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Casa Marina

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I don't have time to write a lot now, but I just read the other review and completely disagree with his opinion, though he is intitled to it. I have stayed at Casa Marina resorts three times within the last year and was blown away by the whole experience. My companion and I were treated like royalty. I have certainly never received such wonderful restaurant service here in Canada and I have been to many fine dining restaurants. I stayed at Casa Marina for two weeks all three times I have been there and never fell ill. I never saw anything gross or disturbing at the restaurants. And while the buffet got a little boring I always thought it tasted well. We also loved all three rooms we have stayed in there. They were very clean, and cool! I also thought the ground were beautiful and exotic and really showcased the beautiful seascapes of the north coast. Anyway, I really encourage you all to give Casa Marina a try. It is the most popular resort in Sosua and well deserving of all the praise I often read about it.

P.S. It also rained when we were there, but whose fault is that? Nobody's. In fact, we were really impressed with the activities the resort had planned for rainy days.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 09/15/2004



I agree , the casa is a bargain for what little you pay to stay there
Author: Eric Posted at 23:59 06/25/2005

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