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Secrets Excellence

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I have read several so-so reviews as well as some excellent reviews of this resort, so I thought I would give my opinion. I returned from Secrets Friday night (12-3-04), so it is still fresh in my mind. The resort is beautiful and we had a great time. This was our second trip to DR and we stayed at Sunscape Punta Cana Grand last time (June 2002). Both are nice resorts, but Secrets gets the edge in almost every category. The grounds are comparable, both beautiful. Secrets seemed cleaner. The food was better at Secrets, but neither had food that left you wanting to sneak some onto the plane. The pools are better at Secrets, and most importantly no kids at Secrets. I did not see a problem getting a raft or a lounge chair at all. However, I spent most of my outdoor time at the beach. Who goes to the Carribean to sit at a pool? I can do that at the YMCA at home. I remember that being a little bit of an issue at Sunscape. The ocean was much rougher at Secrets because the reef is right in front of Sunscape. I could not windsurf or sail because the surf was too rough. I thought the service was fantastic at Secrets. I am amazed out how well everyone speaks English, and every person in the resort greets and smiles when a guest approaches. The best part of Secrets is the room. It was as good a room as I have ever stayed in. I have stayed at some very expensive hotels and resorts in my life, and this was as good as I had expected. Sunscape has some advantages. It is closer to the airport, closer to snorkeling, calmer sea in front of the resort, and less expensive. Secrets is prettier, quieter, and more remote. The rooms are clearly better, the food is better, and the service is top-notch. The spa is nicer at Secrets and there are no kids. I had a better vacation at Secrets, but I paid more for it. Either resort is a good destination. I will probably try Riviera Maya next trip, but I have no regrets about Punta Cana for either trip.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/6/2004



The Secrets Excellence Punta Cana is now called Excellence Punta Cana and is independent of the Secrets Resorts chain. Our agency has received very favorable reviews from guests that have visited this hotel.
Author: tom carr Posted at 11:44 07/9/2007
We were thinking of taking our honeymoon here in the first week of August '07. Any thoughts/comments on weather, activities, safety? we are also considering couples swept away in jamaica. thanks
Author: David Posted at 11:06 03/20/2007
My husband and I are going in April of 2006 and I was wondering how formal the restaurants are?
Author: Kelly Posted at 14:01 03/9/2006
My fiance and I are going to Secrets in June 2006. Can anyone tell me of some good tours or activites that we could find around there? Or if there is somewhere to go jetskiing?
Author: Shannon Posted at 14:17 03/4/2006
My husband and I are going in April 2006. I have a couple of questions.
Did you feel safe... was it clean?
Did you see anywhere to jetski?
I read about a small fishing village pretty close.. did anyone go there?
How about any excursions that anyone has done? I know the night life is SLOW.. but did the lounge rock at all?? Having never been there both of us are excited but a bit apprehensive.
thanks, Margie
Author: Margie Posted at 8:48 03/1/2006
My husband and I got married at Secrets in Punta Cana in Jan 2006. It was fantastic! Not only was it the wedding of our dreams, but our entire 2 week stay was wonderful. The staff are "excelente"; they work very hard and always have a smile on their face. The food was some of the best we've ever had - no complaints whatsoever. They even make lunches on the beach - fajitas, chow mein stir fry, paella - all delicious!
As for outings, we took the Outback Safari tour - good eye-opener as you get to see how the Dominicans live, and our guide "Sammy Davis Jr" was very informative. Ask him anything and he'll give you an honest answer.

Anyway, the trip could not have been more perfect. We will definitely be going back!
Author: eva Posted at 15:24 02/6/2006
We are planning our wedding at Secrets Resort in Punta Cana in June of 2006. We have been to Punta Cana 5 years ago and stayed at a different resort and loved it. How is the weather in June? Is it very windy? It would be great to know to help us decide on ceremony & reception location as well as hair-do for the wedding.
Any information would be great!!
Author: Tara Posted at 13:11 02/6/2006
My husband and I are going to Dominican Republic and staying at the Secrets Excellence resort in April of this year (2006). Any suggestions for outside of the hotel entertainment, shopping, or activities? Did anyone go to Dolphin island? How safe is it outside of the resort? Thank you!

Kelly D.
Author: Kelly Posted at 13:28 01/22/2006
we are scheduled for a trip to secrets next month but are anxious about all the reports we are reading about the overwhelming presence of sand fleas. does anyone have any information about this?
Author: jill Posted at 19:50 01/11/2006
My husband and I (plus 2 other couples) went to Secrets in Jan 2004 and thought the resort was outstanding. Food, drinks, staff ,service,resort was wonderful. Well worth the money!! Better yet adult only!! Plan on going back Sept 05.
Author: aimee Posted at 10:04 01/5/2006
B E A U T I F U L !!! It was great, had a wonderful time, get to know Pedro...
Author: cookie Posted at 17:40 12/14/2005
My wife and I are going to Punta Cana 12/25/05 for 7 nights. We are staying at Secrets Resort, has anyone been there lately?
Any advise & suggestions appreciated.
Author: Randy Posted at 16:13 12/14/2005

please tell me how to get to Secrets
Excellence from Barcelo Talanquera
Beach in Juan Dolio and vise versa, I will be having a meeting there.

Author: El Posted at 9:58 11/12/2005
We are thinking of spending a week at Secrets in July. Does anyone know what the weather will be like. Would it be better in September? We like good food and snorkeling. Is there good snorkeling close by?
Author: Bette Posted at 21:56 04/9/2005
My husband and I stayed at Secrets Excellence in Oct. of 2004....a short two weeks after the hurricane wreaked havoc on the island. Extremely apprehensive about going, but I must say we were overly impressed by our whole experience. The resort is TOP NOTCH. I have never been pampered/attended to like that. The staff was superb, the food was excellent, entertainment/shows were great. We don't have a bad thing to say about our trip. We HIGHLY recommend Secrets Excellence. We're going back to the DR in April. We're staying at the Caribe instead of Secrets merely because of price. We definitely plan on going back to Secrets again and we tell everyone about the resort.
Author: Lisa Posted at 12:14 03/4/2005
My husband and I are going to Secrets Punta Cana in Feb 2005. Do you have any advise on the outside tours and attractions? Are there any to avoid? Thanks.
Author: meri Posted at 14:28 01/4/2005

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