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Tropical Casa Laguna

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City: Cabarete Contact: Value for money: Below average
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We stayed first 2 weeks December. We had 6 days continuous rain, very disappointing.
We had tummy bug for last 10 days - either from the water (although we drank bottled water) or from the food.
I had severe ear infection after snorkelling in the sea.
We were eaten alive by mossies despite insect repellent.
Other than that, we had a few enjoyable days and the local people are happy and friendly. But, we won't be going there again.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/16/2003



i wnt to this hotel in december 2006 and i think that everyone is being a bit harsh about it, i thought that the hotel was quite decent for a 3 star and yes the food was not that great but the staff were all lovely especially the entertainments team who i loved and would love to see again but then again they were mostly male and i am a 16 year old girl ! i loved it and cant wait to go back again
Author: ? Posted at 6:55 03/14/2007
tropical casa laguna was a fantastic hotel! the food was good and the entertainment was out of this world! nandito, adam, sexy boy and ricado made the holiday so enjoyabe! we will be going back! whoever posted the bad comments- fuck you, because everything was fine!
Author: michael Posted at 5:22 05/5/2006
Author: Cara Posted at 9:50 04/17/2006
I have just returned from two weeks at the Tropical Casa Laguna and the best holiday ever. Our room was what we expected from a 3 star but it was clean and fully equiped with air con, fridge and hairdryer.
We found the food delicious, plenty of local produce and tasty dishes. We ate loads of fresh pineapple and watermelon everyday. If you're expecting egg and chips then the Carribean probably isnt for you.
The pool and gardens were stunning. There was a gardener every day keeping it tidy. The main pool was attached to the bar so you could sip cocktails in the pool!!! The sister hotel was just across the road and right on the beach which was also lovely.
We found all the staff to be extremely friendly and pleasant. The entertainment staff are eager to get you involved in activities but accept and polite 'no thankyou'. The beach is beautiful and a must see to appreciate the fact you are in the carribean. The breeze is also welcome as it is very hot.
I was very sad to leave this place and would definately go back. Dont be put off by the bad reviews, you'll love it.
Author: louise Jones Posted at 15:35 03/23/2006
Hi, myself and my girlfriend have just returned from the tropical casa laguna beach hotel. we went the last 2 weeks in may '05, although the weather was brill the hotel was anything but. the food in the hotel was very repetative and not a lot to choose from and it wasnt that good either. myself and my girlfriend had diarrhea for the first 10 days of the holiday and although we complained it didnt come to much. the entertainment in the hotel is very, very poor it is supplied by there own staff and only lasts 1h30mins then thats it there is nothing else to do cos the bar shuts at 11pm. also if you go to the beach you are approached all the time by locals trying to sell things and the hotel dont give a damn. if you are going to this hotel i would definetly try and get a change before you went, because you will not enjoy it.
Author: chris Posted at 9:02 06/8/2005
hi, having read all these reports I am quite worried, however these reports are form last year. we are going to this hotel in Aug this year, has anyone been this year, is there any good reports for this year. thanks
Author: Judith Posted at 10:20 05/11/2005
Author: Steph Posted at 7:55 02/3/2005
I just want to warn people who would be interested by the Tropical Casa Laguna Hotel (Cabarete), don't go to this hotel because there is a big problem of hygiene there! The half part of the customers had diarrheas or urinary infections because of the water they drunk at the hotel! In the two restaurants the food stayed outside during hours and hours, there was flys who walked on it and even sometimes birds, it was really disgusting! Moreover, the room wasn't very clean, for example there was hair tuft in the corner of the bathroom. Perhaps you know that every customer could ask the board of health report of the hotel, but the manager gave us several stupid reasons for not to showing us these reports (computer problems etc...), it was really shocking!
Please, excuse me for the mistakes in english
Marie C. from France
Author: Carpentier Posted at 5:13 09/17/2004
I think I must have been to a different place than all these other people!

I had a wonderful holiday at Tropical Casa Laguna Beach hotel. We went during easter 2004 and had a lovely time.
We stayed in the superior rooms overlooking the beach. At first we were put in one of the back rooms but after a quick chat to the hotel staff they changed us to the front without hesitation.

The beach was lovely and although there were a lot of jewellry sellers a firm but friendly 'no thank you' was all it took before they left you to your sun bathing! The beach was the nicest one I've ever been to, clean sand and warm water.

We went across the road to the part of the hotel that wasn't on the beach. This seemed just as nice as our hotel and was only two minutes walk from the beach. The pool here was really nice including a bar which went out onto the pool so you could sit in the water and have drink.

All the staff at the hotel were really friendly and made our holiday a really enjoyable one. The food was lovely, one of the highlights being the daily fresh pineapple!

We did some scuba diving during our holiday at near by Sosua beach, another highlight of the holiday. Here was a massive market (although all the shops appeared to sell similar things) where we had fun bartering with the locals and drinking coconut milk on the beach.

The only disappointment of the holiday is that we had two days of rain, so make sure you research the climate before you decide what time of year to go. But we spent these day in the waves which were still warm!

For our first holiday together and one to remember for all the right reasons!

Author: Vicky and Dale Posted at 12:12 05/5/2004
me and my husband and 2 brothers went here on the 15-3-04 we was really looking forward 2 it ecpecially my brothers as it was there 1st holiday
in ages.We found the rooms okay as u r not going 2 spend yr holiday sitting in the room.The 1st night went without any stress but as the wk wore on the food got worse and worse we noticed that the night before food u got the nxt day also lunch time food mixed in with the eveing food it was the same every day,so in the end we all had bad stomach and kept running 2 the loo.The outside bar staff was useless they did not now how 2 make a drink,and they tried not 2 serve u if they could and disapeare every opertunty they could and they were rude,the best bit is the intertaiment well
iv never been so bored in all my life it was the same music night after night
i dont now wear they was dug up frm and the acts well, wear so stupid,all the male staff there was only intrested in the young girls they was not there 4 the holiday makers.Please any1 avoid this place u will not like it.
Author: jackie Posted at 13:27 04/8/2004
IWe were met on arrival by our rep Vicky, who was efficient and helpful throughout. Several drop-offs were made to other places before our turn came. As our coach approached our destination Vicky said she thought we'd chosen the best place for a holiday, describing the other locations as more like 'Butlins'. She explained there were two sites to our chosen holiday base, either the Tropical Beach Club, or the Tropical Casa Laguna, and our allocation was written on our welcome pack. The family next to us had the Beach Club side - 'you'll probably have a 'Superior' room then,' Vicky explained to them. We were on the Laguna side. My husband joked that if they had the superior room, then perhaps we had the building site. He was, unfortunately, spot on, but more on that later.

The coach dropped us on the main road which turned out to be the barrier separating the two sites - and an effective barrier it turned out to be. Although it was narrow, it was the main road through Cabarete for all sorts of vehicles, from the constantly peeping and revving motorcycles to the roaring trucks and coaches. At regular intervals flat beds trucks laden with industrial-sized speakers would pass, blaring music and advertisements at full blast. On top of this, there seemed to be no restrictions on vehicle emissions - the road seemed to be shrouded in a constant fog of carbon monoxide exhaust fumes. Also, it seems there is no legal requirement to be a safe driver in the Dominican Republic. This road was a death trap and it was this was the road we had to cross in order to get to the restaurant for all our meals, and to the beach.

You can imagine then my horror at discovering that our room overlooked this main road on one side, and nothing but another apartment's balcony on the other. The noise was cacophonous. I immediately went down to ask for a room swap, only to find I was in a queue behind several other complainers. I asked for a room on the beach side, facing away from the road. At first we were told it would cost us an extra US$6 a day per person (for three of us). Considering we were going to be here for a fortnight, I thought, I was prepared to pay the money for the guarantee of a restful holiday. Unfortunately though, another unhappy family managed to get their 'yes' in before we did; that was the last room available there. The next best thing they said, was a room swap on site, but it wouldn't be available until Friday. This was Sunday. That night was a nightmare of blaring horns and loud music - from dusk til dawn. The next day I managed to get some ear plugs which thankfully muffled the noise, albeit with some discomfort. The room, mercifully, had air-conditioning: sadly it made the noise of a roaring engine. Without it the room was sweltering. Switched on it was the lesser of two evils. Every night until 11pm, the 'entertainment' roared on relentlessly, the same routines, the same music, night after night, with the music switched to maximum. Even with the ear plugs, the bass penetrated with a rhythmic thudding. (Eventually, when the second room became avaliable, I went to inspect it. It had signs of heavy damp...better the devil you know I decided and stuck with the dry room - at least dry for now...)

On the third night, unable to sleep, I sat reading at 3.30am. My attention was diverted from the book though by a large flying insect which crossed my line of vision. It turned out to be a flying cockroach. It wasn't difficult to find out how it had got in; the gap under the front door was about an inch, and the frames didn't fit properly. The venetian slats in the windows failed to close properly. It was only scrunched-up towels and a hastily-purchased can of 'RAID' (hopefully safe for use around pregnant women) which prevented us from constant invasion. Even these precautions though could not protect us from the next invader.

During the second week we were unfortunate enough to have to endure torrential rain storms. These - though hardly the travel company Thomson's fault, led to even more problems.Outside our door was a communal balcony which turned out to be something of a rain trap. Eventually, with nowhere else to go, the pool of rainwater found its way under our door - the scrunched up towels providing grossly inefficient protection. At least now we didn't have to cross the road to get to the swiming pool. Now it was indoors. The rain had other knock-on effects. On one occasion we were woken after 1pm by a loud engine roar. This was followed by the most pungent smell you can imagine. Braving the lagoon on the balcony we set out to find out what was going on. It seems the drains had collapsed under the torrent and the noise was some sort of drain clearing vehicle. The 'repairs' continued throughout the night. During the rains, the beach became a no-go area, with the wind and waves lashing violently. The only shelter was by the pool bar on the Casa Laguna side of the complex. That had problems of its own. The staff insisted on turning up the music to unbearable levels. We asked for this to be turned down on several occasions. We were ignored. (Incidentally, the bar staff were on the whole rude and ignorant). Eventually I took it upon myself to turn the music down. Sadly for me, the staff always turned it back up again. When the sun eventually reappeared, it was this unbearable music that forced people away from the pool. It was almost deserted. But then, there were other reasons to avoid the area.

When we first arrived at our complex, we went of to explore. The pool was abandoned and it was clear to see why - it was only yards from a loud and dangerous building site. A second pool was being built next to this one, and the contractors were clearly behind schedule if they were going to have it open by Christmas; hence the need to work on it from first sun until well into the night. The peaceful lagoon area was anything but, with guests having to shout to make themselves heard over the deafening music and grinding drills and banging hammers. By Christmas Eve though it was done, meaning my son could try out the new pool. It seems however, that it must have been unfinished. He cut his foot on the rough surface at the bottom of the pool.

So now to the biggest disappointment - the food. All inclusive sounded like a great idea. We'd had a couple of all inclusive holidays before and they were fine. We didn't expect gourmet cuisine - but neither did we expect the mostly inedible fare we were served meal after meal. The food was invariably overcooked, mostly tasteless and it was difficult to work out what it was we were actually eating. Plenty of it was familiar though - we recongnised it from the night before. The fruit and bread were covered in flies. The milk for the coffee came in lumps. I had already been advised to avoid the salad items because of my pregnancy. The cooked stuff was hardly safer. On many occasions, the plastic drinks cups smelled foul and unwashed. For the whole of the second week, we could not venture too far from our apartment as we all suffered from severe diarrhoea. Four days after returning, thankfully I am back to normal. Despite the all-inclusive nature of the holiday, we found we had to eat out often just to guarantee a square meal. All three of us returned home to find we had lost weight. In my condition, that is not welcome news.

Our enjoyment was also marred by the constant hassle from hawkers on the beach. Every conversation was interrupted by men selling cheap jewellery, women selling fruit and offering to braid hair, beggars, shoeshiners (please... on a beach?) and day-trip sellers. The sand was filthy thanks to cigarette butts and stray dogs. Plus we were plagued by biting insects of all kinds.

Avoid at all costs!
Author: angela campbell Posted at 15:49 01/3/2004

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