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Bavaro Princess

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
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City: Bavaro Contact: Value for money: Average
Food: Above average Decor: Excellent Service: Above average
This was my first experience at an all-inclusive,
so I have nothing to compare it to, but I was greatly impressed
by much of what this resort has to offer.

The campus, pool and beachfront are truly spectacular, with beautifully manicured trails winding back off the beach through the bungalows/ units across streams and along ponds to the main hall... probably two miles or so of trails in all.

We went on a VIP plan, which offered things like a fantastic poolside massage session among the amenities.

Watersports are ample and varied, incl. kayaks, windsurfing, hobie cats, etc.
and the dive shop has great instructors if you are so inclined.

Both the gardening and housekeeping departments at this resort are terrific.
These folks clearly take great pride in their work, and despite the fact that we spoke no spanish, all were very friendly and helpful.

As far as the restaurants, we ate in seven of the eight:
three were very good (the "Gaucho" steakhouse, the asian restaurant, and the "Licey" french restaurant) two were okay ( "Chopin" and "Hispaniola," both buffet-style), and one was disappointing ("Bella Pasta", the Italian place).

Unfortunately, there are also some more problematic issues that go beyond
overcooked fettucine.

The Bavaro Princess has a huge problem in the area of Guest Relations; one that can be evenly divided between issues of communication, and issues of accountability.

On the communications front, guests tend to "stumble" into things, rather than have them explained in advance.

Orientation is left up to the various tour operators; most of them seemed to
wait to do it until the second day of the stay... and if you don't already know not to drink the tap water, it's a bit late to be finding that out!

An earlier orientation, or a simple space for a checkoff on the booking form would also solve this next problem:
Reservations for dinner must be made by 3pm... but you cannot make reservations until you check in... which is also 3pm. You get the idea?

Other than two limited bulletin boards, (one at the main hall, and one on the beach) finding a schedule of activities can be a real challenge. This extends to the restaurants as well; for example, we found the best lunches at a restaurant that is listed as open for dinner only.

On the issues of accountability, given a choice between "the customer is always right" and "cover your butt," the middle management tends to go with the latter. I can only assume that they have been left with the impression that to do otherwise would put their jobs in jeopardy.

One example:
Our attempts to take our daughter for a horseback ride were a fiasco. The first time, the hotel insisted she was not on the list, even though we had a copy of the reservation form the concierge had filled out... still, nothing could be done but to rebook.... the second time, the bus failed to show for the pickup. After about 20 minutes of repeated inquiries to guest relations, they insisted the driver had been waiting all along, and preceeded to walk us back outside to show us a bus now parked in the very spot where we had been standing! A minor thing perhaps, but not to a 12 year-old.

In short, both in terms of the facilities and staff, this resort has 85% of what it needs to be truly amazing. Unfortunately, it seems to me that at an all-inclusive, that last 15% is the most crucial.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/24/2004



This place is FULL of Sankies! Beware!
Author: Katty Kat Posted at 11:01 03/27/2012
Hello, this past week was our first ever all inclusive vacation besides cruising and it was for a wedding. It was hard not to compare to cruising but thats what we have done for the past 10 years. The princess bavaro overall is a great place to vacation but again I cant compare to others as it was our first one. I do however have some interesting suggestions for them to enhance the customer stay.
- The entertainment in the evening is far from what one would see on a cruise ship and lacks talent. Needs improvement in that area and music was blasting way to loud to the point of distorting.
- The activities for chlidren and teens is very poor. There needs to be some stuff for them to keep busy besides swim in the ocean and swim in the pool espeically in the evening.
- Having NO AC but the rooms is not the end of the world and the ocean breeze is great and keeps the heat from getting to you, but the Lobby area needs some Big Ass Fans like at the Punta Cana airport. This would increase the air circulation in the gorgeous lobby area as its a great place to chill and hang out in the evening but needs that breeze.
- The lanscaping and paths on the resort are amazing, the site is so clean at all times and the birds all over the place adds a nice touch.
- The bars seem to run out of stuff very fast and are almost always a long wait to get a drink.
Overall it was a great experience and would suggest this resort to anyone, but they do need to make some changes to the entertainment for kids and adults. Only really bad comment I could say.
Author: Mark Posted at 14:39 07/31/2009
I say to EVE and all who travel, I am glad they never let you in, that means they have good security and that you will not be able to take advantage of the AI program with not paying, how are they to know when you leave. Your sister should have met you outside the complex!
Author: Sapphire Posted at 11:53 11/21/2006
I went to meet up with my sister for the weekend. I live in Santo Domingo and she was on holiday here.
I arrived at Hotel Princess around 10 pm and was promtly told that under no circumstances was I to enter the premises unless I paid 135 dollars. I was not even allowed to pass through the gate to meet with my sister, nor would any staff help me locate her, even though she was waiting for me in the reception.
I was appalled at the treatment I got from the guard and the staff at the complex. The fact I was expected to pay just to say hello to my sister outraged me and I really wasn't impressed with the way I was treated.
I won't ever recommend the complex to my family when they come to visit ever again.
Author: Eve Posted at 10:49 03/1/2006

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