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Occidental Grand Flamenco

Rating: Below average Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Below average
I never want to go to the Caribbean again, let alone ever want to visit this hotel. The service was poor; every guest that you spoke to had a complaint. Our main one was the fact that we paid for a platinum package upgrade that we never got. When we complained we were just fobbed off & nothing was ever done about it. I spoke to the manager of the hotel who was supposed to phone me back with a solution, but he couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone to make the call (charming). Some of the staff were rude, some were charming, and some just couldn't be bothered. The quality of the food was good although a little limited on the choice, it reminded me of school meals with the 2 sittings & nothing else permitted in between. After complaining to the hotel manager (it had got that serious by this time) you would have thought that our last day would be perfect with no problems but it was even worse. There were no pool towels in the room again (something we paid extra for) there were no clean towels left in our room after cleaning it & they had taken one of the light bulbs out, so much for speaking to the hotel manager !!
To sum up, I will not be going to the Caribbean again, the hotel needs to be painted, made waterproof & every thing that is hanging off the walls sticking back on, the management need to go to charm school, the workers need to pull there fingers out a bit more (only some of them) it needs to stop raining & I will NEVER repeat NEVER travel with Airtours again. I think this hotel in its present state needs downgrading from a 4 star prestige to a 3 star.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 11/16/2004



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