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Coral Costa Caribe

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Juan Dolio Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Above average Service: Above average
Just returned from 7 days end of April 2004. We had a great time and the hotel exceeded our expectations, especially since some reviews sounded scary. If you're looking for a slam-out, 5+ star place that begs your attention, then pony up the bucks and go someplace else. But if a deal is what you want, then go for it! We spent roughly $90/night for a great all-inclusive. Food was well-above average, although I would not say "excellent" since we have truly enjoyed some world-class fare--and at world-class prices, too. You cannot have it both ways. We thought the resort was well maintained, the pools and beach immaculate, and the wait staff willing to help. Some were really thoughtful (Winnie and Nelson to name a couple stand-outs). The dive excursion to Catalina is worth trip so plan on a full day. Our only negative was our room, which looked tired; however, it was cleaned daily and all the amenities functioned flawlessly. Last point: if you're offended by topless women, then don't go. While it may be "illegal" to show your breasts, several did (!) both at the ocean and around the pool. I also discovered that you CAN be served top-shelf booze at no extra charge if you ask (Dewars, J&B, Jack Daniels, Crown, etc.). PS: For a great taxi, contact ask for Deni Sosa at the airport and resort.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 04/28/2004



We went to the hotel with mixed feelings after reading reviews, But had a fantastic time, Staff great, hotel great , food often cold but if you told staff they did do their best to sort you out. Great surroundings! Beach cleaner will look after you for 1 ciggie a day
Author: karen Posted at 5:19 01/7/2006
My husband and I just arrived back from the Costa Caribe. It was a nice trip. In agreement with some of the others comments, the hotel was a little tired but always clean. The pool and beach areas were very nice and well kept. Hilton seems to be putting a lot of effort in to sprucing things up to attract the North American tourism. The room lacked lighting, but was always neat and clean. I felt as though I was in the dark the entire time. For the money ($119/night), it was money and time well spent. We enjoyed the trip and the people are very pleasant. Nelson seems to be a popular and pleasant host as well as very helpful (the other staff as well).
The drinks are plenty and some bars serve "better" drinks than others. A nice tip will keep them and you happy. The food however, fell shy of our New York standards which seemed to be the same opinion as the other English speaking friends we met. The Italian and Mexican restaurants were best. The Dominican restaurant was pleasant too if you are slightly more adventurous.
There are plenty of things to keep you busy for 5-7 days, but any more would simply be too much unless you are willing to venture out beyond the complex, which we didn't feel comfortable doing.
If we were still in our twenties with a group of friends - it would have been a 9 1/2 (unlimited booze!) on a scale of 1-10, but beeing (almost) middle aged, and having travelled a bit, I would give this a solid 7.
As long as you get a good deal, go and enjoy!!!!!
Author: Sheri Posted at 20:15 11/17/2004
Having just arrived back from the Costa Caribe at 09:30 this morning I am feeling slightly bewildered.
Honestly I beleived that if there was a Hurricane Warning or Tropical Storm Warning in the area, that we would be warned in advance.
It was our belated honeymoon as my mother passed away last year, but we were not warned about the danger of our trip before we departed.
We arrived during the worst hurricane season on record, and we're not warned previously about this at all.
The staff tried to keep spirits high, but there is only so much that you can do when you believe that the weather may take your life too.
I feel for the peopple of the Dominican Republic... If I had to put up with that much day to day I doubt that i would cope
Author: Lisa Posted at 20:40 09/24/2004

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