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LTI Beach resort

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Friday, January 14, 2005

LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana Dominican Republic

First off let me say that we are not new to travel in the Dominican Republic. We have been coming here for the last 25 years and have visited at least 19 resorts. I do not have high expectations and want North American service, accomodations or food. What I do want is a decent bed, food that does not make me sick and surroundings that live up to the description in the brochure.

We booked with Air Transat holidays in October. Also booked and paid for Club class. Check in was wonderful, thats where the club class happiness ended. The seats were uncomfortable and the food was the pits. Our luggage which was supposed to come off the plane priority came off with everyone elses. Not that I want to be a snob or anything it is just when you pay $600.00 more for a service you should receive it. It will be interesting to see what happens on our return flight.

The resort itself sucks, the food sucks, everyone has been sick and no one seems to care. I wish I had the the reports on this site before I booked. I am now warning everyone who comes to this place come prepared with heavy duty medicine not Immodium, that is not strong enough, go and get a script for Lomotil a lot of it..
Don't worry about the mosquitos, the wind is so strong here they can't fly around it is at a steady 20- 25 km an hr with gusts stronger. And the rain let me tell you that my husband and I timed it , there was a rain shower every 30 min or so ALL DAY LONG. I realize that the wind and the rain is not the resorts fault. but that adds to the lack of enthusiam I have for this holiday. The bed is like lying on a slab of concrete. the pillows are a mini slab.

Both my husband and I got sick the second day here and it is now day 7 of a 14 day holiday. I think I am starting to feel human again. The first two nights I felt as if I was giving birth to an elephant . I have never had such abdominal pain, after the third day of eating dry toast and pasta i decided to try my luck with real food and that is when the rest of the wonderful montazuma visited me and remains to this day. There are many many many people here that are very sick and I can only wonder as to the reason. This has never ever happened to us before in our 25 years of travel to our beloved DR.

The food:

all i can say it is a minus 1 on the 1 - 10 scale The dining room is so dark I think that they do not want you to see the same thing day after day, after day, after day

The surrounding; again a 1 on the 1 -10 scale. I realize that a hurricane came thru here last year but the only evidence of it was a few of the tops being off the coconut palms. If you want wonderful surroundings go to the Bavaro princess, Catalonia, Carabella Bavaro or Venta Club. I am stunned at the resort being called stunning. What is that all about..
We went to the Princess yesterday and it is as beautiful as ever and it is right next door to us. So hurricane be damned.

The reception staff have generally been great, the barmen so-so, the wait staff in both restaurants are great.

After this experience I think that I am too old for this crap any more ( pardon the pun) and I will go to Florida from now on. You can be deceived by glossy photos in the brochure, and on the internet.

Please ,please heed my advice about the medication required if you journey to this resort, also please be sure to take out, out of country health insurance and bring along a credit card because the hospitals and or doctors will not accept anything but cash or credit card.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at [email protected]

P.S. I am still down here and will return Jan 22 (hopefully)
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/14/2005



can i bring back a native to my room for a late night drink or a burger?
Author: marcel Posted at 15:32 01/19/2008
i will be vacationing to lti resort in feb, 08. what should i expect upon arrival. is it a gated resort or are you abe to bring back visitors from the outside. is the city of hinguey friendly or should i stay away.
all comments are welcome.
Author: marcel Posted at 15:28 01/19/2008
Author: Posted at 9:41 01/15/2006
I would like to add that in LTI PUnta Cana, we could see a different treatment from those who administrated the hotel. Dominicans are friendly by natureas well as good customers service.
The first day we arrived, bed was TOO used and it seems nobody noticed it; dusty room like nobody had used it for quite a time. We complaint and requested on double room and the "not able to take a decision" front desk person told us that they had a bed probelm in the hotel and we had to wait till next day. Four days we stayed, three times we were changed of room: air conditioner stopped working and three hours for somebody to come; the shower curtain falled off every time you wanted to take a shower. We also noticed that the three first floors had in the balcony, plastics chairs and table opprosite to last floors where Europeans were staying: nice wood chairs and table.
The "night show" was like "Disney World" ready for non-spanish customers. Also, no national tv channel.
As a tourist, we wanted to get know, experience and be served by Dominicans not by Europeans (nothing against them) but we felt like in the wrong country (Twilight Zone type).
Food was good and enjoyed much the good service by Domincans int he restaurant.
At the end, we decided to leave the fourth day, our idea was 5 days instead. And in addition to our experice, we were warned to lose part of the last night paid. After arguing, we were charged 5% of the total paid with the excuse that visa would charge them for reversing the payment BUT we were given the difference in cash!!!!
Samana and Puerto Plata were the best we found in Dominican Republic.
Author: Nilka Tejeira Posted at 17:12 09/3/2005
First of all let me state that we have travelled to Punta Cana for ten years now. However this was our first visit to thrLTI resort. We have always travelled on Air Transit or Sky Service and absolutly found both air lines horrible. However this trip we travelled on West Jet and what a wonderful time we had. Wide seats,lots of leg room and the servive was second to none. The flight attendence had us laughing all the way down.
As for the LTI we could find nothing wrong with this resort. Rooms, food staff were great. We even emailled the resort in advance and they replyed twice to our requests. Now thats service. We would put this resort between the RIU and the Grand Paradise in service. I can not say enough about the great servive we had. The food and drinks were great.
Author: D.G.Hannah Posted at 10:59 03/9/2005
We got bumped to the LTI last fall. We were the first Canadians after the Hurricane to come to the LTI according to Eddie, our rep. The bridge was still out when we arrived so the resort was "making do" with what they could get. The rooms were fine. Cleaned every day, fresh towels, etc. It's amazing what a dollar a day will do.
The food. Let me state that I am a picky eater. I have a sensitive stomach.I don't do much in the way of fruit or vegetables. I ate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks(burgers,etc.) NO PROBLEM. The staff was great, always trying to get you to participate.Always smiling. The drinks were great, especially the Ameretto Mariposa(Yellow Bird).
The were still doing some repairs while we were there but it did not detract from our vacation.
The weather. Had some rain every day but it also did not take away from our experience.
We have been coming to the DR since 2000, and this was our 2nd trip in 04. We love the DR, the people, and are planning another trip in April 05. Either to the LTI, or the Ocean Arc Decameron in Juan Dolio, depends on what deals we can get.

For better info on resorts try:
You will always find good & bad reports on any resort. Take them with a grain of salt. So people just have a bad time no matter where they are 8^)

BTW-If you are at the LTI, say HI to Lenny, the henna tattoo guy, from Mom & Dad in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
Author: T.Jebb Posted at 7:12 01/25/2005

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