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Bahia Principe

Rating: Excellent Phone: 0018092261590 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Rio San Juan Contact: Natacha Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Excellent

so where to begin. i returned from bahia principe in feb and boy oh boy did i have a great time. better than great i had an awesome time. this was my second year running at the bahia principe and it was even better than the first.

alot of the staff were the same so it was great when some of them remembered me, i didnt feel like i had to start of making new friends. because i already had some. in 03 i got on great with the animation team and it was the same in 04. they are some on the nicest people you will ever meet and its not just because they have to be, they just are. so big up to the animation team they work so hard and probably get so little pay.

i have been reading some of the reviews on this website and and i totally disagree with somethings what people say. they go on and on about how the food wasnt great, the rooms were falling to pieces, the beach isnt great the list goes on and on.

one thing who goes on holiday for the ROOMS? not me! you are bearly even in your room so what would it matter if it was falling to pieces, but believe me there not. the rooms are well decorated and very well kept. the cleaners work there buts of the keep your room spik span. they sometimes leave little flowers in your room, me and my family didnt want the flowers so we simply left a note saying (no flowers please) and from then on we didnt get any.

ok so onto other things

Beach :- yeah i agree the beach isnt white sands but ......
golden sand, i am a beach lover and this is a lush beach, you can walk along for hours walk to the right and you will come to the vendors where the locals will ask you to look in there shops. a simple no or on the way will do. be sure to go to Edwins hut which is near the end, he is such a nice guy i dont know how he ever makes money he always seems to be giving you free stuff. he is a sweet guy with a massive heart. if you cross the little bridge you will come to more shops, this is where campo tours is situated. they have the same tours as what the hotel and your rep will offer just at a cheaper price. they also change money. very nice people there too.
also to the right of the beach is the watersports guys these are all great guys, cow, ramon etc etc.
be sure to say hi to them as you walk past.
the beach for me got a 10/10
water was lush its just a beautiful place to be.

Pools :- the hotel bosts 3 pools but one is only for hacienda guests, so its a no go area for other people. (like myself) lol. one pool has a swim up bar and this is where all the main activites go on. then there is a quiet pool which aslo had a jacuzi. what else can you say about a pool, a pool is a pool.
the pools for me would get a cool 8/10

Bars :- there are so many bars in the bahia. to many to count. lets just say you will never go thirsty. try out every drink before you go home. thats what i did. some are really tasty and you may stick to it all holiday like the rum punch and blue hawian and others are just to lethal. you could be off your head on one. always be careful what you drink because you are more than likly to get more alcohol than pop.
the bars for me would get a great 10/10

Food :- i think the food at the bahia is great, they cater for all. this year i was unlucky and got tonsilitus while we were away so i found it very hard to eat. (i had 4 shots of antibiotics ) wasnt nice at all. so alot of the time i went for soft easy to eat food. even with very badly swollen tonsils you can still eat. you should never go hungry!
the food was a wopping 9/10

Staff :- not much to say about the staff i think this will do
always smiling.
the best people you can meet
my rating about the staff would be second to non. they have the best staff around.
100 million / 10

Pueblo Principe :- ok so this is what is comonly called the strip. it has everything you want. for those that dont want to party its away from the hotel itself. just a 5 min walk from the main reception, so you party poopers that want to sleep the hotel shuts down at 11. and then the stip opens. they usually have little games / shows on in the centre on pueblo principe like mr/mrs principe, kareoke contests etc etc. there is also a casino, rock cafe bar, kareaoke bar, fast food joint (open till around 8am) and a disco that is open until 2/3/4am changes every night. the party stops when the people go (usually). Pueblo Principe is open for the local dominicans to come in its as much our party central as theres. they will probably ask you to dance or smile and say hola. most of the time they keep themself to themself. pueblo principe also has many shops for you to buy gifts, a jewlery store and a hairdressers.
i'd give Pueblo Principe a ass kicking 10/10

GYM :- for those of you who think you have put a few lbs on while away never fear there is always a gym near. i must admit i havent actually felt the need to go into the gym but its nice to know theres one nearby. i think im on holiday so what if i pile the pounds on.
i cant comment on the gym but i would say its good (the animation team use it and they all have amazing bodies)

Mini Club :- for all thoes childeren in the house, wow the mini club is a great place for the children. they do everything. wilson (who works in the mini club) is great with the children he even takes them for lunch. they have many different activities during the day and they even have there own mini disco on the main stage.

Mini Golf / Tennis ETC :- i dont have much sense of direction so i only got the find this once. but i had a great time. i played mini golf and must say i was pretty BAD. but i gave it a goo. its a just another great thing bahia has. give it a go if you can find it. lol.

so all in all Bahia Principe is a great hotel, with so many great activities to do, one of the hardest things to do when you first get there, its finding your room. with it being such a large complex you may find it hard.

all thats left to say is that if your visiting Bahia Principe soon, have a great time and dont think about things to much, let every day come as it comes. take it easy and im sure you will be pulled into the bahia way of life.

what more i have been twice and am returning again may 2005 i just cant get enough of the place. your holiday is what you make it.

if you have any questions feel free to email me.

Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 07/29/2004



I would have to agree with Natacha. The Bahia Principe was amazing. We were all treated like kings and queens. The food was abundant and awesome. The staff was always singing, smiling, laughing and very helpful. The rooms were clean, nicely decorated and more than adequate for the minimal time spent in them. I give the whole resort a 10/10. I'm going back in June and then again next February.
Author: Verna Posted at 21:02 04/18/2005

[email protected]

x X x
Author: Natacha Posted at 14:38 10/13/2004

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