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My Name is Richard Lanford. Six members of my family went to Punta Cana on 01/10/04 through 01/17/04 and stayed @ the Dominicana Hotel.
(a) Our flight first of all was to be a direct flight & apple vacations called our travel agent late Friday to inform us that we would be stopping over @ Montego Bay Jamaica. this was such a problem that we were in the air almost 12 hours each way, we left Denver @ 6:30AM Saturday and finally arrived at thr hotel about 6:00PM & coming back we left [email protected]:00PM & arrived in Denver @ 11:00PM with another layover in Montego Bay to cut to the chase, had we known this beforehand, there is no way we would have went on this trip, 2 day were lost as flight time!!
(b) The food that was served in the restaurants must have been prepared with something that we have never experienced..fact being, I had "DIARRHEA" alias "Montezuma's Revenge" that started Wednesday the 14th and had until yesterday Thursday the 22nd, went to the doctor Wednesday and he said I had a severe case of FOOD POISONING...All in all, all six of us were sick for a week and a half. We lost work becase of this mishap!!
(c) The hotel and grounds were beautiful, the staff were polite & courteous at all times. The beach and swimming areas were a sight to be seen.
(d) To comment on the restaurant , All the waiters and help bent backwords to please us in any way they could..the only concern was the way everything was prepared (cooking oils???).
Author E-Mail: [email protected] com Review date: 01/23/2004



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