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Jack Tar Village

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City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Excellent Decor: Above average Service: Above average
We just returned from Jack tar Village Feb 9, 2005. We wish to write about our experiences, both good and horribly bad.
We arrived in the evening of Feb 2. The bus ride was about an hour although it is listed as a 15 min ride from the airport. That would be direct, without all the stops to different resorts before ours. That is a little misleading.
Check-in was quick and our room was in a great location. The garden door would not lock properly and a cheap sliding bolt lock had been installed. One lamp bulb was broken, and the closeline in the tub did not have a cord. The latter two are minor, but not the door lock.
The room itself was large, but tired looking.
We scouted the property and found everyone very friendly and well spoken. We were leary about drinking anything with ice, but were assured the ice and water at the bar and restaurants were safe.
We found the food at the buffet was excellent and there was always a great veriety. There was a theme to the buffet each night and the fodd was excellent. The beach was close by and quite large. We found very little activities at the beach and it was dirtier than the other resorts along the coast that we could walk to.
The entertainment at night was good at first yet on the loud side. We later get sick of the same music over and over again. It is like they have a limited selection and must make the best of it.
We had been told that if you want a remote for the TV, there is a $10 deposit. We asked for a remote and they were all out for the brand of TV in our room.
About day three, we were approached by a promoter who aske if we were having a good time. He then started into a sales speech about the other resorts under the Allegra name. He was relentless in selling this Vacation Club package. I told him I only book through last minute and nothing he could say would change my mind the join a club.
The remainder of the trip was constant hounding by the promoters. They would have one at the exit from the beach to the resort property, another in the bar area, and a third in the lobby entrance. No matter how many times you would tell them no, they would not listen. We found ourselves looking around to see if one was coming our way and avoiding certain areas.
We were looking forward to staying at Jack Tar Village. Allegra/Occidental Resorts should not practic in this type of harasement when you are on vacation to relax. We will not stay at another Allegra/Occidental resort as a result.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/10/2005



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