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Sun Village

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I visited Sun Village last October during the Canadian Thanksgiving. The week before I had broke my foot and I dreaded going with all the hype about the stairs.

If I can say anything about this place it is AMAZING!!
The Service, Food, Drinks, Weather and Room were all fantastic. Yes the stairs were abit of an issue but my crutches and my fiances back got me around just fine and after the rum punches it was all good.
The best part was the attentiveness to my injury, they shuttled me around with no questions asked. They took reservations NO PROBLEM. They always helped me and made sure I was good and comfortable.
I have to thank Kelvin, Jeff & Stefan for making our stay the BEST considering my circumstances.
And with that being said I am heading back down for my Bachelerette Party May 20th minus the crutches of course! Can't wait to party and I am looking forward to those stairs this time!

Bambi :)
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 04/20/2004



BEWARE this place is a dump! stay away . Punta Cana is much better
Author: T Pell Posted at 14:22 02/19/2007

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