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Here it is I went to Paridisus and I booked a week with my whole family , checked in on Friday afternoon , everything was good the show and everything , but on Wednesday nigth , they broked in to my room trough the balcony , stole my Laptop whsich was my job laptop unfortunatly , the key for the saved I had it inside the laptop bag , they took my passport , money , watch who would of though 5 ***** hotel , paid 155 a person , the same nigth on Wednesday May 26 2004 , they broked in to 3 rooms , A person from Chile and the third from US , well I askd the Management and they said they couldn't helped me out , waste 1 day on National Police of DR and then next day to USA Consul paid 225 for passports , wow just please please maked sure your balcony doors are close and please do not take laptops is really a bad experinece ,
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 05/31/2004



i had a great time at this place. there are male hustlers hanging outside the gates, and the hotel is glad to let you bring guests into your room. i had some really well hung guys for just $5 or $10 which they were glad to get.
i never travel with any expensive belongings, this way you don't lose anything.
Author: jose espinosa Posted at 20:46 06/9/2004

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