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Hacienda Tropical (Ramada)

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City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Average
Food: Average Decor: Horrible Service: Horrible
It was not veery much nice to say abouth this All Inclusive Hotel. We booked the hotel form the website. The price we got was very nice US$92 per night for two persons in a double, with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The problem started when we was trying too check inn to the hotel. They told me they did not have any reservation, even I had a print out off the reservation with their booking cinfirmation number and everything. They told med the price I had got was much lower then their lowest price and was not willimng to let us stay for the price that was on our booking confirmation. They could give us the key if we signed and unblanco VISA/MC draw. I am in businiss with creditcards and know that this is something you never shoud do. After about 40 minutes we got the key after we told them that we could pay full price for one night. The day after they still havent checked it up before noon. We asked several times. Abouth one o clock they told us that the confirmation was correct and we got the price that was on our confirmation. But they did not apologize for all the bullshit they told us last night. We even missed the dinner because of the trouble they gave us when we checked in. The rooms was bad standard. THe AC did not work. The TV did not work. THe hotell was a construcsen place, and will probenly be better next year. But I dont know if I ever will visit a RAMDA hotell after this. I Have stayed att RAMADA several times before , and it has been verry good. But this was realy BAD.
It was a OK beach at the hotel. Some rocks in the water but verry nice sandy beach. It was hust a five minutes walk to ocean world where it is possible to swim with dolpins.
We stayed at five differet resort in the DR and did get some know how about good and bad resorts!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/25/2003



I got food poisoning from eating tuna. no one cared!!!! Many people get food poisoning from that resort but the hotel always keeps it secret.
Author: Nathalia Posted at 16:51 03/2/2006
Just had to put in my two cents worth after reading a bunch of the comments about the Ramada Hacienda. Our family stayed in one of the villas from Dec.26, 2004 to Jan2, 2005 and had a wonderful experience. The staff was super friendly, the food was okay, no one got sick and the villa was so much fun with its own pool and our own maid for the week. Anyway, lots of stuff about the Dominican is all about attitude. Don't expect North American standards when travelling outside of North America. We'll be going back!
Author: Candace Ducharme Posted at 18:34 05/8/2005
We just returned from a 7 day vacation at the Hacienda Tropical Resort. We brought our children 13, 11,and 6. Although I would not consider this a 3.5* hotel we did have a great time. The restaurants are good (get in line for 7:00 am to make reservations daily) the buffet is good and does offer a reasonable selection. The rooms are reasonably clean with some inconveniences. (ie noisy a/c, towels removed from room @ 8am and replaced @ 3pm, water shut off overnight) The grounds are well maitained and the fact that the beach can be heard all around the hotel is quite nice. We had wonderful weather 34-39 degrees celcius with little cloud. The entertainment is at times a bit much but it keeps you entertained. Staff are very friendly and consider tipping to get that little extra service. Have a good trip.
Author: Paul & Kim Posted at 22:13 03/16/2005
We visited the Hacienda in Feb., 2004. Both got food poisoning. I had to be carried on a lounge chair (after I passed out) to the doctor's office just outside the gates. Got two bags of IV, a shot of antibiotics, antibiotic pills and later that evening another shot. Vomiting was so severe that one of my discs moved. Once home to Canada, I was off work for 6 weeks, under chiropractor's care for more than 4 months. The staff were generally very congenial. To date we have been offered only $115 in compensation. I've been e-mailing for over 9 months, but the resort, its insurance company and lawyers seem to be stalling (maybe hoping I'll go away?). My advice to all, at this point, is to avoid the Hacienda.
Author: James Atherton Posted at 12:59 12/7/2004
The negative comments I've read regarding Hacienda Tropical are really quite amusing. I was expecting the worst when I got there and I was very pleasantly surprised by the courteous and accomodating staff. The food was always of good quality (including the buffet that everyone says is so terrible). I was not ill, nor was I covered in insect bites. Other guests did complain of being bit by mosquitoes which they easily managed with repellant. The nightly entertainment was enjoyable, and the grounds were well kept. There are many complaints in reviews about bugs. Where do you go in the tropics that you don't see insects larger than here in Canada?! It's only to be expected. Quite frankly, I saw very few, and never near any of the restaurants or buffet. I believe this resort is very acceptable for the price and I would gladly return.
Author: Christina Posted at 7:33 12/7/2004
My family and I stayed at the private villas offered by Caribbean Vacation Properties and all I can say is what a difference in comparison to Lifestyle Vacation Club and Hacienda Resorts. They are withing the same complex, but the similaries stop there. My villa and vacation was excellent. We will be back next year.
Author: Michelle G. Posted at 11:49 10/3/2004
Our family took a trip from HELL back in March 2004. I got a written promise of two days of credit from the Hotel Management. When I got back, I had to get a hold of APPLEVACTIONS to still get the credit. The credit has been promised, as of September. Our trip had bad food (several people got food poisoning), bad service, no one cares or wants to take responsibility, had little hot water, rooms cleaned at 5PM, lack of towels, no extra room keys, TV not working, etc. etc. Do yourself a favor, go somewhere else.
Author: steve Posted at 23:28 09/15/2004
I beg to differ with all the negative comments. I just came back from the hacienda tropicale and this was the best vacation ever!!!the rooms are nice with tv and a/c, hot water! the food is very good with a selection of resturants for dinner. buffet is very good. The hotel staff is fabulous, all friendly and helpful, especially guest services manager, who will make your dinner reservations and book your day trips. the pools are great, never overcrowded, always lounge chairs to sit, and the outdoor bars are great! drinks all day long! I am already looking foward to going back!
Author: LOUISA Posted at 22:49 08/2/2004
The comments about this hotel are not exagerated. Food poor, hygiene poor, cleanliness poor, maintenance poor. Locals weekend passes are terrible, overcrowding, food and drink runs out, one local girl died in the pool while we were there.
Go somewhere else.
Author: r g keech Posted at 16:11 07/11/2004
We were here on our honeymoon, and weren't that fond of the hotel, but the staff and dominican people were very very nice. They went out of their way to make sure we were having a good time. The food is terrible and there isn't anything as far as night life, but the beach is beautiful and the pools are great as well.
Author: Shannon Posted at 2:07 05/26/2004
One of the worst around. Staff is rude, food is horrible and the rooms are nothing short of disgusting!! No A/C, little TV from the 80's stuck on top of the desk for entertainment and no hot water. Most of these things would have been at least tolerable if ANYONE at the resort seemed to care about our comfort, but we were met with nothing but an "I don't care" attitude from all employees, ESPECIALLY management! We tried to contact Ramada to complain (spent over an hour on the phone) and never did get anyone who would claim responsibility for the hotel. Do yourself a favor...stay someplace else!!
Author: Michelle Admire Posted at 21:32 01/29/2004

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