel went smooth. When we arrived at the hotel and we were the only four people checking in. We were somewhat disappointed with the fact that we did not even get a welcome drink. However, we arrived at 11:30 and only had to wait one hour for our room.

Now to the good stuff... our first service experience was at the pool bar - excellent service! Very friendly and efficient! This quality of service continued throughout the entire week.

The food was very good. The buffet was not elaborate however, the food was quite good. Breakfast was always excellent with a choice of waffles, french toast, etc. The gentleman at the egg station, I think the name was Delsicio, was superb! We could use employees like that here in Canada.

The Pizza restaurant/Caribbean Grill was by far the best we experienced with both food and service. The Pizzas were Fantastico!

The Italian was a little stuffy. We love fine dining but the Dominican people are so nice that to have them serve you with such formality took away from their personalities. The food was quite good.

The Beach Grill had the best location and view, obviously. We had Geronamo (could be spelt wrong) as our server both nights that we ate there. After the first night, he would see us at the resort and could remember all four names... and mine is unusual (Cavell). The food here was very good - no complaints. Just remember if you order the beef to be specific about how you want it cooked. I used color as a reference and that seemed to work. Although everyone at this resort speaks English well, the perception of what you mean can be misunderstood.

The beach was beautiful. Not white sand but very fine and no worries about cutting your feet on coral or rocks. We didn't even wear sandals to enter the Ocean. There were ample lounge chairs at all times.

Service at all the bars was excellent.

The nightly entertainment was excellent with the exception of Karaoke. That had nothing to do with the resort - we just didn't have a lot of good performers staying there.

We went deep sea fishing, outback safari, and golfing. We booked our excursions through Manwell (spelling??) on the beach. He is very good and the prices were quite reasonable. The golfing was a little expensive but I received a great lesson from my Caddie, Charlie. We caught four Maui Maui on the fishing trip and had two of them filleted. We took one fillet to the beach grill and had them prepare it for our lunch - excellent! The other three we gave to Manwell. The Outback Safari was a lot of fun as well. We paid the extra and took our own jeep.

We also went in to Puerto Plata one evening for lobster and steak dinner. Manwell picked us up at the beach and took us to town in his own vehicle. He recommended the restaurant which was fantastic. We then sat at an outdoor patio and watched the baseball game and drank beer with all the locals. Later in the evening we went to a disco. Overall a great experience.

They have lots of activities at the pool to keep you busy and the quite pool is a great place to meet and get to know some of the other vacationers.

The rooms are very nice and clean. No complaints.

I would definitely recommend this hotel.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 10/23/2003



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