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Wyndham Viva Dominicus

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My wife and I stayed at Wyndham Viva Dominicus the second week of August this year (luck was with us and hurricane Charley missed us), our feelings about the resort:

1. Americans are the minority (we're from Chicago). We thought this made the place more interesting since many of the European guests speak english. If hearing announcements in Spanish and Italien, before english, bothers you, this will be a problem. This also made it neat when you met other Americans, we had a great time drinking and hanging out with a couple from Dallas, and we had a great time on the sunset cruise with a couple from Indianapolis.

2. I read some negative reviews about the food before going and was a little worried. If your expectation is that the restaurants are going to be similiar to a Ponderosa buffet or a TGI Fridays, you'll be dissapointed. However, if you are willing to accept a different style of eating (order of courses, different preparation of vegetables, etc.) you'll enjoy the food. We experimented alot and were almost always very pleased with the result. Of the restaurant's requiring reservations, our favorite was the Mexican food place - it was awsome!

3. I can't say enough about the dive shop. The people were very accomodating about speaking english, even though we were the definite minority on the dives. In addition, the staff was professional, skilled, paid attention to safety, and all of them were very friendly. The dives themselves were great - and it was unbelievably inexpensive ($35 a dive, plus $6 for equipment).

4. The beach was great! The water was a very comfortable tempature and very clear. The sand was nice, clean, and there were always lounges available. It was interesting to us Americans that the beach would almost completely clear out from 1:30 to 3:00 for lunch. We took re-usable containers for water that we refilled at the bars, this was very helpful as it is warm and humid.

5. We had a junior suite room that was very nice. We had no problems with the maid service, cleanliness, or the air conditioning. Our bed was very comfortable and we slept better than we normally do while away from home.

Overall, we had a great and memorable time. We would definitely recommend Viva Dominicus to anyone!!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 08/30/2004



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