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paraiso del sol

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I do not usually do this, but I have to respond to this person, who spent a "horrible", "boring" 2 weeks at this hotel - as HONEYMOON. This is exactly the type of remark, that people have to disregard since a honeymoon can not be boring, unless........
Well, my family and friends (10) people all together, we just spent 2 rather nice weeks there. Of course, we also found lots of defaults - the bathroom was not perfectly clean, the fountain in the lobby did not work and YES, we had to bring our own water to the room. But it is a 3* hotel and that is exactly what we paid for - or even less! And the honeymoon person just did not find all the other restaurants. There was one right on the beach, another one next to the lobby and the a la carte off to the side. Plus the big one by the pool. The one at the lobby was really nice, we were seated by the waiters and they served us as if we were at a fancy restaurant. Although it was a buffe, they still served the drinks. It was well worth to dress up for the night.
We were not lucky with the weather, we had lots of rain --- but even the rainy days were fun. The entertainment team was nice, there was always something to do, you got to talk to a lot of people and we also made a lot of excursions, which make the trip specially memorable. We missed the dance though. We expected to have dances in the evenings, and it was planned, just never happened. Little kids were running around and screaming on the dance floor until the night show started. We even talked to the management about it, but nothing happened.
To sumerize, it was a very nice vacation. If you expect more, pay more. But if you want to have decent fun for decent money, this hotel is not bad.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 02/11/2004



I just returned from a wonderful stay at the Pasaiso de sol, Great time with everything..I just came back from being in the dominican at Gran Ventana and I would rather stay at the 3* hotel...(parasio de sol) even so being a 3* just because the beach was better maybe being a little bit father to walk..but it was very enjoyable walk to get there...I can also say then entertainment team that worked at this hotel where very entertaining and made my vacation worth while...I am also saving up to go back see the friends I met there...Those are the people you meet in life...and make you wanna travel the world...I would also get all my friends and other relatives to stay in this hotel...I miss everyone there...and I am looking forward to go back there soon!!!!
Author: Jessica Posted at 21:44 10/1/2006
Author: trevor Posted at 17:29 01/3/2005
I just returned from a wonderful week at Paraiso del sol with some family members whose ages ranged from 11 to 63 years old. Normally, I would never take the time to do this but we all had such a wonderful time that it is only fitting to post a comment. The hotel was beautiful and with the three pools, daily activities and variety of food options seemed to cater to all people.
However, regardless of the expected amenities, the sole reason for this posting is to rave about the fantastic staff -- never before have I encountered such a large group of people with smiles so bright and hearts so large. Weather, food, cleanliness, of course these things are central to one's enjoyment of a vacation, but it is the people with whom you interact on a daily basis that truly make or break a vacation.
Not only would I recommend this resort to my friends and family but I myself am starting to save to go back for another stay. Despite the rain, the pain of a sunburn or the chaos that comes along with a family friendly resort, the smiles of the entire staff was enough to keep me happy everyday. The entire staff at paraiso del sol truly makes you feel like you are all a part of a large family! I miss them already!
Author: Jennifer Posted at 16:32 02/25/2004

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