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We found the service friendly .
The wedding we went down for was cancelled 3 times because no one seemed to know that the first date was a holiday , second date it was planned was also a holiday, The third date the Judge forgot and had made another appointment she couldn't get out of. The final date was the day most of the wedding party was going home. We managed to get it organized for 11a.m. instead of the time they wanted when the wedding party would have left already. We had to have their wedding supper the night before the wedding Lucky for the bride and groom 4 people were staying for another week so we could help celebrate with them that night. Because of all these problems we had a stressful week. Everyone who went home at this time has been sick except one
The sickness that is taking place at this Resort is everywhere. Everyone we talked to has been sick or knows someone that is. We lost 5 days of our holidays because my husband and myself were both sick. I am still not feeling that well since we returned home last night.
There were lots of good things about the Resort but when you are sick it is hard to see them.
Another problem was the water in our shower was always cool . When you are sick having hot water to shower is very important.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 02/3/2005



This is very discurraging!! We're going
there in 3 weeks! There's no turning back now. Is it really that bad there?
I've been to Boca Chica on the other
side of the island two years ago. It was beautiful and no one got sick. We
were told this was a great place.......
Author: Soon to be married Posted at 10:27 01/2/2007
Just a quick response to the water problem in the showers... I found that if you let the hot water run for more than 5 minutes, you will get hot water. I think, but I can't say for sure, that the hot water comes from a central heating place and must run through the pipes through the resort to get to the rooms... I could be wrong though, but this worked for us anyways :-)
Author: Just Me Posted at 22:44 05/30/2006
I would just like to add to this story. We just returned from the Breezes last night. We were married down their. Although our wedding was beautiful. My future mother-in-law and brother-in-law were unable to attend the wedding along with a few others because they were so sick. There were 52 people in our group and by the end of the week it was easier to count the people who didn't get sick then the people who did. Nobody at the resort seemed to care, or tried to be more accomodating. We returned last night and my mother-in-law is in the hospital. I noticed on the last day we were there I was getting my last drink and had ordered a Daqari when the bartender rinsed the blender with regular tap water. We were also told my the doctor there to only drink out of plastic disposable glasses as they don't always do a great job in washing the glasses there. The rooms we were staying in had VERY POOR lighting. The only place with good lighting was in the closet. Also be very leary when buying cigars at the resort. Every box of cigars that were bought at the resort were moldy. If you showered in the afternoon you could get a warm shower, but other than that I wouldn't count on a hot shower. One thing I forgot to mention if you call the Dr. you have to pay him $100 before he will look at you. If the Dr. couldn't find the medicine he was looking for in his tackle box (yes, a tackle box) his answer was take some tylenol. Trust me Tylenol doesn't work. The breakfast at the resort was very good, and the rest of the food in the buffet was ok when it was cooked. The El a carte resturants were very good. The pool was very nice and the waves in the ocean were a blast to swim in. If you are anywhere in the Puerto Plata area I highly recommend going white water rafting. There were some scary parts but well worth it. Besides wanting to die when you are sick and that is no joke for the most part the trip was fun.
Author: Shawndel Polhill Posted at 15:39 02/10/2005

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