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cabarete bay/estella de mar

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please be advised that this hotel is not completed and if your tour opererator has informed you of construction on the pool and offered a complimentary weeks stay being offered by the hotel..FALSE INFO!!!!!!! not only is a pool under construction, many buildings are also with hammering starting every day at 7am. also ameneties listed in sunquests brochure are not true either. the hotel after a week of denying the free stay offer finally gave us a voucher for 50% off accomadations only...not what we were offered to put up with a pool at sister hotel being renovated...SISTER hotel HA!!!! be advised that the cabarete bay hotel goes under different names also known as estrella, estrella de mar and believe me they will try to tell you that the rooms on each side of lobby are different hotels but i booked thid trip for 4 couples and some of us were on each side and who ever heard of 2 hotels using same lobby and reception. although we met many wonderful people at this resort and made the vest of it,,,,,totally disappointed in being mislead about conditions here. many others also had this we tried to speak to manager about this many others joined in and they were from all across canada. this hotel has great potential as the work being done is beautiful but it is not done and we were not made aware of this or we would not have gone to thisd hotel!!!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/3/2004



i stayed in room 6303 in August 2004 and enjoyed every minute that i am going back this august weeks time, why people are giving this place a slating i dont know, The animation crew was exceptional especially the duo of Santo and Adalis who kept everyone relaxed and entertained even when there was a hurricane on the horizon. the veiws was breathtaking and the food and drink was out this world, my parents also enjoyed this hotel back in 2002 when it was the estrella del mar..i can say this WAS the best experience of my life...and i cant wait to get back there
Author: KeeF Posted at 13:22 06/5/2005
Author: ed Posted at 21:09 02/18/2005
I can't believe there is no other review about this resort. What is written was what happened at the beginning of 04.
The resort is fully operational now and I have heard some good things about it, as well as lots of pictures from a guest.
We are going Jan.19th. Will post a review.
Author: Maru Kalau Posted at 21:00 01/1/2005
i stayed at this hotel in 2002 when it was owned by a different company and under the name on ESTRELLA DEL MAR "star of the sea". I had a fantastic time there, ever since it has been taken over by starz resorts all i have heard are bad negative coments. and no one ever seems to mention the animation team, is there not one? there was when i was there and they were amazing.

im sorry for anyone who had a bad time there. i guess all vacations cant be good.

it is an amazing hotel though, and i met alot of people there. some dominican, some canadian and some british like me. it is a smaller hotel which sometimes lets it down, but its on a great beach and cabarete is a wonderful place also.

Author: Natacha Posted at 18:24 06/21/2004

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