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Casa Marina Beach

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My wife and I did our first DR vacation in the third week of January 2004. The grounds were absolutely beautiful. The beach...long, sandy with not even small rocks, the reef gorgeous.

Some comments on the reviews we have read after actually experiencing things.

1. The staff were great. Unlike some cultures, if you make an attempt to say a few words in Spanish, no matter how bad you do, they really seem to appreciate it. We always got great service, but we were always patient and polite, even if occasionally there was a sudden lineup at the front desk. If we noticed any really rude behavior at this resort, it was from some tourists, the same kind that will not think twice about zipping ahead of you to wrangle a parking spot at the supermarket or shovel their driveway snow onto the street instead of onto their own yard.

2. Saw a few complaints about the vendors that are allowed every third night in the resort. Some comments:
-They are only allowed in the area in front of one of the buffet restaurants. From some posts it sounds like you are forced to be funneled through the area every time you move. They accupy only a small next to nothing area of the resort. If you planned to directly walk through their spot you could do a detour that might take you a extra minute to get around them. Oh yes, they are 10 times less "in your face" than" the vendors you try and get through outside the resort.

3. One thing never mentioned in any reviews we say was that the American Dollar is king. We took Canadian travellers checks and got about 24 pesos to the dollar. An American traveller check got double that, and thats when its only worth about 36% more than the Canadian dollar.

4. Take a insulated mug with you for bar refills. One thing that we didn't think about was that the small little plastic glasses that they give you probably get washed a zillion times a day and each time its with tap water. They seem in many cases to airdry and I think over quite a few drinks a person can get a little too much non-potable water in their system in this manner. Although we never were sick, each morning we were a little quizzy untill about noon although we were really careful on making sure we didn't use the taps for even brushing our teeth.

5. Watch out for the waves, the beach has a very steep grade. The waves break very close to shore. My wife is not a good swimmer and after being almost taken out on our first day by a average wave, could not really enjoy the ocean except for one day in seven that we were there. The flags seem to mean nothing. A yellow or red flag can have the same kind of waves. The pools are nice and the non-heated jacuzzis are fine to but if you are a ocean person, you better know how to swim and how to dive beneath a breaker before it sneaks up on you and scrapes you along the beach.

6. Beware of Mel's tourist tour office across from the beach entrance. Much cheaper than the hotel affiliated tours but you take your chances. Sometimes good stories, sometimes you get what you pay for. We went on a trip to paradise island. The 2.5 hour trip there took 4.5 hours and once we got within 15 minutes of the destination the guide said the trip was cancelled as it was drizzeling. We were going snorkeling....were going to get wet anyway...and it was drizzeling the entire trip there! I overheard him joking that they could go home early and drink rum and do some dancing. Heh, they got paid for the whole trip and finished three hours early. It took us 3.5 hours to drive back so we basically spent 8 hours on a bus for nothing. Buyer Beware.

7. We had passports and we were told by people who went to banks that the hassle they had trying to change money without a passport would make them get passports next time.

8. We will be going to the DR again next year and definitely go to this resort again.....for two weeks instead of one......and we will walk over to the sousa beach when the waves are strong as that public beach has apparantly has calmer seas.

Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/18/2004



this place sucks the rooms are full of mold and the beach is washed away
Author: jeff monty Posted at 16:53 03/3/2005

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