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Occidental Allegro Punta Cana

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
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City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Above average Service: Above average
Author E-Mail: Kelly Review date: 08/30/2004



We have traveled to Punta Cana seven times. This May 28 will be our third stay at the Occidental Allegro.

We were very pleased with everything from the entetainment to the daycare.

We keep in contact with several of the female hosts and send them things from the USA.

Never give them what they want for soveneirs, haggle with them.
Take American bath products like shampoo and pantene, and hotel shampoo for a complete hair braid by the girls on the beach.

Enjoy yourself and go out deep sea fishing with the Islanders. They are great people.
Author: leann Posted at 21:18 04/13/2007
We liked the resort. We'll go back to this resort.
ROOMS - are not fancy but we used it for sleeping and showering; hardly stayed for a long period of time. All rooms has a balcony and ours is connected with our kids. We had a king size bed and kids with 2 double beds (beds were good, it didn't give us back aches) both rooms has their own bathrooms and separate main doors. We stayed in Building #3. Our rooms were cleaned every day; as well as new towels were supplied everyday. If looking for fancy rooms this is not the place. They don't have any noise filteration so the hallway can be noisy sometimes, it depends what kind of neighbors you will get. There is a time of day that the hot water pressure is low (usually late afternoon). Very spacious and clean!

Suggestion - If booking here, try a get a room facing the swimming pool courtyard. Or get an oceanview for extra amount. I think it's $30USD/night/room if you change it at the resort. You can get a package with oceanview and it's cheaper.

FOOD - at the buffet is plentiful, lots of varieties and did some theme nights. From appetizers, main courses to desserts these people worked hard to please everyone. Lots of fresh fruits from the island my favourite! and the orange & coconut sherbets... Another favorite is the PASTA bar!

OTHER RESTAURANTS - there are 4 more restaurants in the resort that's included in the package. Italian - very good (try veal); Seafood - good (very slow service); Mexican and Grill (these we didn't try). Need to make reservations and do it right away when you arrive; Seating @ 6:30, 8:30 & 9:30. Most popular is 6:30, try and get this! We found eating @ 9:30pm is too late and you miss the entertainment that starts @ 9:00pm.

DRINKS - all included from pop, wine and mixed drinks. There is a gallon of bottled water in the room and bottled water is available in all the bars, very convenient. Cannot drink tap water. All fruits and vegetables are washed in bottled water. Ice cubes are made from bottled water. Bottled water is used for all cooking and smoothies. Even the locals has to buy bottled water.

ENTERTAINMENT AND ACTIVITIES - is all day. The day starts with aerobics on the beach and the poolside; games, dance lessons, spanish lesson, kids activities and nightly entertainment. You can be busy all day & night if you want to. The entertainement crew are very creative and talented. And the friendliest bunch...

BEACH - is very beautiful!!! Some seaweeds they tried to clean everyday but its nature! We didn't mind it at all. The sand is soft powdery white and the beach has lots of palm trees, water is turquoise and one can always find lounge chairs.

STAFF - very friendly and helpful.

Other Suggestions
- bring OFF for mosquitos, there were some at night. A can of OFF at the resort is $15USD (one can buy 10 for that price)
- same with any suntan lotion, aftersun lotion, toothpaste any bathrom essentials (5x the normal price here)
- snacks like potato chips, chocolate bars bring some if you like this stuff ($4USD for small bag at the resort) -- lots of other snacks at the resort though (cookies, cakes, sherbets, corn chips/dip)
- no kleenex in the rooms, bring a box if you need it!
- if buying anything, ALWAYS barter

We brought some gifts for people soaps, face towels, candies, pencils etc. They are so appreciative, it's like they won a million $. We explored the village nearby to give candies & pencils to the kids.

If you have any questions, email me!
Author: Imelda Posted at 13:33 02/13/2006
Kelly - Thanks very much for your review of this resort. We are staying there the week of January 29th.

Can you tell me if all the rooms have a mini-fridge in them? You mentioned you had a mini-bar, but did you have to request it?

We have been to the DR many times and this is our first visit to the Allegro. Varying reviews are somehwat frightening, but I am glad to have read your report.

Many thanks!
Author: JudyM Posted at 10:03 09/22/2004

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