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Coastal Cottages by the Sea

Rating: Excellent Phone: 809-885-8477 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: 809-571-9515 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Cabarete Contact: sandi or rob Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Excellent Service: Excellent
Well, we found this little resort while searching for our "dream" vacation to Cabarete. When we arrived, Rob and Sandi met us at the airport and brought us to their place. About 20 minutes in the car and we were there. At first glance it looked as though we were quite a ways from the center of the action, but we were actually situated perfectly.
Going into our private cottage for the first time was a great surprise. They are put together quite simply, but very tastefully and the interiors are definitely top of the line. We grabbed the beach towels off the shelf and headed for the beach bar where "Pedro" created a fantastic pina colada for each of us. After an hour or so lounging poolside, we walked down the path to the beach. WOW! Clean, beautiful and not crowded with people. We're liking this already. In the distance we can see the kiters and the towns of KiteBeach and Cabarete. We decide that tomorrow we'll take the walk. That evening we decided to stay on site and enjoy the "Taco Tuesday" all you can buffet that attracts a lot of locals and is very fun and interesting. The plan to go to bed early changed when we suddenly realized it was midnight. Enough margaritas, to bed it is.
After an OH, so comfortable sleep in the air conditioned room we woke to a beautiful morning and enjoyed an omelet (part of the package includes breakfast) at the beach bar. Off we went for town. In less than half an hour we were at Kite Beach. What a zoo. Kite lines and people everywhere. Paradise if you're a kiter I suppose, but not for us. In another half hour we were in the middle of Cabarete bay. Restaurants everywhere. Beach chairs available, so we grabbed a couple and played in the calm waters long enough to feel the burn and had an enjoyable lunch at Jose O'Shays. Walking through town was a blast. Roadside from the bay are shops galore. The street is far too busy, but the experience was quite fun. The sales people are not aggressive like they are in places like Jamaica. Very pleasant. We decided to head back to our cottage and get ready for a night out. As we were looking for a taxi we were hailed by what is called a "motoconcho" motorcycle taxi. We caught one and for 30 pesos we were back at our room.
We dressed for dinner and Sandi called a taxi for us. She suggested we try 2 very excellent restaurants during our stay and one that is "just fun". Waterfront and Casita de Poppy's for the real nights out, and Pizza Via for an experience. We did all three during our stay, and yes they were all worth going to. This first night was the Waterfront in Sosua. We got there before sunset and we're sure glad we did. The fillet mignon was great and my husband really liked the blackened grouper.
I have to say, I've never found an island that is so full of wonderful people, and we're definitely going back to Coastal Cottages By The Sea next year. Although this is a new resort, and during our stay there was no food available in the evenings, except for Tuesday, I can't find an area to complain about. At least that gave us a reason to explore, because we couldn't find a more beautiful place to just hang out and enjoy life.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 09/4/2004



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