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Sosua Bay

Rating: Average Phone: (809)571-4000 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: SOSUA Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Horrible
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 10/14/2004



After reading the scathing review from 2004 I see the place has not changed. They still have no lobster and the staff lie to protect each other.

We tried having dinner there paying full price as non guests. With only one person behind the check-in counter where you buy your meal ticket. We waited while the lone clerk answered the phone and served seven people. We are informed that all you can eat lobster was the main dish tonight. Great we thought.

So we paid and had chef Domingo grill up 6 half lobsters for each of us. The lobster are very small and you can only eat the tails. By contrast at La Boca they serve 6 freshly caught lobsters halves, crab and other fish grilled to perfection with warm butter as per request.

No Liquid butter Domingo tells me. And I can only have 6 lobster halves to share with my wife.

So I complain to the Captain Adis N. Morris. He is very apologetic and takes care of the matter. In my embarrassment I sit down as now a line has formed where there was none.

Morris brings the plate to our table. I start eating the tails when my wife tries one and says the rest are burnt, have no garlic or lemon dressing. I inform Morris. He flakes the tail meat on my plate and says its white on the inside. I tell him let Domingo eat it burnt. I do not see Morris for 20 minutes.

Fed up I go to Morris' station and ask to speak to the manager. He is speaking to her on the phone. He tells me Glenis the eherente will be down to speak to me shortly. I have a seat and my wife tells me there is no more lobster. Then the real Chef comes to my table and says the manager is not there, she will be there tomorrow.

I see a woman with a badge that looks like someone who fits the description of a manager. She is noticing us. I think about approaching her but do not.

I find out that in fact she is the manager I asked to speak to her privately. No. They had all lied to protect each other. Who know how many lies they told her. She did not want to hear a word I had to say. They do not care.

Nothing has changed. Sosua by the bay still has many problems to contend with. The staff tries to give the feeling of being service orientated only to stab you in the back.

Please be careful going over the no water waterfalls bridge at night. Getting tripped up with the uneven warped boards is almost a certainty.

Never again.

Author: MB Posted at 22:09 02/24/2011

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