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Occidental Gran Bahia

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: semana Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Horrible Decor: Below average Service: Average
SAVE YOUR MONEY!! Sleep in your car, buy a tent, sleep under the stars, but if you stay at this hotel, you're wasting your money. I don't know where to begin. First, we booked thru which when we got to the hotel at night (with 2 small children) we were told that the hotel had overbooked and we no longer had a reservation. (We should have taken that as a clue and drove as fast as could away from there.) Unfortuantely we did not and the man in the reception who was very nice, gave us a room after a cancellation..

The room---uuugh. It smelled, dirty bedding with holes and "stuff" on it, no hot water, and roaches. Which my husband was kind enough not to tell me about until we checked out. Apparently he got up in the night to use the restroom and huge roaches were roaming around. The room was very large though with nice views.

Finally, the food. If you could identify it-that was the first part of the battle. If it was fully cooked, well that was another. It was so bad, the rice did NOT even look edible. I told my children it was their lucky 2 days because all we felt safe eating was ice cream and bread. and even the last day I found "something" in my bread. My husband was on the island for 5 weeks and I was there for 2 weeks. This hotel was by far the worst 4 star hotel I have ever seen. I would like to know who was handing out stars the day they gave them to the Gran Bahia because he or she should have their rights revoked.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 08/13/2004



Not surprised at all by your comments. This place looks good from afar, but as soon as you walk through lobby you know something is wrong. Just not clean. Not well-run. Not really a place for tourists.
Author: Ike Posted at 14:14 02/14/2005

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