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Riu Taino

Rating: Below average Phone: Website:
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City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Below average Decor: Below average Service: Below average
We traveled as an extended family of 8 rangeing from 51-77 yrs. Dec 11-18. First I requested one building close with as little walking as possible as we had some mobility problems. What we got was 4 rooms in 4 different buildings. We had one blanket between the four rooms 3 remote controls, 2 umbrella's and no wash clothes. Two us our members got severely sick for 3 days. 2 where sick for a day and one for half a day. Our water was removed and replaced with no explaination. There was the smell of a broken sewer pipe near the front entrance. There is no arm band system so the staff has no clue who is a guest and who is not. While my wife was playing a game at the pool we went to watch and while we weren't watching her wallet with nearly all our cash was stolen. We were then informed they had caught the the guy. We never was told how they caught him, who caught him or how much money he was caught with. We lost $500 Us +. We where told we needed to go to the police station to file a complaint. Neither Apple Vacations nor the hotel at first wanted to go with us to the station. After Apple contacted someone higher in the Riu chain than the hotel manager he agreed to send his security man with us. The security man they sent never spoke a word of english to us and only the cab driver helped translate. when we returned to the hotel the front desk said we had to pay the cab $36 US and would owe for the lost safe key and tumbler$40 US. I complained to Apple and was given back the $36 and not charged for the lock. On our last night the hotel offered $300 US if we would sign a release. I did. The morning we left I went for a last swim and cut my feet anf legs on jagged rock in front of the hotel. This was our third trip to the D. R. but stayed in the Iberostar next door before. We may or may not return to the D. R. but would not stay at the Taino for any amout of money.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/21/2004



We have been to the Taino 5 times in the last 2 years and have had excellent service always. The front desk always phones to make sure that you have everything you require in your room and is very quick to supply anything that is needed all you need to do is ask. Face cloths? How many places have these people travelled to? Many resorts and hotels in the Caribbean and other S. American countries do not supply face cloths and I'm talking 5 &6+ star rated hotels. In what country can you leave your valuables unattended and are guaranteed they will not be stolen? They say that they have been to the D.R. 3 times but from the sound of their complaints and expectations I find this hard to believe. Also maybe they thought someone should have removed the rocks from the ocean so they wouldn't have to watch where they were stepping!! Someone shoud explain to them the effects of tide and time. Lastly do they also not realize that the security guard may not speak their language? Someone should remind them that spanish is the language of the land and it's not required that he speak their tongue!
Enough said, people like this annoy me to no end they should confine their travels to their own country and hope they get the service they expect there. Good luck to them!!!
Author: Windrifter Posted at 23:21 02/3/2005

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