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Hotel Zapata

Rating: Above average Phone: 809-523-4777 Website:
Location: Santo Domingo Fax: 809-523-5534 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Boca Chica Contact: Roberto Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Average Service: Excellent

I had a wonderful time in Boca Chico. One of the best parts was staying at Hotel Zapata. The staff is excellent. I felt welcomed and was well taken care off. They catered to us. At night I felt safe knowing that that smiling guard would be there. The hotel has a family atmosphere. The guests were just as nice as the staff. I would stay at your hotel and recommend it to all my friends.

See you soon.
Debra J. New York City
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/20/2005



Stayed two nights at the Zapata and had a great time. In response to "collinas" it is a well-known and unfortunate fact that Boca Chica has become an international sex tourism destination. If you don't want to see any prostitutes, I would recommend a resort in Juan Dolio, only 10-15 minutes away. That said, this is a secure, clean and no frills hotel with great access to the quieter side of the public beach. The staff is very attentive and the food is good. The rooms are very rustic and plain but clean, with cable TV including US channels and a very effective AC unit. Overall, a modest gem in the dump that Boca Chica has become. I would definitely stay there again.
Author: Hotel Zapata Posted at 7:21 03/27/2007
Are these reviews for real? There were prostitutes standing outside when we rolled up, the bathroom had green water and no toilet paper roll, the sofa and chairs were stained and warm and not fit to sit on, the room overlooked the walkway to the beach, there was no telephone or TV in the room, no Internet service, it was awful. We didn't stay any longer than we had to. There are better hotels right down the street--just watch out for all the prostitutes, especially at night.
Author: collinas Posted at 18:55 07/24/2005
I had the pleasure of staying at the Zapata and let me you tell I had a very beautiful time, clean quiet family environment, the food was excellent, usually the house special is the best which is what the owner has. you do get all-inclusive treatment, for no-inclusive prices. I statyed for my 34th birthday and if I may say so myself it was please give my new found friends a try, it will be worth your while. and I would also like to thank the Zapata's for such a peaceful time. the truth I have never slept the same. I will stay everytime I visit
Author: Evelyn Posted at 23:05 04/29/2005

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