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Sun Village

Rating: Below average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Average Decor: Above average Service: Average
My husband and I were booked into Sun Village on Jan 15/04 - took a taxi from the Merengue where we had spent the first week with friends. Upon arrival at Sun Village managment informed us that there was no room available - we booked in October. They would accommodate us next door in their 'sister' resort - the Hacienda which was comparable. NOT SO. As it turned out there were numerous couples that were bumped out of the resort. I find it deporable that a resort can take your money in October and then wait until you reach their front desk to tell you they don't have room. Not a class act gentlemen. The Hacienda next door is a 2 star at best and after walking around Sun Village (the bathroom at the Coconuts is terrible), service and food average, I would suggest that Sun Village itself is a 3 star at best. It looks pretty on the outside and their website is fantastic but don't be fooled. In the future we will not visit Sun Village (or any EMI resort) or the Hacienda. If you want a real 4 or 5 star stay at the Rui or Fiesta resorts.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/27/2004



Listen to this man he speaks the truth!
Author: T Pell Posted at 14:24 02/19/2007
I would concur whole heartedly that sun village is not what it appears. First things first, we were to arrive at sun village on feb 20, 2004 but was sent to another resort due to overbooking. Now keep in mind, we purchased our trip in december and we find out when we arrive at the airport in Puerto Plata. Well after four days we finally arrived, rooms marginal at best, no 24 hour room service and now for the big blows... A virus was running rampent thru the complex from our understanding at least 3-4 weeks. Our apple rep said she figured we would be calling because she had received identical complaints prior to us leaving for the Dominican. The virus got not just me and my wife but our traveling friends and 125 other people. Not sure why they havent figured it out yet but I wonder if sewer gs smell or bird fecies throughout the pools would create a virus. I am talking about an on your back flu like symptoms that paralyzed you for days. People walking around with IV bags to get some fluids back into there system. Oh did I mention the two RATS that walked through the outdoor eating area down by the ocean? Yes Rats!!! Now is that 5 stars? People can get on here and tell me it was great, but this is what we dealt with on our stay feb 20-27, 2004. Something is seriously wrong with sun village, a health hazzard.
Author: john guth Posted at 0:55 03/2/2004

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