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Pinar Dorado

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City: Jarabacoa Contact: Value for money: Average
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This is a decent hotel in Jarabacoa. The staff was exceptional and the food was pretty good. Everyone was so friendly. The room was okay. The bed was good, if only a double. They have super water pressure and a great shower. The 4 ft deep pool was okay, but they didn't take the cleaning equipment out of it all day. We became the pool maintenance staff and removed the equipment ourselves. There was a lot of noise from motorcycles and big dump trucks on the road. In fact we found Jarabacoa full of big trucks and motorcycles, noise and fumes. Tropical Storm Odette had washed away the suspension bridges at Salto Jimenoa, so we hiked to Salto Baiguate instead. We found this to be a very easy hike and we were the only ones on the trail, which is paved all the way. The waterfall is very pretty and it was a pleasant walk. However, if you are looking for peace and quiet in the mountains, we recommend you go to Constanza instead of Jarabacoa.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/22/2003



jarabacoa is one of the niciest place anyone can experience!! jaracoa is known for its beautiful mountain viws,its beautiful womans,food,drinks,disco,hotels and their friendly people...if you go to jarabacoa don't forget to visit our river resorts...jarabacoa is just the best place to be!!!
Author: bella Posted at 14:22 11/21/2005

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