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Sosua Bay

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Below average Decor: Average Service: Below average
This was the worst vacation experience I ever had. On arrival, I was given a room on the second floor in a building. Doesn't sound too bad until you realize you climb 54 steps to and from the room. Makes post-op foot surgery a challenge as well as those little runs to the ladies room! They move me to a ground floor room the next day. I realized my patio door would not lock and asked them to fix it. After 3 reuqests, we got it fixed, but was still hard to get it shut. When I asked the first day, they said maybe I would like it by tomorrow. Second day, I move to my new room. Average, plain rooms. Typical of Caribbean decor. The second room only had wall lights and no stabding light or desk lamp. I had dirt and bugs in my tub and asked them to clean it several times. They never did. The next night I came back from an excursion (more on that later!) and my room had cockroaches in it. I tried to be a good sport and kill the few and attempted to sleep (who can really sleep wondering if a cockroach will scurry into their bed??). Bright and early I awake to find my room infested with cockroaches. When I pulled a shirt out to put on to go to the desk, a cockroach fell off of it. I wanted to vomit. I went to the desk and politely told them my room was infested with these unwanted creatures. He politely said, well, you wanted to change rooms. However jokingly he might have wanted to be at the time, I did not see the humor. He said they would fumigate and change my room. They had to fumigate before I could even pack my stuff up (for the second time!). At 3 pm (I was at the desk about 8 or 9 am) they had a room ready. I packed and onward to another building. Wow, in this room I had a coffee maker and only one roach was too many! Here I had asked for water for my in room refrig....well, after 6 hours of asking and waiting , I demanded they just give it to me and I would take it myself.
The excursions.....well, Paradise Island was the first one.....RIP OFF!! $80 to take a 3 hr bus ride (of course, they don't tell you when you buy it you will be crammed on a bus for 3 hrs) and a 40 minute rough, crammed together speed boat ride to a sandbar to see how many people you can really cram on a little sandbar. Mind you, you leave at 6:30 am before breakfast and get some fruit and a cheese and cucumber or a ham and cucumber sandwhich roll. Oh, let's not forget they give you a drink of your choice in non disposable glasses. We watched them rinse them in the ocean for the next arrivals. The snorkles were also non-disposable...wonder who's mouth was on that before mine?? There were so many people snorkelling over this little reef, you left with more fin marks on your face then visions in your head.
I have to say, the Nexxus Jeep tour was put of this world! Excellent tour guide, Julio, that spoke remarkable English. Took us to many sites. Only complaint here was it was to start at 8:30 and they showed up about 8:45-9:00. Not a big deal though. They more then made up those 15-30 minutes with some great experiences and sites.
The food at the resort was obviously recylcled daily. Meaning if you had steamed broccoli day 2 on day 3 you were having broccoli casserole. They always undercooked the meat and fish on the grill. On seafood night, the busiest night, it was disgustingly raw and unedible. More then once, diarrhea set in after eating there. Stick with the pasta because it is usually fine.
Most of the activites they had listed for the day never took place. At night, plan on going to bed early because the place shuts down when the sun goes down. There is not a large gathering area or bar area to speak of where people gathered to socialize at night.
While we were there, they were doing a large construction project that was annoying across the street in front of the building. This is suppose to be a casino in the future. Was tough trying to sit in the lobby to relax because you would inevetably get crap in your eyes. This was essentially the only place to go sit out of the sun to relax at the whole place.
The staff was nice and cordial for the most part. On the last full day, I encountered a lovely adventure of sun poisoning. THey drove me to the pharmacy to get some medicine. Would they have done this if I had not had so many problems? Doubtful.
I have been on many trips and some through Apple I recommend this hotel...absolutely NOT. Whoever rated this a 5 apple apparently has no clue. This was about a 2 or 3 apple to me.
1) Dirty, bug ridden rooms
2) No activites
3) No store for incidentals, souvenirs, anything on premises
4) below average-fair food selection
5) poor service when requesting something
6) Poor advisement on the best excursion
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 07/8/2004



I have stayed at the Sosua Bay Hotel Five times in the Past year. Every time I have been there it has been a very pleasurable experience. The service is outstanding. 24 hour food and drinks. The staff is very friendly and polite, most speak english, french and even german. the view from every room unique, beautiful. Compared to other island destinations, this hotel is a bargain. The service and quality of location would cost three times more at any other island in the region. I feel perhaps the lady who posted these comments must have had a lot of bad luck, because i never saw any of the problems she seems to have encountered . The Sosua Bay Hotel has the reputation of having the best food in the north coast of the island. I saw the large construction going on accross from hotel, this did not have any negative effects on any of my stays there. I agree, many steps, there is also an elevator which takes you to the different levels. if any one has physical issues, they should request a room on the ground level, which may mean on the fourth floor if you are on building number 3, my favorite with impresive ocean views under your balcony. The staff at the hotel is extremely attentive. Sometimes I call the hotel before my arrival to arrange for the room I want and they say my name as i start talking. They recognize me. They always give me and my party a free upgrade to oceanfront rooms and anything else I request. Carlos (he is the best) at the front desk arranged for a helicopter for about US$500 to take me to Santo Domingo and wait for me for four hours as I took care of some personal business there. Carlos arranged for a driver in Sosua and another one in Santo Domingo. The bar is very well stocked with most international liqueur, they even have dom perignon and chrystalle champagne for an extra fee (cheaper than at a licour store in New York). The food is incredible, they prepare fresh pasta with condiments you choose yourself, exquisite. They also serve lobster on the weekends and seafood all week. Sosua Bay Hotel is unique when compared to many other all inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic, because the pretty town of sosua is right outside of the gates with many european/american owned restaurants, bars, discos. I never stayed at the hotel at night, the town is a party every night. It is also very safe, the police, the politur is everywhere. Dont let your husbands go to sosua alone, many women in the town, some looking for love, some looking for money and love. A couple of presidentes, the spicy music, too much temptation. i will go four more times this year, i am sure my next stay there will be better. I forgot to mention that on my last trip i was upgraded to a room at the Victorian House with a nice sized jacuzzi on the large balcony with ocean views, all for about 750 per person for five nights. it doesnt get better than that!
Author: Edwin Posted at 23:16 04/13/2005
just returned from a holiday at this hotel and although our original holiday was in Jamacia but because of Ivan we had to be evacuated - the first hotel we were put in was terrible and after complaining we were moved to this hotel and although we didn't really want to be there or even in the Dominican Republic we had a fantastic time. The food was plentiful, varied and no matter what time you were hungry (well up until 3am) you could get food. Our rooms were clean and we had fresh towels every day and our beds turned down too. The staff were helpful, pleasant and friendly, in particular the Animation team, Johnny, Andy and Lara who helped make the holiday entertaining and fun - the wages these people get are pitiful but they still try their hardest and none of the staff ever expected or demanded a tip which is refreshing, the bad points of this place is that after the show finishes at 10pm and the Romantique Evening ends at 11pm there is nothing unless you leave the resort. The barstaff are lovely and remember your favourite drinks or are quite happy to make a custom drink for you. Obie in the bar makes a lovely cocktail called Obie1 Special.
The work taking place opposite the reception never caused a problem, in fact we never saw or heard anyone working on it. We were caught in Tropical Storm Jeanne (which after been evacuated from Hurricane Ivan straight to Jeanne - was a little worrying - thanks Thompsons!!) Anyway during the storm the hotel staff looked after everyone brilliantly, we were escorted by the army with large umberellas, food was delivered to the rooms when the weather was too bad for the restaurants to open and the staff did their best to make it as comfortable as possible for us.
We never went on any trips due to weather etc. but made good use of the beach and the pools. The hotels part of the beach is only small but we never had a problem getting a sun lounger but we did get a small amount of hassle from local people wanting to braid hair, sell fruit or take you out on various boats but usually a polite no was enough.
As for the cockroaches - well nasty horrible things - we never saw one in our room - the rooms are fumigated reguarly. We did see quite a few around the entertainment area usually once the music started and they scuttled to safety, they are not nice but they didn't cause a problem.
As I said we didn't intend coming here for our holiday but if ever we do return to the Dominican Republic we will stay at this resort -
Author: Linda Posted at 19:27 09/25/2004
I have just return from visiting the Domincan Republic. My first stop was at the Sosua Bay Hotel, I was suppossed to stay there for five days and ended up staying for six days because of a hurricane. Let me tell you, I have traveled to many places in the world and I have never been treated as nice as in this place. It was three of us all women, we were given the royal treatment. The food was incredible and in abundance. This is an all inclusive hotel so I didn't expect the food to be so great. There was plenty of it, fresh everyday and one dish was better than the other. At dinner time they served you wine with your meal and the waiters went around asking if you wanted a refill. They were very sweet and attentive always with a smile on their faces. Our room was always clean, plenty of towels etc. The beach was beautiful and clean, the view was expectacular. They have four five stars restaurants at the Victorian House a more upscale hotel they are sort of joint with Sosua Bay but are more upscale but a lot of their things are part of all your inclusive package, again the food and the treatment was like a five stars restaurant in New York City. It was just the right setting with a life piano player, the waiters were very charming and gracefull. Because of a hurricane as I mention before we had no choice but to spend another night there not that we mind. We were actually happy because we didn't want to leave just yet. All flights were cancelled and to our amazement we spent the night for free as a courtesy of the hotel. I can not comment about any excursion because we weren't able to take any because of the hurricane. We had paid for the safari tour and our money was refunded. We took a taxi for a city tour we were charged $50.00 dollars, I have to say that that was expensive, other people were able to do it for $25.00 dollars you just have to negociate.

The night life at Sosua Bay Hotel wasn't verry good because their night club at the Victorian House is being remodel, but they still had a band everynight Playing Merenge music. They also had the romantic nights and a life show. The show was not very profesional but they sure tried to make it fun and enjoyable. They also own one of the clubs down the block from the hotel and there was no cover charge to get in. There is a casino being built right across from the hotel which is part of the hotel it is supposed to be finish by december 2004. They barely made any noise at least we didn't hear it we were too busy enjoying the rest of the hotel having drinks by the pool and the beautiful beach. I could go on and on, I am going to Casa de Campo in January 2005 then I am shooting back to Sosua Bay Hotel for a few days it was that nice. I didn't seea one single insect anywhere in the hotel, I cann't understand how some people had such a bad experience at such a nice place.

After our stay at Sosua Bay Hotel we took a small plane to Punta Cana, their nice receptionist at Sosua Bay Hotel made all the arrangements for us. We stayed at The Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel in Punta Cana, the hotel is abosutely beautiful but because of its size the service wasn't as good as in Sosua Bay hotel but it was also very good. The beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen. The food was excellent and in adbundance the people were also very nice. I think that they also have about seven five stars restaurants and about ten other regular restaurants on their premises. They were all very good and the service was also good.

I will visit both hotels again specially the Sosua Bay Hotel.

Author: Nancy Posted at 11:34 09/16/2004
Author: DON Posted at 23:02 09/9/2004
I visited the Sosua Bay resort in June 2004 and was extremely impressed with this resort. This resort is built into the side of a cliff so yes there are many steps but the views are incredible. My room was clean and well kept, staff was incredible and the staff was very accommodating. The food was absolutely incredible comparing more to a 5 star restuarant in NYC or Miami instead of an all inclusive resort. Yes there was some construction going on but it is across the street from the resort and we were not bothered by it in the least. I am a road warrior and have traveled extensively. Friends often say I am a travel snob because I expect superior service and I have to say I look forward to returning to the Sosua Bay. Next time I want to stay next door at the Victoria House which is a bit more upscale. I found out you can buy a meal plan for around $50 per day when you stay at the Victoria House eating the same wonderful food.
Author: Brian Posted at 20:39 07/25/2004
I completely agree with this posting. However, Since I was on the same vacation with this unfortunate lady I feel that she was just a tad generous in her comments. She was just devastated and did not get much in the way of sympathy and or help from the staff
Author: Yvonne Posted at 11:37 07/20/2004

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